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XDai, Stake review, 2020.

When speed is all you need xDai project should be on your preference XDai is a multi staking, and a double token mode. It resembles etherium very well, except in its consensus model... Thats the way…See more

xDAI, a scalability solution for Ethereum

DeFi applications need scalability in terms of transactions. So we have xDAI, Ethereum's less decentralized little sister. And xDAI does a good job picking up where Ethereum left off. Anything on…See more

xDAI Layer 2 is interesting.

As mentioned in the pro section, xDai is a Layer 2 project built on Ethereum. Its fast transaction speed (5 seconds) and low transaction cost makes it almost perfect for running highly demanding…See more

xDai eliminating the volatility of cryptocurrencies

In the development of cryptographic projects, its creators face two great challenges: maintaining the stability of the value of the cryptocurrency and achieving its efficient operation to execute…See more


xDai a stable multichain smart contract staking platform, a sub developed ecosystem under Dai blockchain. xDai support low transaction fee with fast and low transaction executed in seconds, users…See more

Blockchain for fast and stable transactions

In order to understand what xDai is, we need to know what DAI is, which is a stable currency that is always equal to one dollar. Let's not confuse DAI with the Tether, since it is created in a…See more

xDai: Payment platform

xDai is a financial project with its own chain of blocks whose mission is to provide a payment platform with fast transactions with low commissions. One of the big problems that arise in financial…See more

xDai will be next payment method in the future

Hi, today I will share my experience using xDai with you. xDai is my opinion a cryptocurrency transfer system. As a way of working, it works almost exactly the same as ERC-20-based wallet addresses…See more

XDai: a stable ecosystem

When selecting the cryptocurrency that we need to operate efficiently within electronic commerce, we must consider those digital currencies that offer us multiple services and tools to solve various…See more

it is profitable but I am concerned about security.

As always, in this review, I would like to write about my experiences and features about the type of token serving under the name xDai and the website of this token type. First of all, you should…See more