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Exchanges are one of the most essential and valuable assets in the Crypto space. They make trading of several Cryptocurrencies and other digital assets easier and more convenient. Throughout my journey in the Crypto space I have traded on some of this exchanges. They all have this particular features of supporting the trading and exchange of Cryptocurrencies, Although they still have some of their individual differences. My review here will be centered on another top Cryptoasset known as BKEK Exchange. BKEK is another trading and investment platform which was created in 2018. This platform has been operating for over 4 years now, so I won't regard it as a newly introduced platform. BKEK is a globally accepted as an Exchange platform. it has its own utility token known as BKK token. Apart from supporting it's own utility token, this platform Accepts the deposit and exchange of wide varieties of Cryptocurrencies, with the inclusion of fiat currency like EUR, GBP, USD and many more. it is regarded as a global investment platform, since it is accessible in more than 100 different nations. Different trading features are available on this platform. Users are been offered with different trading options to select from, apart from the bonuses that every user is entitled to immediately after registration. Of all the features available on this platform, I think the copy trading is one of those features of trade that did captured my trade. In copy trading, you can copy or follow up someone's pattern of trading before you start yours, in that way you will be trading with Experience when it comes to yours. One of the thing that this platform is focused on, is providing an easy access to Liquidity pool to every user and also to create a mining pool for our digital assets. So Apart from the the other features on this platform, other trading features are added like the contract trading, a mining pool for mining of all our digital assets. infact with the varieties of features installed on this platform, I don't think one will see the need to have any Exchange app on his device, since all the services expected of every Exchange platform is provided on BKEK Exchange. The team behind this platform are from different countries round the globe ranging from China and other countries. BKEK is known to be the head of the blockchain. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Disrupt Motion

My review on another top platform. With the intention of capturing the attention of their audience (consumers), several businesses and brands have come with one strategy or the other. There's always a need to promote our products, businesses and services online. However, good contents that describes our products or services are recommended. One of Canadian top industry has been established to grant us an easy way out. The Distrup Motion is a Canadian video production company. This platform or industry was created to help produce quality contents to their clients, that will help promote their businesses online. I was prevailaged to work and engage different platforms online, to help promote my products and services online, but all came second to Distrup Motion. Now, this platform using high quality video framework, Animations videos, conceptual or unique graphics designs to bridge the gap between Defi and the real world assets. The audience (Consumer) always go for the best and so far, Distrup Motion offers just that. The Distrup Motion aids blockchain marketing by using accurate and impactful videos content. They offer the best online services to their clients by helping promoting their brands and businesses through the videos they create. Every online marketer, trader, business personnel, blockchain marketer needs to be aware of the kind of services Distrup Motion offers. They are experts in video production and they help businesses connects with their audience ( consumers) and also help to impact positive change. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Establishing a balanced and stable Ecosystem or space that will aid trading of different Cryptocurrencies with the real world is one of the foundamental aim and mission of Thousand platform. Thousand platform is known to be a newly introduced platform in the Crypto world. it announces it's launch in the year 2022. Alots been expected from this project. Having gone through the whitepaper and roadmap and mission of this project, I will gladly say that this project actually has alot to accomplish. Thousand exchange is set to connect the Crypto world to the real world by making Crypto trading very easy and accessible. Unlike most exchanges that I know of, ThousandEx has much to offer to us. Apart from the ThousandEx, we also have the ThousandWallet, NFT marketplace, Thousand Debit card and others. Having easy and direct access to multiple Cryptocurrencies is what every Crypto investor is after. so it's a good news to know that a new project will be offering just that. I came about this project not long ago, but after much research and recommendation from some trusted individuals, I can confidently say that ThousandEx is a good and reliable Exchange platform. Multiple Cryptocurrencies can be traded on this exchange. it also has a utility token known as $TND token, that is also supported on this platform. Every investor is recommended to explore this project and see for himself what this project is all about. it is worth looking out for. If the team and developers behind this project can still maintain their consistency and keep to their words, then Thousand project will be a top project in the Crypto world. For now, it is still an upcoming and developing project. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Ecostart Corporation

