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Black VENTA LW45 Comfort Plus Airwasher Humidifier, Ideal for 645 ft² Review



Very good

Revainrating 4.5 out of 5  
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img 1 attached to Black VENTA LW45 Comfort Plus Airwasher Humidifier, Ideal for 645 ft²
img 2 attached to Black VENTA LW45 Comfort Plus Airwasher Humidifier, Ideal for 645 ft²
img 3 attached to Black VENTA LW45 Comfort Plus Airwasher Humidifier, Ideal for 645 ft²
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img 5 attached to Black VENTA LW45 Comfort Plus Airwasher Humidifier, Ideal for 645 ft²
img 6 attached to Black VENTA LW45 Comfort Plus Airwasher Humidifier, Ideal for 645 ft²
img 7 attached to Black VENTA LW45 Comfort Plus Airwasher Humidifier, Ideal for 645 ft²
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Description of Black VENTA LW45 Comfort Plus Airwasher Humidifier, Ideal for 645 ft²

Superior Humidification for Healthy Indoor Air

Elevate the comfort and air quality in your living space with the VENTA LW45 Comfort Plus Airwasher Humidifier. Designed for areas up to 645 ft2, this cutting-edge evaporative humidifier ensures optimal moisture levels for a healthier and more pleasant environment. Say goodbye to dry air and hello to the perfect humidity range of 40-60%. Breathe in the benefits of purified, humidified air that will make you feel refreshed and revitalized.

Efficient Design with a Touch of Elegance

The VENTA LW45 Comfort Plus Airwasher Humidifier not only enhances the air quality but also adds a touch of sophistication to any room. Its sleek black finish effortlessly blends into your decor, making it an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home or office. With its compact size, this humidifier doesn't take up much space, leaving ample room for other furniture such as racks, shelves, and drawers. It seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle while providing exceptional air quality and comfort.

An Essential Solution for Allergy Relief and Beyond

Are you tired of dealing with the discomfort of dry air? The VENTA LW45 Comfort Plus Airwasher Humidifier is here to solve your problems. By increasing humidity levels, it alleviates dry skin, scratchy throats, and irritated sinuses, providing relief and reducing the symptoms associated with allergies and respiratory conditions. This exceptional humidifier also goes beyond health benefits, contributing to a pleasant and cozy atmosphere during colder months. Experience the perfect balance of heating, cooling, and air quality enhancement with this multifunctional device.

Discover the versatility of the VENTA LW45 Comfort Plus Airwasher Humidifier:

  • In your living room for a comfortable and enjoyable space to relax.
  • In your bedroom for a restful night's sleep.
  • In your office to create a productive and invigorating work environment.
  • In your baby's nursery to ensure their delicate skin and respiratory system stay healthy.
  • In your yoga or meditation room for a serene and rejuvenating atmosphere.
  • Transform your living space into an oasis of comfort, while enjoying the benefits of optimal humidity levels and superior air quality with the VENTA LW45 Comfort Plus Airwasher Humidifier. Experience the difference today!

    Evaporative humidification for spaces up to 645 ft2. Healthy air humidified to an optimal 40-60%. Naturally reduces harmful pollutants in the air at a humidity level of 40-60%. Digital hygrostat for measuring and controlling the relative humidity. Interactive touch display.



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    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    I was surprised by the quality for this price.

    I bought for a living area of ​​​​about 60 meters, the total area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe apartment is under 100 meters. During the heating season, a nightmare begins, gaps appear in the parquet board, the skin dries very much, it becomes difficult to breathe in the apartment. Almost all batteries are turned off, but this does not solve the problem of dry air with heating radiators alone. I had high hopes for this sink. I installed it in the middle of the corridor, opened all the doors to the…

    • Very easy to operate. One of the main advantages is the absence of any traces or white plaque that can appear when using humidifiers. The design of this washer-moisturizer eliminates the appearance of plaque. Made in German, simply and reliably. Clear controls, no need to constantly climb into the instructions. The presence of automatic mode and night mode. Ability to manage manually.
    • Haven't revealed yet.

