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DeFi applications need scalability in terms of transactions. So we have xDAI, Ethereum's less decentralized little sister. And xDAI does a good job picking up where Ethereum left off. Anything on Ethereum can be ported to xDAI, so financial apps, DAOs, and non-fungible tokens - anything that needs less security - fits perfectly. xDAI admires and depends on Eth a lot, but feels that Eth can be a little tight at times. Despite their superficial differences, they have the same long-term vision and the same destination, that of a decentralized blockchain future. How are xDai and Ethereum similar? Remember that without Ethereum, there is no xDai and the latter is an EVM sidechain. It operates independently of Ether but relies on it for the creation of its native token, the XDAI, as well as its multi-use governance token, the STAKE. The network follows the same protocol updates, block size limits, and EVM settings as Ethereum's mainnet. BENEFIT: This compatibility allows developers, projects and users to easily switch between channels. How are xDai and Eth different? xDai also uses a different consensus mechanism than Ethereum, called POSDAO, and uses a proof-of-stake incentive model to achieve 5-second blocks with low transaction costs. Validators are rewarded with STAKE rather than the native XDAI token. BENEFIT: It decouples the incentive model from the transaction currency, so that transactions can be processed with minimal costs. The future of xDai and Ethereum Eth 2.0 is full of promise, and xDai is excited to contribute to the expansion of Ethereum during this several-month transition period. xDai will continue to support projects and applications that require low-cost, predictable transactions for users or have contracts that must process many transactions in a short period of time. xDai is also actively working to improve network and bridge security and to increase the decentralization of the protocols. Once the Eth 2.0 blockchain is operational, xDai will be well positioned to join it, either as a shard or a rollup. At this stage, security guarantees will be ensured by Ethereum's global architecture, making xDai more decentralized and secure. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Reserve Rights

Reserve is one of the most low-key projects in the cryptosphere. it is a stablecoin, well like no other. To begin with, RSV differentiates itself from the rest in that it is backed by heavyweights in the cryptosphere. This new stablecoin is developed according to a model with 2 tokens: the RSR and the RSV. The RSR is a utility token which guarantees colletarization of the RSV; it allows its holder to participate in the governance of the project and gives him the right to play an arbitration role. When the RSV price is below the target value, the protocol encourages users to buy tokens to increase the price; conversely, if the price is higher than this value, they are encouraged to create new RSVs to lower the price. The Reserve project is quite simply a challenge. If the project wins its bet, it would prove that stablecoins can exist without having to rely on fiat or any asset. Reserve could thus give the US Federal Reserve a hard time when it comes to conquer the US market.Tam incelemeye bakın

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IDEX, a leading decentralized exchange DEX, combines the technical capabilities and characteristics of a centralized exchange CEX with the security of a DEX to create an uncompromising trading experience. IDEX users benefit from low latency trade execution, standardized APIs, advanced order types and a matching engine capable of processing hundreds of thousands of orders per second. Note that within the decentralized exchanges themselves, IDEX has not been the undisputed leader for more than a while. With the arrival of new, more interesting platforms for users like Uniswap, etc ... IDEX has lost ground. Despite the continued growth of decentralized exchanges, the large centralized players such as BINANCE, KRAKEN, HUOBI continue to appropriate large volumes.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Curve Finance

The Curve protocol allows exchanges between stablecoins, at the best possible rate and by limiting fees. It is therefore a decentralized exchange based on Ethereum, specializing in stablecoins. The principle of operation is based on liquidity pools, so instead of directly exchanging tokens between them, users will trade directly against a smart contract. This will recover the asset to be exchanged and return the one desired by the buyer at the current exchange rate. Curve has a particularity, it allows extremely low slippage during trades. This is made possible by the function used by the protocol's automated market maker -AMM-.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Ultragate describes itself as a blockchain 3.0 solution. She develops interesting solutions, focuses on the creation of blockchain services in order to leverage her ULG token. Its mission is to make ULG a secure and fast means of payment. The token uses the PoS as a consensus mechanism, it suffices to accumulate an amount of 50,000 ULG to participate in the validation of transactions on the network against rather interesting interests. With a total supply of 32,000,000, ultragrate has developed an entire ecosystem including a Jobgate freelance platform, marketgate, a marketplace and Gatecasino. Ultragate is a really interesting project: With such a total supply, a fairly concrete roadmap which provides for the reinforcement of the team, the development of a DeFi platform, a marketcap greater than 1000M by the end of 2021. Personally I will not invest in this project because for me it is not revolutionary, and such a blockchain project already exists!Tam incelemeye bakın