Ecostart corporation is another unique multi functional platform, that has made global impact by providing capitals and funds for investing in various environmental activities. Our Environment are our immediate surroundings, when this immediate surroundings are not effectively utilized and managed they become unfavorable and even harmful to it's inhabitants. Several organizations and industries have been created inorder to provide means in which our Environment can effectively be managed. However, due to some factors some of this industries and organisations couldn't live up to the task. one of the major factor which can hinders such companies from providing this various environmental services is inadequate capital to produce this environmental products. However, with the establishment of the Ecostart corporation, which has been in existence since 2009, Alot of impact has been made. This corporation has created a platform for raising funds, which can be used to invest in environmental services. They have been able to invest in alot of organization and technological companies that offers environmental services and green business. The Ecostart corporation has its origin from Latin America, Brazil with it's headquarters in San Paulo in the Brazil region. it has been available for over 12 years now. This corporation is still active and functional. ecostart corporation platform has its official website, which I also used to register. The requirements for registration are just few. it is easy and less demanding. The corporate main aim and objective is to provide environmental services to both public and private entities and also enabled environmental control and proper management of environmental waste of all categories. This platform provided by this corporation uses blockchain technology to invest on this industries. The platform is very reliable, active and recommendable. many organizations and industries are doing great by registering on this platform, which provides funds and capitals needed by this industries to provide various environmental services around the globe.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Finery Markets

Cryptocurrency has been taken to a whole new level with the platforms it supports and accepts. This platforms plays a very vital role to ensure that cryptocurrency reaches a greater heights. Traders have been able to effectively trade cryptocurrency due to the platform this assets class has provided. Finery Markets is a unique and modernized platform, that doesn't support trading like most Exchanges and other cryptocurrencies platforms. This platform is a peer to peer decentralized marketplace, that offers competitive price to traders by aggregating liquidity. This platform adopts the concept of the price maker and taker approach to determine and offer prices to traders that are very competitive. The finery Markets is just a newly discovered cryptocurrency platform, that was released in the year 2019. This platform originated from Cyprus, and also has its headquarters too in the Cyprus region. Like I said earlier, it is not created for trading of cryptocurrencies, but to offer prices to traders at competitive standard. This platform is very easy to start and access. The interface also is very easy to integrate. When I wanted to register on this platform, all that was required of me is my email address, confirmed password, country of origin and other important details. within a short while, I was registered and instantly, I became a user. Finery Markets is available globally. They have made their platform to be available and accessible in every part of the globe. Finery Markets doesn't support alot of crypto assets like most other centralized Exchanges that supports over hundred cryptocurrencies with low liquidity. But this platform supports only few valuable crypto assets like BTC, BCH, ADA, litecoin, ethereum, polkadot and so on. with high liquidity than that of other centralized Exchanges. Also, this platform doesn't charge any trading fees like other platforms that charges high commission. they only offer competitive price, with no commission fees of any such attached. Finery Markets is a reliable and ideal Platform that has transformed the cryptocurrency to another whole new level with just it's little moment of existence. it is very active and available. it also support some Fiat currency like Euros, USD, Japanese yern and so on.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Most wallets are created by some crypto enthusiast, with no clear intention. This wallets don't live to serve the right purpose an ideal wallet should serve. it always advisable to make a good research before selecting or storing one's tokens on a platform one is not much aware of. My review will be on this particular wallet called Onyewuchi wallet. By the name, one will be doubtful about the authenticity of this wallet, but inorder to satisfy my curiosity about this wallet, I decided to make some research about it and also access the website of this wallet. Onyewuchi wallet like most other wallet, was created for storing and securing crypto assets. This wallets stores a number of listed cryptocurrencies. it has good interface and easy to access. Onyewuchi wallet is also a newly introduced platform for storing of crypto tokens. However, this wallet is not a recognized and reliable platform. The coinmarket Cap has no support for this wallet has a good platform for storage of tokens. Information regarding this wallet are not made available since the wallet was discovered, and also the support team and social media Platform created for this wallet such as the telegram group, Twitter, medium and others has been inactive for some while now. The security of this wallet, which forms the basics of every good wallet is not at maximum. Which makes this wallet not a reliable and ideal wallet for storing assets. When I get to know about this wallet through a link provided at a group on telegram, I accessed the website of this wallet. But all I saw there wasn't impressive enough to convinced one that this is a good wallet. There are other good and recommendable wallet for storing and securing crypto assets available, which one can easily access and starts trading on. but Onyewuchi wallet is not a reliable trading platform.Tam incelemeye bakın