    Revainrating 2 out of 5

    Some kind of defective product, I definitely won't buy it anymore.

    If you (the manufacturer of Venta) are selling a bowl with a fan for 40, then at least make sure that it matches in quality. Create your OTK. When we bought a new one, one of the two rotating drums immediately refused to work. All rules and recommendations for the first launch were followed. Unfortunately, it was not even possible to evaluate the capabilities of this sink. Returned back to the store the next day, since the seller was adequate. Draw your own conclusions.

    • - design - easy care design
    • - price - quality - noisy

    Revainrating 4 out of 5

    A practical product, nothing to complain about.

    Some pros: At least that's what it says on the box, Germany. Almost completely silent in its operation. Evaporation of water takes place, although the reason why is not really evident (it does not appear to flow out, as I checked))). Having these drawbacks: PRICE! Spending so much money on a piece of plastic that has a motor and a little screen seems excessive. I am completely at a loss for words. I grabbed it as the coupon gave me a significant discount; else, I would not have purchased it. No

    It may seem that it is a little expensive, but having studied the market, I did not find a better ratio. The percentage of humidity above 45 practically does not rise, while there is an auxiliary old humidifier. I am generally satisfied with the humidifier, we'll see how it behaves in a month or two.

    • 1. Evaporates well (about 10 liters per day, taking into account the night "quiet" mode). 2. Quieter than expected. Doesn't interfere with sleep even on 2nd gear 3. No need to change filters, etc. 4. Made in Germany
    • not yet discovered

    Revainrating 1 out of 5

    I've never seen worse! Horrible purchase.

    Let me summarize. I bought the official store venta. Ru. There were no problems with delivery when I wrote comments about the car wash to the company (it took about 10 days) - they just started ignoring me, the manager was constantly busy, meetings and similar excuses. I sent him a video where you can clearly hear the clicks of the drum rotation drive, to which they answered: "Maybe you put something wrong. " They offered me to bring the sink to their service (priest of the world), or pay the…

    • When choosing, I hoped for positive reviews. Maybe I have nothing to compare with, but it's terrible.
    • 1. Fan noise, for comparison - a computer on i9 makes less noise than a sink at 1st speed. In general, you get used to the night noise, if not for one thing! 2. Drum rotation device - I don’t know about others - I periodically hear loud clicks, and now you hear this at night, wake up (light sleep) and go to remove the lid, move everything, in the hope you go on to sleep, lie down and hear clicks again. 3. Humidification - Taking into account the fact that LW45 is designed for 50 squares (I took it with a margin) - it moisturizes 36 squares (odnushka), it did not rise above 45% (at 3rd speed) 4. An inscription appeared on the service display - I read it, they say it needs to be cleaned, disassembled, cleaned, - the inscription did not go away .

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Matches the description completely, very satisfied.

    The car wash is open for 2 weeks. Today I looked inside and saw what was there at the bottom (see photo). Happy :-) It is convenient to wash the pallet, the drum under a powerful jet of water is also easily washed. Noise cannot be attributed to the shortcomings of the device, because. where did you see quiet big fans at high speeds? At night, the sink operates in sleep mode. At 1 meter from the bed, it is almost inaudible. The built-in hydrometer works on 4-, tk. if the device is restarted…

    • Humidifies indoor air. Breathe easier. Somehow it in dust and dirt, which is good news. It is convenient to add water to the tray. Easy to wash. Visually, the knots and the plastic itself inspire confidence. Hydrometer.
    • The cost of hygienic liquid in the 2022 market. For such a cost of the device, one could give a liter for free.

    Revainrating 1 out of 5

    Think twice before you buy-the product is disgusting.

