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Crypto. com offers ease of access and a fast KYC process, getting you up and running in a short amount of time. Decent variety of coins available, with moderate to high fees depending on amounts.  Great for beginners as well as veterans. Allows access to some new, inexpensive coins that have the possibility to moon and make some real gains. BUT, during massive dips and huge gains, access sometimes can be a problem, as everyone else is trying to buy or sell as well. Getting shut out during a massive sell off can be very frustrating, turning gains into losses.  Crypto. com is partnered with Visa, lending the most widely utilized credit companies massive backing and customer base. There is a multi-tier credit card system that rewards purchases and offers incentives by transacting with fiat, giving rewards on a tier based structure. Overall, Crypto. com is pretty strong when it comes to exchanges, and can help both newcomers and veterans to realize gains of all sizes. Trusted, vetted and highly utilized, this exchange is great to immerse yourself in the world of cryptocurrency.Tam incelemeye bakın logosu

I was surprised at the amount of coins offered on Gate. io, tons of options. Their UI is a bit unintuitive but it's not messy. The English translation is a bit off. Great place to get a hold of volume on early release coins.Transferring to and from wallets can be tricky. Good amount of staking and lending options. Best used outside the US, as options are a bit limited but manageable. More stars if fiat deposits were available. Pretty nifty features like being able to follow the top earners, tracking their moves and taking their advice, but it comes at a subscription cost. All in all, good for getting a lot of inexpensive,newly released coins before they moon. Would recommend mostly to those outside of the US.Tam incelemeye bakın logosu


From the time I began the KYC process in January, until the date of this post (May 8th), I still have not received authorization to purchase cryptocurrency from their exchange, despite having successfully completed the highest levels of KYC possible on Kraken, Coinbase Pro, Cash App, Xwallet, Nexo, Uphold and many other platforms. have sent numerous emails to support, only to recieve blanket auto responses that say they are overwhelmed with the amount of inquires and are working hard to address my issue. So, my sister living in England has both a Binance and Binance US account that I've been able to successfully utilize for this review. First discrepancy I noticed was the sheer amount of available crypto options on the Non US platform compared to the US. Their website interface is absolutely disgusting, very Hodgepodge and appears to be thrown together by a drunk 8 year old. No rhyme or reason, just a mishmash of different size boxes haphazardly thrown together to form a page that is extremely non intuitive and off putting for anyone that doesn't have ADD. After checking prices on some of my own cryptocurrency on other exchanges,and returning to Binance, I noticed Ethereum Classic was available at 95 usd, a stark difference from the 79 I had just witnessed on Kraken. That's quite a jump, and very alarming considering the trust we put into these exchanges.  Next, I sent about $75 of Ethereum to the Binance wallet and made a trade for Binance Coins, as they can help with fees and gas. I should have paid more attention to the fee, because I wound up with about 46 dollars of the $75 I had before the trade. That is absolute robbery, and enough for me to not ever want to do business with them again. I haven't been back since. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Bank of America

Bank of America is probably the most widespread and well known fiduciary institution in the U.S. Very easy to find a brick and mortar location in any city across the country, though you will most likely have to wait in line behind the multitudes of fellow members with the same needs as yourself. Online banking is decent, with the ability to enable and disable card access quickly, limit transaction amounts to a certain dollar amount as well as access to atm transactions, online use and international purchases. Inter-account transfers with Bank of America happen seamlessly, however transferring with other banking institutions usually results in a week long wait and fees on both ends. Customer support is great, and accessible 24/365 which is great. That's about it, what you see is what you get, and at least we see enough BofA's to know that they aren't going out if business anytime soon.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Kraken has become one of the most trusted platforms in the world to store, buy and trade Cryptocurrency. Their interface can take a little while to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, it gets easier, but still a pain in comparison to other platforms. For high volume trades, there's a dark option available to protect against sudden market shifts. They have a mobile app that is just as clunky as the website, but also effective if you persist in learning the nuances of its functions. Staking is available for a substantial number of coins compared to other platforms, and rewards automatically delegated and logged into a ledger that is highly visible. Multiple ways to utilize fiat, just takes time, fees an/or an account with a third party financial institution. Kraken is not noob friendly, and there is a steep learning curve with many facets of their interface, fee schedule, minimum amount requirements for withdrawals and deposits.... I could go on but you get the picture. If you're willing to put the work in and take your lumps, Kraken is one of the safest bets for custody, and support will attempt mitigate any mistakes with correction, and if that is not an option they have been known to issue Kraken only fee coins that at the very least, make a number of your future purchases, trades, withdrawals and deposits completely free. Give Kraken a shot if you are an advanced trader, you will be able to utilize there API to great effect, and their toggle switch for beginner/ advanced/ expert interfacing will give you the appropriate tools you need to make positive movements on their platform.Tam incelemeye bakın