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Loopring [NEO]

Loopring itself is not an exchange, but it is a platform that can help decentralized exchanges use their code. With the Loopring protocol, you don't need to depend on centralized exchanges to safeguard your assets. Loopring prevents you from sending your cryptocurrencies from your wallets to centralized exchanges. Centralized exchanges are susceptible to hackers. The Loopring protocol helps you save cryptocurrencies in your wallet and trade them without sending them anywhere. Smart contracts will help you trade using Loopring tokens to automate your order when the right price is hit.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Wrapped Bitcoin

Wrapped Bitcoin refers to the compatible version of Bitcoin with the ERC-20 standard. Thus, the WBTC is an ERC-20 token that will always follow the price of Bitcoin. Bitcoin as we know it is not compatible with the ERC-20 standard and cannot be exchanged directly for other ERC-20 tokens in a decentralized manner without a trusted third party or through complex technical devices. WBTC's mission is to provide great liquidity, and to improve all decentralized applications. With Wrapped BTC, traders can benefit from increased liquidity and participation by allowing Bitcoin enthusiasts to be integrated into the ecosystem as well. Remember that WBTC transfers between users have no direct cost, with the exception of network costs which vary according to the solutions used. Thanks to WBTC partners, 1 Bitcoin can be exchanged for 1 Wrapped Bitcoin, and vice versa. Finally, using Wrapped Bitcoin allows BTC holders to continue to hold them as assets, while using their tokens in DeFI applications.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Compound is a major player in decentralized finance and is present in the Ethereum ecosystem with a fairly simple principle: allow users to lend their ether for interest. Note that Compound is not a peer-to-peer loan protocol, rather it works like a liquidity pool. These pools have different parameters depending on the type of token that is made available on them. These parameters are in particular the different interests of the loans of these funds, which are determined algorithmically. The loan is made by depositing a guarantee. The collateral funds must be greater than the borrowed funds, with a factor that differs depending on each token. The use of DeFi protocol as a compound entails risks, in particular that of liquidation, if the borrowed funds exceed the borrowing capacity on the protocol. But other risks may exist such as flaws in the smart-contracts that make up the protocol as well as the oracles that provide information to the latter, but rest assured the compound project has proven itself and its code very often audited.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Uniswap (V2)

Uniswap is simple, it is a protocol as well as a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform open to all Ethereum users and which allows token swaps. The main objective of Uniswap is to guarantee maximum liquidity for these users. The protocol works thanks to liquidity pools, kinds of token reserves stored on a smart contract, which will be used to carry out trades. The exchange rate between the assets is then fixed thanks to the Automated Market Maker Using Uniswap allows for exchanges without a trusted third party. Uniswap is very transparent due to its simplicity. Exchange pairs can be set up easily using smart-contracts available to everyone. Uniswap is a nonprofit protocol and the fees only go to users providing liquidity to the system. This allows users to pay very low fees, and therefore to carry out transactions at low cost compared to other decentralized exchanges.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Celsius Network is a platform that uses blockchain technology to enable its users to gain financial freedom by turning away from traditional banking institutions. In other words, it allows its members to borrow, pay and lend through said technology. When you deposit your coins on the platform, you get interest every Monday calculated on the annual rate and weighted. You can choose to earn interest in the loaned currency or with the platform's token: Celsius CEL. Obviously, when you opt to have interests in CEL, these are slightly more important. There is an advantage to claiming your interest in CEL: the ratio of CEL held in your portfolio can allow you to access loyalty programs that allow you to increase the amount of your interest rates. My opinion about Celsius Network Celsius Network is a good solution if you want passive crypto income, you can earn weekly interest up to 15% per year on your deposits and you can withdraw it at any time. Plus, there are no fees, no withdrawal fees, no early termination fees and the app is easy to use. Be careful, don't put all your crypto on the application, Celsius network is not a decentralized application and the risk of hack is not zero. As usual, it's best to diversify your investments. Other alternatives to Celsius are BlockFi and Nexo, these two applications allow you to do the same thing as celsius.Tam incelemeye bakın

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