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We are using tixtime mainly to schedule our agents around their available times so that they can work from home with ease. I have had no issues or complaints about this product as of yet but i am very happy it has helped me out in my job at hand! The only downside was how difficult it would be if you were trying to use the program without any experience/training which may make some people think twice before purchasing it. If you're looking for something easy and user friendly then go ahead purchase it because there's nothing bad about its features. Scheduling team members who will help customers during busy periods like holidays etc.,. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Sanctuary Sky GFP2 EN151 Ultra Rare

I was looking for an exact copy of these cards, and this one fit my needs perfectly! It worked with no issues and came when it said it would, so that's always nice!! 👍👍 I bought this game for my son who is obsessed with it! This was his Christmas present to himself (he's 10). He loves everything about it; he enjoys playing it, reading the walkthroughs online that people have written (there are many), watching YouTube videos of other players doing amazing things at the board/card games cafe. It has been an awesome gift all around as far as he is concerned...and the price couldn't be better either. Great purchase!Tam incelemeye bakın

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The best thing about this is that it helps me to manage my time effectively, I can easily plan everything in advance so as not to miss any important event. It also allows for collaboration among team members which makes things more efficient and productive. Sometimes there might be some lag between when you submit your shift request and actually get scheduled but it's definitely manageable. I would say that since we are small startup with limited resources, sometimes Shiftscraft doesn't work well for us because of its complex interface. We have used Shiftscraft for almost 3 years now and haven't had an issue yet. It has been beneficial for our productivity and efficiency in managing employee schedules. Tam incelemeye bakın

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I like how it helps me to be more organized by providing an easy access for my shifts (and other things). It's not fully integrated into our system so if you're using another scheduling software - there might need additional plugins/add-ons in order to make them work together well enough. You can also use this as your simple calendar for all of your projects which makes everything easier from organizing appointments to keeping track of deadlines etc. It has really helped us organize ourselves and make sure we are always up to date about what tasks needs doing next!Tam incelemeye bakın

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Executor Underworld Pluto GFP2 EN009 Ultra

Another cool game piece! I love this stuff lolI can't get enough, thanks for all my ghosts pieces. . My grandson enjoyed playing this game for hours! Graphics were good but not as "realistic" or detailed like some other games he plays (such us Call Of Duty). He enjoys exploring different worlds in several video/computer programs that his grandpa lets him play when they are together so I think it helped to make up part if its appeal.. I love this game! It's fun to play with friends or by yourself!! If you want more info about it just ask me i'll tell u all that is needed :). Tam incelemeye bakın

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The best part of being able to create our own shifts, set up when we would like them! It also allows us as employees so much flexibility in how many hours or minutes per day I am scheduled if needed during these "off days". Being that this does not really apply all too often because they are rarely days off but it's just nice knowing my options are available at any time without having someone else decide where/when i should be working instead - which has happened before as well. This software was super easy to use compared to others out there- especially considering its ease to pay monthly versus yearly payments etc.- great program! We have been using shiftwork since about 5 months ago now (I think). There isn't one thing wrong specifically other than maybe trying different features from what you see listed above depending on your needs may help? But overall no complaints here either though honestly haven;t had anything specific come across yet as far as problems go as everything seems quite straight forward and quick once understood. Staff Scheduling &amp Training Management Software - Easy integration into existing systems including Quickbooks payroll / Paycheque accounting via Zapier platform. The ease of use, and how it can be accessed from anywhere at any time! It's so easy that I have been able to manage my entire team remotely without ever having to walk into one anothers office. There are some things we would like to see implemented in future updates but this does not stop us using it as much as possible now. We love being able to access our schedule and make changes whenever needed which saves me walking around the building looking for people. Tam incelemeye bakın

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I love easy to use interface; it's very flexible which allows me to customize for my clients' specific needs quickly, but also makes room for input from many stakeholders in real-time throughout each step of their service delivery process. It gives us all access at once rather than requiring more steps or phone calls/meetings with one person when we need clarification about something. And then there are some features like "Task List" where people can log task assignments within projects without going online every time (when working remotely). This will save so much time! Definitely recommend this system over other available products as well - our client base grew exponentially thanks to its ease & flexibility. The most helpful feature is the ability to see how many people are in the room at any given time. It is easy to use and very customizable. It is a little pricey but worth it. I would like to be able to have a list of people who are in the room and who is responsible for what. It is a great tool to have in your arsenal. It is very helpful when you have a large class and you are trying to keep track of who is in the room and who is responsible for what.Tam incelemeye bakın

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The most useful feature of this software is that it provides real time reports to all stakeholders in one dashboard view which helps me track my employees' performance very easily as I can access their data from anywhere at any given point of time! Sometimes while logging into the platform there might be some minor issues with loading so please have patience during such situations. It's been quite efficient, helping us manage our human resources more efficiently than other web applications we've used before. Tam incelemeye bakın

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I like that I can customize my invoice template as much as I want. I dislike that sometimes it takes a little bit longer than expected to download the job sheets for an account upon creation. It's a great tool, but maybe not perfect. If you are looking for something free, I wouldn't recommend this. It is very easy to use and I've seen it save me countless hours of paperwork. The benefits include: 1) saving time by creating the invoice using pre-built templates2) tracking work completed3) being able to export the data into other programs4) having all of your information in one place.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Buddy Punch

The ability of having my own personal calendar set up was one thing I liked about this program! Being able to see which days were available off from work without needing an actual date book/calendar has been very helpful when scheduling vacation leave etc.. It would be nice if there could possibly have more advanced filters so it wasn't necessary just by entering "vacation" into search bar but rather maybe selecting what type (paid vs unpaid) then enter dates? This might not seem like much at first glance however its something small thats quite useful once implemented especially since paid vacations aren;t always used every year depending upon employee needs. Also being allowed access via mobile devices makes things easier than constantly trying to find paper copy calendars somewhere around office etc... The main thing I like about this product is that it allows me to keep track of my employees' hours easily. It also allows me to use the software without having to download an app on my phone. Sometimes I have to go back into the main screen to make changes to a worker. I would recommend this product if you're looking for a way to keep track of your employee's hours. I am able to see how many hours each person has worked. Tam incelemeye bakın

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