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Review on BitcoinOx by Maximiliano Aquino

BitcoinOx, free but safe!

The BitcoinOx Wallet is a free wallet with support for many digital currencies such as: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH and others and many tokens type ERC-20 and TRC-20, are many tokens supported by this wallet. As for security, a point I saw very positive for a free wallet, is the fact that all your passwords, addresses and seeds are managed by the user himself, this is a great positive point for a free wallet, security is everything, and this is present in the BitcoinOx wallet. Finally, an option among several free wallets to store your assets, it has availability for android phones and is very easy to use, against features such as the QR code that greatly facilitates the sending of assets.

Pros & cons

  • support for multiple tokens and digital currencies
  • you can choose the fee to pay when sending assets
  • security, you control all your passwords and keys
  • I didn't find availability for desktop or iphone
I agree with you, it's a very safe, very easy digital wallet to use. I have a friend who uses it and he praises it a lot. I don't use it, I just saw my friend using it, but I'd recommend whoever asked me, because her users praise a lot.
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