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Review on BitcoinOx by Cristine Robinson

BitcoinOx is best wallet for storing multiple cryptocurrencies at one place

For people who are new in the cryptocurrency market and for specialists this wallet can begin a great choice because of, firstly, the installation of Bitcoinox takes a few minutes, secondly, this bitcoinox wallet supports all types of apps and blockchain.
As for me, the Bitcoinox wallet is the best decision for mobile wallets and I`m looking for new features.

Pros & cons

  • Open source wallet
  • It supports new generations blockchain like BTT, BTC, BCH, ERC20 and many more
  • Bitcoinox is decentralized wallet, so only you have control on your coins and you can select fees as you want
  • You can import your wallet if you have a seed word or even a private key
  • Free for everyone (also no hidden charges)
  • Simple interface, so anybody can use it easily
  • Doesn`t available on desktop
  • If you want to buy bitcoins by credit card then, this feature isn`t given in wallet now
  • App`s security doesn`t offer 2fa security
Tatyana Shipka
August 14, 2019
Not a bad wallet for beginners. Lots of different features.
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