    Changing advantages: Quality used to be a benefit, but today it's more of a gamble. Because there are already two veterans living in the house who are still alive, an immediate purchase of two of these devices was made. Its cons: After a month, one of the humidifiers started making incomprehensible noises, so the company took it back under warranty. They did something to fix the problem, but it still produces noise.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    I'm very happy, it really is worth buying.

    Pros below: Washes the air, after draining the sump, a large amount of sediment is noticeable With its cons. After installing the cover, the fan does not automatically turn on, you need to turn it off again.

    The concept of buying a humidifier was cultivated over the course of approximately six months. Although all that could possibly be known about these items was reviewed and reread, the decision to focus on the vent was made by accident. It is tough for me to determine if I am pleased or dissatisfied with the purchase. With the heating set on, this apparatus was unable to maintain a humidity level higher than 45% even after two weeks of constant use. The product description mentions an area of 80

    • 1) Moisturizes (sort of) 2) Simple to use and maintain 3) There are no additional consumables 4) The Guarantee (sort of) 5) Instructions on how to use the hygrometer
    • 1) Size\s2) Noisy operation 3) Price tag

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    The perfect product for any user!

    Has pros: Simple and reliable design, easy to maintain. It is not clear how to evaluate the purity of the air and the quality of its washing, but how the humidifier works perfectly. There is enough water for two or three days for a room of 30 sq. M. Different cons: The display is too bright. When switching to night mode, the automatic mode is turned off, that is, it starts to pump humidity up to 75% and above. There is not enough IR receiver to control the operation of the humidifier from the s

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    The best product, from those that I have viewed, I advise everyone!

    It's better than just a humidifier, it doesn't leave a white residue all over the place unlike ultrasonic humidifiers. We've been using it for a week and we're very happy with it.

    • Simplicity and reliability in operation, does not require replaceable filters and other accessories, effectively humidifies and purifies the air, works silently.
    • High price

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    The best thing I've ever used, a great item for everyone!

    The problem of dry air in winter in a brick house (humidity dropped to 5202222%) was radically solved - he moved to the village, to a concrete house (humidity in winter is 30.40%).

    • Sprays about 10 liters of water per day.
    • 1. Noisy, interferes with sleep, even at the first speed. 2. It is mechanically impossible to wash drums with anything, only soak in washing powder. 3. When the mechanism that pushes the drums begins to chirp, it has to be disassembled and lubricated with bearing grease. 4. It is very expensive.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    One of the best offers, glad I bought it.

    I tried different sinks, settled on Vents. It is, of course, a "square bucket with a propeller", but easy to maintain, reliable and efficient. It can be difficult for children and women to carry with water when completely filled, otherwise it is much more convenient to take it to the bath once a day, rinse, fill it with fresh water and put it back than messing around with small tanks from other manufacturers and the problematic separate washing of the "bucket" itself .

    • Quiet, "drinks" water per day, "night mode" of the backlight, not blinding at night, easy, fast, simple and convenient to wash and fill with water, it can be easily disassembled almost completely if necessary.
    • Price

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    The perfect purchase for me, exactly what I was looking for!

    A little about what I tried, except for Venta. At first we took an u / o humidifier, but this is a very specific thing. Water dust is sprayed into the air, it becomes more difficult to breathe, there is sediment on the furniture, and if there were bacteria in the water, the system will spray them around the room, several times the whole family fell sharply ill, we think about an unwashed humidifier. Under these humidifiers, prepared water and regular full flushing are needed. We also took…

