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Review on Bitlox Wallet by Fanuel PORPORTY

BitLox, a hardware wallet extremely rich in functionalities, and endowed with a very strong security.

Bitlox is an advanced hardware wallet that can store up to 100 separate wallets, including hidden ones, and offers a wide variety of features. It is the smallest in its class, with a shockproof and waterproof case and claims to have a level unbeatable security. BitLox offers a wide variety of features, including a generous screen, multiple wallets, PIN encryption with different security levels, an alphanumeric keypad, which allow all the typical functions of a hardware wallet such as storage, sending and Bitcoin reception. The many features are all designed to improve the security and confidentiality of the wallet.

As mentioned, BitLox is a hardware wallet. This means that you will use it to store your private cryptocurrency keys in a secure offline environment safe from the risk posed by hackers. The company has existed since at least 2014 and is based in Hong Kong (BitLox Limited). However, even if they have existed for some time, they are still much less known than the Ledger Nano hardware wallets or the Trezor collection. This may be due to the lack of marketing initiatives that the company has deployed. Despite this, BitLox wallets perform the same function and can be considered secure. In addition, the developers made the decision to make their software for applications and the hardware device open source and available on their GitHub. This keeps the code in front of the public and allows for further examination. Note that the Bitlox is available in three different models, depending on your security needs, namely : BitLox Advanced, BitLox Ultimate, BitLox Extreme Privacy (This wallet is not only indestructible, but it also comes with a military grade USB safe and the TAILS operating system pre-installed so you can send and receive Bitcoins with complete anonymity. )

All three BitLox models come with a full 5 year warranty and can be personalized with up to 3 lines of text or laser engraved illustrations. This engraving is a nice touch that is currently not available on other hardware wallet

Pros & cons

  • BitLox is designed to work with all major operating systems. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux and the Android mobile operating system. Users can also download a Chrome extension for BitLox.
  • Security is the best feature of BitLox and the reason why you want to use BitLox on other hardware wallets. It complies with the BIP32 and BIP39 protocols, and is a fully hierarchical deterministic portfolio with the possibility of using up to a mnemonic code of 24 words. Unlike other hardware wallets a PIN is required to unlock the device, and then a second PIN is required to unlock each individual wallet. You can even set PINs down to the transaction level.
  • Support for BitLox can be contacted via email and phone, which is quite unusual for companies related to cryptocurrency.
  • Absolute anonymity: Access via Tor network possible
  • Connects to mobile app via bluetooth
  • Sometimes slow response times