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EVER Wallet

Wallets are also very important trading tools, that helps secure and store our crypto assets and also for buying and selling one currency or the other. The importance of this trading tools cannot be overemphasized. My review here will be on another unique and reliable wallet known as Ton crystal wallet. As a trader, you have crystals or you are about to buy or own crystal tokens, but you are still unsure on where to store it. I will recommend the Ton crystal wallet. A multi functional wallet for storing and security the Ton crystal and other supported digital tokens. TON crystal wallet is a Trading platform, that is very easy to use and access. it helps to safeguard funds and other valuable tokens in the TON Blockchain. it is a very unique and versatile wallet. With this wallet, Users can create and open additional account and addresses, so as to store and manage their tokens. TON crystal wallet is a newly discovered trading platform, but so far, it has proven to be a very competitive and reliable platform. In this wallet, the user is in total control of the security of it's assets, as he can add additional security options by adding more phrase. No third party however is supported on this platform. However, a third party can have access to the users wallet, if it is not properly secured. From my experience with this wallet, I discovered that TON crystal wallet has made available different security options for traders, so as to keep their assets safe and secure. Because in this platform, you are not just storing or securing crypto tokens, but crystals. Ton crystal wallet has alot to offer to Users. it is left to this traders to know how to effectively Trade and store their assets on this wallet. it is safe, reliable and versatile for trading.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Coredax Exchange has been one of the good Exchange platforms that supports and accepts trading on good number of cryptocurrencies. This Exchange has been available only for a short while in the exchange market, but so far it has accumulated a good trading volumes. However, the coredax Exchange is from the south Korean resident. It was mainly created to support the south Korean traders and investors. Non south Korean traders can't effectively trade on this exchange, this is because the information regarding this Exchange are mostly written in Korean, and the language translator provided, is not that sufficient to translate all the text written in the Korean language. The main purpose of creating this exchange is to promote the south Korean Economy and currency value. Although I wasn't able to trade here, reason been that I don't understand Korean, but by navigating and exploring this Exchange, I discovered that, the volume of trade here is very high, the south Korean residents are good patronizers of this exchange. Also, the interface for this Exchange is very friendly, the design also is a thing of beauty. Coredax Exchange has good trading features and views, the trading fees is low, as it favours the entire citizens of south Korean. The Exchange has also been made available in Mobile apps, where users especially south Korean traders can easily access and operate it. Coredax is a good Exchange with good trading interface, but it is not effective for the non south Koreans traders.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Selecting a good and reliable Exchange for trading, is one of the basic step that can guarantee a successful trading. As Exchanges are created to support and aid the trading of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. Bingbon is also an exchange platform that supports the Exchange or buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. This Exchange supports over 10 cryptocurrencies, which makes it a multi cryptocurrency Exchange. Bingbon Exchange was discovered in the year 2018, so far it has shown to be a top leading Exchange across the globe. it is recognized by the coinmarket Cap, and it is a global Exchange. This Exchange has a friendly and oriented trading interface, which makes it easy for both newbies and experienced traders to trade and navigate the platform. There are benefits associated with this exchange, only to the users. it offers high range of leverages to it's users, and the alot of trading options is provided to users. Bingbon Exchange is very reliable and easy to use. But however, the withdrawal fees for this Exchange is very high, when compared to the global industry average withdrawal fees. This has discouraged lots of traders from trading on this exchange.Tam incelemeye bakın

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