    • There will be a big story, so do not pay attention to where the advantages are, where the disadvantages are - one text. I started with Venta 11 years ago when it came to bedroom humidification. I have sensitive mucous membranes and sleeping in the winter without moisture is like waking up with a clogged itchy nose. Well, as the last straw - the baby was born, so we decided to try moisturizing. We took LW14, then the bedroom was 10 sq. M. The sink had 3 disadvantages: (1) it did not turn off when the water ran out, i. E. at the end of the cycle it fanned the accumulated dirt back around the room, (2) creepy clicking buttons, well, and (3) it broke after 5 years. So the washing solved its problems - it became easy to breathe. I was too lazy to look for a service, the 5th line had already appeared, I took the LW25. She is with me now, a wonderful thing in which the indicated problems were solved: the sink turns off without water, the buttons have become cool. Then another 1 bedroom appeared, they took the LW45 there, which is also still with us. A very successful model, which has a couple of shortcomings: speeds are switched only cyclically (1-2-3), not a humidistat and auto mode, like other modern models.
    • Recently, another room has become relevant as a bedroom and I decided to try the latest Venta (LW 45 Comfort Plus). Differences from LW45 - new drums (with holes), and everything can be disassembled, a new control system via the touch screen (now you can lower and increase the speed in any direction), a hygrostat with auto mode. For this they ask + 5tr to the price of LW45. The device is very pleasant, the question is whether these functions are worth the extra money. In short, I'm not sure. The new drum is beautiful, but more flimsy, the discs are thin, even the frame is made of some kind of thin plastic, it’s scary to get it out, everything bends. The hygrostat shows some numbers, but their reliability raises questions, they somehow float, and in general these are indicators near the sink itself. Auto mode, respectively, I did not particularly appreciate, because. he sometimes turns on the 3rd speed, it's already noisy. Now, if intermediate speeds were added, i. E. the increase would be smooth, then - yes, it would be cool. And so, it makes little sense. The Sleep mode is also there - it just dims the screen and sets the 1st speed, it’s not very valuable, I sleep at the 2nd speed, the humidity drops on the first one. Those. in general - yes, these are good improvements, they didn't spoil anything. But they don't look mandatory overall, the LW45 is still great.

    Revainrating 4 out of 5

    I like everything, the price and the quality are both ok.

    They used it without a hygienic additive, spent little water, caught up in the entire apartment of 70 sq. M (an additional hygrometer was used for checking) humidity up to 36% per week, did not rise any more. When using the additive, the evaporation rate increased very much, the humidity in the humidifier zone became 40-50%, but 30-35% was still two steps away from it. Now it has become colder, the batteries have become hotter and the humidity is in the region of 25%. In general, so far it…

    • Strange as it may seem, I like the design, very convenient operation, it's cool that you don't need to buy filters. The noise on mode 1-2 is insignificant, it makes noise on 3, so I turn it on when I leave for work.
    • I can't evaluate the effectiveness of moisturizing yet

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Excellent quality! for heating, cooling and air quality

    This is the second product I buy from this brand. The first was 6 years ago and it still works like the first day. We use continuously (clear water, no additives) more than 8 months a year. Helps with dry air, stuffy nose etc. It is very quiet, one tankful is enough for a few days. Easy refueling and no need for replacement filters! They're expensive, but you want to buy something once and use it for a long time, so this is a great investment! We love her!

    • Nice packaging
    • Not sure

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Best Humidifier

    After trying so many different humidifier brands, I was constantly looking for a better alternative to weak, dirty, unreliable and/or noisy humidifiers. I decided to purchase the Wenta after reading/watching several but rave reviews. Although the Wenta humidifier looks a bit bland from the outside, I was surprised by its simplified component design and ease of maintenance. It is designed to maintain constant humidity throughout the room. I also bought a smaller unit for a small bedroom.

    • Quality Construction
    • Unbelievable Price

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Works as promised on humidifiers

    I bought this after having to look around when another humidifier (no longer available from Revain) broke down after about two months. This one, although more expensive than the first, is very quiet, maintains 50-55% humidity 24/7, is easy to fill and clean. I bought the water treatment and would also recommend it. It makes the water "slippery" so it must be doing something. Some people claim that this is not an air purifier/purifier. I do not agree. When I clean it and drain the water, there…

    • Free for educational use
    • disappears