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It was difficult to find a platform that offered Dogecoin for trading or purchase. Eventually I settled on Kraken, but the fee was immense and it wasn't long before it lost half its value. Very recently, it has been prone to pump and dump schemes orchestrated by whales with infinite resources. The community has been through some tough times, as theft, abandonment and widespread non adoption has taken it's toll. However, those holding Dogecoin tend to be very philanthropic, as noted by the infamous "Save Dogemas" event held after a reddit tip not operator decided to steal an amount that was in the hundred millions. It didn't work out for him though, and Doge took a hard dive in value the recent crypto booms from 2017 and 2020-21. Surprisingly, it has trended very closely to Bitcoin's fluctuations, until the aforementioned whale pump and dump shinanigans forced wild swings in Dogecoins value. Also attributed to it's recent price appreciation is Elon Musk and his short but effective tweets endorsing cryptocurrencies value, as well as certain coins like Dogecoin and BTC. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Coinbase Training

Coinbase offers a fantastic opportunity to enter the cryptocurrency market with a conceptual understanding of the utility some coins are created for. Their fees for buying and selling can be high, so if you're looking to learn and earn free cryptocurrency, Coinbase is the best option on the market. You can easily make over $100 usd in crypto simply by watching video lessons and passing tests. You can then sell those coins for fiat, convert them to other coins, or simply hold and wait for their value to rise. Highly recommended to everyone looking for free cryptocurrency and knowledge in a very centralized, easy to navigate application.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Coinbase Pro

After netting some free cryptocurrency from regular Coinbase through the lessons they offer, I noticed the fees for purchasing and exchanging were a bit steep. After getting some feedback for lower fees from popular forums and websites familiar with cryptocurrency, I installed Coinbase Pro on Android, and deposited the coins I had accumulated. I was pleased to see no fees involved and low minimum amounts for those transactions. After a few effortless exchanges, I was relieved to see that my research in finding lower fees had paid off, as the ro version fees were a small fraction of those of its counterpart. Further study revealed functional trade history and spread monitoring, which tops my list of go-to cues when dealing with volatile assets like cryptocurrency. Its not perfect, but it's good enough to notice indicators I look for when investing, and effortless navigation helps save time during peaks and valleys. Every second that passes could be the difference between loss and gain. I have read about people on Coinbase and other platforms that experienced issues during all time highs and fear of missing out moments, but I have yet to encounter any such issues, and have consistently performed well just by paying attention and using Coinbase Pro. API functionality is there, if that's your thing. Orders are simple to specify, and execute without a problem. If I need to use fiat for a purchase, I will switch to the regular app and use my debit card, as Pro doesn't offer that option. Those fees I see as negligible now, considering the product we get and it's position among other cryptocurrency platforms and exchanges. Fees well paid to keep this machine maintained. All in all, Coinbase Pro is the reason I have been able to make positive financial movements in a market known for its wild swings and volatility. Some of the other platforms I've used don't execute simple functions well, and flat out fail with more demanding tasks. Occasionally use the desktop version, same experience and the app. I highly recommend this platform to anyone involved with digital currency, both newcomers and seasoned veterans alike.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Being a user of Brave web browser, I hoped to advantage of Uphold to utilize BAT (Basic Attention Token), as rewards from Brave are sent to the Uphold wallet after a minimum amount is earned. However, I was never able to link my wallet to the browser, due to numerous issues not just within the app, but apparently the staff as well. After failing to link the Brave browser with my Uphold wallet, I decided to try and purchase BAT with Uphold. Upon starting the process of linking my bank account, I discovered that Uphold uses a third party application to access your bank account and it's online capabilities. I was shocked when I was prompted for my online banking username and password, as this is in direct conflict with resolving any fraudulent claims that might arise. Debit card/account and routing information being stolen is usually remidied, but giving someone online banking acess with your username and password is specified as a reason fraud claims get denied, at least among all the fiduciary institutions that I have been with. So, that was off the table.  Next, I successfully linked a debit card with a substantial available balance, and attempted to purchase BAT. That also failed, and I recieved a text alert about it from my debit card prvider. Also, on the transaction log I noticed the coin amount and price were different than I had initially accepted. After further study, this is the case with a number custodial exchanges in an attempt to maximize company profit at the expense of the customer. This is when I contacted support through the Uphold app, and was promptly messaged back with a live representative. After informing them of my numerous but failed attempts with their platform, I was told that this issue was being passed to a higher level of technical assistance... Two minutes later I get a text alert from my debit card provider, stating another failed transaction had just occured, at a different but near price and coin amount. I did not make that attempt, it was done by support, giving me the last push needed to close my account with Uphold, and request a copy plus deletion of my data stored on their servers. This was a soft but rude awakening to some of the risks involved with cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, and general online safe practices regarding sensitive material. I was not able to complete a single transaction with Uphold, and subsequently tipped out my remaining BAT on Brave browser. At least someone will be able to benefit from it.Tam incelemeye bakın

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