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About Bric's Milano

Italian Travel Bag since 1952.

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Bric's Milano Home new experience in traveling accessories

I'm here today to pen down my point of view on "Bric's Milano" Now to my review. Bric's Milano in one of the best online and physical store that deals with traveling accessories, this company was established in 1952, and since then they have...See full review

The most perfect form of the skin

The company was founded in 1952 by a person named Mario Briccola and has been producing leather parts and travel bags since its establishment, they have been so expert in their business for 60 years, they have still managed to stand on their feet...See full review

Bric's Milano Company

Today I will like to share my own point of view with you on "BRIC'S MILANO". Bric's Milano in one of the front line physical and online store, this platform are into traveling in different kinds, this company was created in 1952....See full review

it accompanies you on your travels

When we plan a trip, the first thing we organize is our luggage; for this we must have good quality luggage items that allow us a smooth trip. To help us with this task we can enter the virtual store of Bric's Milano where we will find all the...See full review

It is a store with very high quality products for luggage and travel products.

Bric's Milano offers many useful and practical products suitable for your travels. The variety of products and brands in this store is also extremely good. There is also a discount offered to users in this store, where many campaigns and discounts...See full review

A good customer satisfaction is derived here

I bring my review to you about Bric's Milano Bric's Milano is a company that has been in existence since some past years ago precisely 1952 by Mario Briccola. Bric's Milano Company is the type that based majorly on the productions of travelling...See full review

Make your travel easier

Bric's Milano is an online web store where you can buy many products you will need for traveling. Bric's Milano company is a company with a strong infrastructure that has been serving in this sector for almost 70 years. You can register the...See full review

A Luxury suitcase manufacturer

This company is a luxury luggage manufacturer. They manufacture Ferrari type luggages, suitcases. They are one of the most well-known and best leather manufacturers in the world. Italian quality talks here. All used leathers are handcrafted. This...See full review

Bricstore Travel and Adventure

Hello everyone. My name is Tamirlan. Hiking, walking is wonderful and we all love it. You have never heard of Italy as a great country to travel, and if you are here, then you should definitely enter this Bricstore Travel and Adventure store....See full review


Travelling can be challenging if right equipment for travelling is not available. This platform provides solutions by making the right travelling equipment available for both physical store and online store. I love how the home page is structure…See full review