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Review on Bread Wallet by José A Rodríguez

Bread: A Simple-to-Use Bitcoin Wallet

Services Yet to Improve

Simple but effective wallets are in the crypto market offering great services to new users who are entering the crypto world. Such is the case of a coin storage product released by Breadwinner AG under the name of Bread. I knew this wallet when I was looking for options to experience more functionalities.

I quickly downloaded the Bread wallet and the experience began. It is a good product to use overall. It easily works with most of the coins listed to Bitcoin, and those running under the ERC-20. Moreover, users can also add new coins by executing transactions with fiat currencies. This means, the wallet counts with certain functionalities and it permits to buy Bitcoin sending the money through different payment methods all linked to the wallet.

I liked it because it is easy-to-use, it does not require complex movements or special activations. Although this feature is also an issue when talking about security. The wallet does not require users to set a password or 2-step verification code; it just runs through a 12-Word-Seed. This is something I'm still assessing since security is always important even when the product is decentralized and open-source. What is more, the wallet in our current times is still available just for mobile phones. There is no desktop version, and this is hard for office workers who depend on the pc to run their jobs.

However, I like the inner technology of this wallet. It is competent in this feature due to its easy to manage and presents and open, modern interface. In 2020, the wallet has become more useful. The online team is frequently presenting news and coming updates. I truly believe in the goal of this wallet and the overall products of raising with financial freedom, but to ensure this, it is fair to present new updates for the availability of the product through different devices with notable security and privacy.

For now, I'm neutral with the use of this wallet, but still experiencing its benefits. It is a good product to start and learn of it to master crypto storage with the easiest of steps.

Pros & cons

  • Available for mobile phones with different software. The wallet is easy to find. The download occurs quickly and the setup is effective. The mobile app offers extra benefits to buy and sell.
  • Multi-currency support features. It works with most of the Bitcoin-related coins, Ethereum and other altcoins, including the ones under the ERC-20.
  • It is partnered with great world-leading companies offering exchange and financial services. Some of them are Changelly, Coinify, Simplex, and so on.
  • World attendance since it is available for mobiles. The overall services have been released for +170 countries, and there exist excellent customer support.
  • The inner team consists of outstanding professionals aimed to improve the service of the wallet.
  • Not extreme security parameters. No updates have been yet mentioned to improve the operative safety of this active wallet.
  • Does not have a desktop version.