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One of the online platform that sell different kinds of product that you can thinks of at a competitive price. Myer has physical shop and online store that has been operated some years with good reputation. The mobile application is working fine and even make it easy for my to access the platform at a go. I found the platform easy to use, from my assessment the newbies will not find it difficult to use. Return and exchange policy on the platform one of the things that makes the platform unique from other in my opinion, many platform give 30 day to get the goods return but the platform allows 60 days. It worth mentioning that the product must be in good condition. All the needed information can be access on the platform the frequently asked questions is really helpful. It is amazing that the platform has it own credit card that can be owned by Australians that above 18 years of age, this makes the platform unique. It also accept Paypal, Master card, Visa and others. I found no security issue on the platform. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Defender Industries


ThIs platform sells boat and marine equipment and accessories. It was established in 1938. I love the platform at the first sight, the moving products images, various displayed images, navigation on the platform all are amazing. I found this platform easy to use I noticed the platform is well arranged and all the products can be search by category or brand. I like how all the products are displayed, all the images are very bright and clear. All the products has the number attached to it this makes the platform more easy to use. I had no issue with navigation on the platform. Each product has description and video, I found this very amazing. I had no security issues on the platform, it has put security measures that makes the platform secure in place. The platform has frequently asked questions that gives details to the information that is needed on the platform, though I will like the platform to add more languages. All the policies that guide the platform is well explain in a simple grammar that is very easy to understand by anyone. The contact provided on the platform are email and telephone, live chat is not available. I suggest the team behind the platform should work on having live chat because it is one place effective way to communicate. Tam incelemeye bakın

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I boat sells boat and it accessories, it also buy used boat. This platform is one of the largest online store that has good reputation over the years. The platform is very easy to use, I like how the home page was structured. It look simple but full of information. It has frequently asked questions that add mor information about the platform and what customers should expect shipping method, return and how track the order made on the platform. I found the platform very easy to use, mor languages can be added to let more people of different languages to access the platform. I noticed that the platform also offers different kind of discount prices, this makes the platform more competitive. I like the currier services that the platform engage, it is well known currier service that is well known all over the world. The major way to contact the platform customer service is through email and Telephone number. It worth mentioning that the platform stated he time it can be contacted through telephone on the platform. The team behind the platform can make the live chat available which provides to be one of the effective way to communicate.  Tam incelemeye bakın

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Aerobase Group


one of the major transportation from one country to another is aeroplane, this platform sells pair part of Aircraft using both physical store and online store. The look of the home page is amazing, well displayedand moving images that shows some of the product it offers. I noticed that all the products pictures is very bright, no matter how small th product is, each product has attached number and many more. Frequently asked questions was provided on the platform, this makes the platform very simple and easy to use. All the questions related to return and shipping has been answered on it, it is well detailed. I found the platformvery easy to use. The platform has social media platform, email address and telephone contact, in my opinion the platform should add live chat to the contact. I like the platform for making payment through credit cards available, though there is room for adding more payment methods. In my opinion he platform is transparent about all the needed information, it has the needed required features. I recommend it but individual should do their research before using the platform. Tam incelemeye bakın

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It was established in 1967, it sells boat products and marine pair part in thousands. It tracking record is good and encouraging. One of he major transportation mean for some countries is water transportation, most of 5th country depend on shipping in materialsome from other countries through this means. Here is no doubt that it is one of that he major means of transport. This is one of the platform that sell boats products and marine pair part both in physical shop and online. When assessing the platform I found out that the platform has the required features needed for online business, for example the way the home page was designed makes the platform very easy to use. All the products is well arranged, the information needed can be access easily. It is worth mentioning that the platform allows shipping worldwide. I my opinion the platform is very easy to use, it has frequently asked questions that assist in many ways. The contact provided on the platform is also effective though live chat can be added Tam incelemeye bakın

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Josh's Toys & Games

This platform was established in 2008, it is one of the great reputable store that sells toys and games. The platform has various good brand products that is well known. I do not have any issue on the platform when navigation, all the information is well placed, I like how the product can be search through the search engine or by category and products brand. Each product is well described with detailed information. If you are the type that love sharing products on social media platform the platform also give room for that. This idea is brilliant because the we helpe in making the platform known. Another amazing thing I love about the platform is allowing different methods for making payment both Fiat currency and digital assets, this really makes the platform very unique. The platform allows feedback which will make the platformto improve. It gives some ways to get contacted with the platform this can be done by social media platform, email address, and social media platform. Live chat is not available on the platform, this can be added to improve way of communication. It legal aspects was stated in clear statement, this need to be considered before using the platform. I had no issue with this platform. Tam incelemeye bakın

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If you get right equipment for travelling it usually reduce the stress and expenses. Amplifi sells travelling equipment and accessories for number of years. I has physical store as well as online store. I use mobile and desktopto access the platform and the results is amazing, the navigation went smoothly and fast. One of the most important features I use to look for in any platform is how secure the platform is, what security measures was put in place. I really satisfied with the security measure put in place on the platform. The team behind this platform really makes the home page look very amazing, I love what I saw on the platform. Giving each product description helping in making right choice of products needed. The platform images is very bright, all the products are well captured. Another area of interest is the payment methods on the platform, it accept credit card and PayPal and other means of payment, thsee means are widely accepted. Live chat is not part of the contact, if the platform can add it it make the platform more competitive based on my own opinion. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Bric's Milano

Travelling can be challenging if right equipment for travelling is not available. This platform provides solutions by making the right travelling equipment available for both physical store and online store. I love how the home page is structure, the moving images on the home page makes it look amazing. I noticed that the platform has one language morelanguages should be added this will make the platform to be more competitive. I like the live chat that is available on the platform, customer care can be contacted at any point nine time. The platform add beauty to each product by making information about what the product is made up and equally makes specification of each product known. I found the platform user friendly, it has frequently asked questions that helps the newbies to use the platform perfectly, it also has the needed information about how the platform works. Getting in touch with the platform is made easy because of the live chat that is available, the makes the communication fast and accessible always. Inot my own assessment he platform has what it takes to run smooth online business. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Travelpro Canada

Some people travel for pleasure while some it must because of the nature of their job, no matter the case both groups need equipment when travelling. This platform offers sale of travelling equipment. The platform makestand shopping very easy, it frequently asked questions on the platform take all the posible challenging situation one after the other and gives well details information about it. I really love what I saw on the platform, the home page is inviting with the product image. All the information is well organised. Whenordiring products online it comes with anxiety of when the product will arrive, I like the provision of monitoring the order after the success of ordering the platform sent email alerts with he information on how he ordered products will be monitoring. The platform also gives model name to each travelling bag, this is really helpful in the case of travelling with someone that has same travelling equipment. Another thing that also make the platform unique is that it sell part of travelling equipment in which this can also ordered online. All the policy are put in place, the platform has security measures. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Boarding Gate


Boarding Gate is the home of traveling equipment of different kinds for mem and women. It has both local and international delivery policy that can be look into before using the platform. Frequently asked questions provided on the platform really helpful, it explained all the aspect of the platform that i need to know about. For example many questions about ordering product was well explained, cancel order, defect items ,missing items and other. It equally give step by step on how to shop on the platform, this will educate the newbies on how to use the platform. The platform can be contacted with official email address, it does not have live chat. It has two social medial platform that make available on the platform. God policy was made available, these will help the users to know what the platform accept and what it does not accept. It is very important to considered platform policy before starting using it. I had no issue with the platform.Tam incelemeye bakın

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