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Aviation and Marine

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Description of Defender Industries

Defender provides quality marine supplies, inflatable boats and outboard motors. We offer competitive prices on the brands you trust, we have them in stock and we are an authorized dealer for everything we carry. Defender is a marine outfitter staffed by passionate boaters who understand your language and your projects. We have a knowledgeable, in-house sales staff ready to answer your questions and to help you make the right purchase.


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Type of review

Revainrating 4 out of 5


Today I'm here to share with you my own point of view on "Defender Industries" while you have fun. Now To My Review. Defender Industries was established on 1 January 1938, by Sheldon Lance, this company based in East Coast, New England U.S. This company specialize on Boating and Marine Transportations. Defender is a marine Outfitter they have experience and good passionate boaters as a staff whom well understand the needs and language of their customers and there plans ahead. This…

  • They offer best services and quality products
  • Very safe and accessible
  • Lucrative prices
  • Superb customers service support
  • Non

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Well Designed And Arranged Website

Defender Industry is a family owned marine supplies company that has been in operation for more than 8 decade in US with the aim of providing customers with the widest selection of quality products at the most competitive prices with friendly customer service. It provide quality marine supplies, inflatable boats and outboard motors at various brands which leaves customers with choice of brands to select. It has a very big warehouse that contain over 85,000 different brand of first quality…

  • It website was designed and arrange in a simple way that enable everyone to navigate easily
  • Customers trust Defender Industry because it offers quality products.
  • It has wide selection of quality products at competitive prices
  • It offers a friendly customer service.
  • Customers have the choice to select their favorite brand because it available in varieties.
  • It offer shipping to worldwide users.
  • It not accept returns of some products but it in the platform policy

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Company with a strong infrastructure

Defender Industries is one of the leading companies in the field of marine and boat related products. I really liked the design of the Defender Industries online website. The products are categorized so you can easily find the product you are looking for. You can also be informed about discounts and promotions by subscribing to newsletters. You can send gift vouchers to your loved ones. You can return the products purchased from the Defender Industries online store within…

  • Your information is safe with SSL encryption methods
  • They offer a low price guarantee
  • You can follow up the orders of the products
  • There are many products that cannot be returned

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Defender Company is outstanding

Defender Industry Defender Industry was founded in the year 1938 in the month of January by a visioneer named Sheldon Lance in the US. Defender Industry are a company with good reputation that provides quality marine materials, inflatable boats with inclusion of outboard motors. Defender Industry also provides competitive prices on the brands that a customer trust, they have good equipments in stock so that customers can have access to them anytime needed for purchase. Defender Industry…

  • Legitimate authenticity of products
  • Low prices
  • Good Products in stock
  • Always available to meet with customers needs
  • None for now

Revainrating 3 out of 5


Defender Store is one of the most experienced stores in the field of selling marine products. Defender has about 83 years of experience in this field! There was no internet at all at that time. After my review, the name of this store has nothing to do with the type of products available. This store offers all kinds of parts and marine requirements. For many people, especially in specialized equipment, the brand of the product supplier is the most important reason for their choice, which…

  • The wide variety of products, not just engineering parts, includes all marine tools
  • Very long history (83 years) of store activity
  • Website header menus are not optimized
  • Pricing on products is complex and confusing

Revainrating 4 out of 5

a source of instruction for everything related to boating

When we are interested in a topic or have a fondness for a particular activity, we usually resort to searching for information to expand our body of knowledge and handle a situation or activity with certainty. In the case of people who enjoy nautical activity, Defender Industries offers a digital portal that allows them to purchase a wide range of items ranging from boats to accessories for their endowment and equipment. Defender Industries is not just a portal for purchases of ship-related…

  • Offers educational material to operate boats
  • Provides safety recommendations
  • Provides useful information on boat maintenance
  • Offers boats, spare parts, accessories and equipment in general
  • No disadvantages

Revainrating 4 out of 5


The platform has been in the system since 1938, it sell boat equipment. It good quality product in thousands with many brand. The platform allows order to make through phone contact in all days in a week, though it has stipulated time that can be access on the platform. The frequently asked questions is informative, it has all the answers to order placement questions, pricing and product questions, payment and billing questions, return questions and other. for example the information to be…

  • It has frequently asked questions that is detail
  • Transparency
  • Accept credit card
  • Good policy
  • Secured platform
  • Found nothing

Hello everyone, my current review is about Defender Industries. Defender Industries was founded in 1938 and sells materials in the Marine and aerospace fields. Defender Industries is very Preferred and shopped by customers due to its work experience and the quality of its materials and products. You can also access the Defender Industries website and review and purchase the product you want. On the website, you will find products categorized by brand or type. The website has a wide range of…

  • It has a variety of products for aviation, marine and many fields and offers them together with a beautiful service.
  • Accessing, reviewing, ordering products from the company's website is accessible and easy for every customer.
  • Nothing about it.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Defender Industries.

Defender Industries sells all kinds of boats and accessories, and provides perfect services to gain customer satisfaction in all countries. First this company is characterized by its website, which is designed with the best technology to serve as many customers as possible, second for the request there are two ways, the first via the website, the second by directly dialing the customer service team number during working hours, and everything will be fine.Third, they contain secure payment…

  • Defender Industries Website's is easy to use
  • There are two easy options to order
  • Nothing to say.

I want to tell you about Defender Industries, which has done great work with more than 80 years of experience. Defender Industries has been offering its customers the best quality and affordable Marine materials for 80 years. Also, my favorite thing at Defender Industries is that it works with experts and experienced employees in its business. If you have questions in your head about Defender Industries, you can ask Defender Industries employees and get answers to your questions in the best way

  • Employees are closely involved with customers and carefully answer every question.
  • It serves globally.
  • Nothing yet

Revainrating 4 out of 5


ThIs platform sells boat and marine equipment and accessories. It was established in 1938. I love the platform at the first sight, the moving products images, various displayed images, navigation on the platform all are amazing. I found this platform easy to use I noticed the platform is well arranged and all the products can be search by category or brand. I like how all the products are displayed, all the images are very bright and clear. All the products has the number attac

  • Frequently asked questions
  • Various quality products
  • Easy to use platform
  • Effective help center
  • It is not multi language platform

Defender Industries is a boat materials sales site that was founded approximately 83 years ago and has many different content on the boat and has developed these very well until this time. If your orders from this store occur before noon, your products will be delivered to you within a maximum of 2 business days. If you wish, you can register to the newsletter of this store with your e-mail address, and you can be instantly informed about the latest news about the store and the latest produ

  • The delivery time of the products you have ordered is very short.
  • The customer service department is working very well.
  • They have social media accounts and use them well.
  • It is a store that organizes many discounts and promotions for users.
  • I think there should be more content and information about the products on the home page of the website.
  • A live support line should be added.