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Review on Coinbase Wallet by LUIS RIVERO R

Coinbase multi wallet

This is one of the most used wallets for the storage of small amounts of cryptocurrencies, usually used for P2p payments due to its

Versatility of use and compatibility with multiple devices, your website is really easy to use. They also have a great experience and security

I think it is one of the most used wallets at least in my country, all people who use BTC or other cryptocurrencies admit at least open used

once coinbase.

- Regarding the level of security, he has extensive experience in the use and management of digital assets, with wallet being an essential part of his

exchange, which undoubtedly has one of the best criticisms regarding security and support of assets. He currently has insurance against

losses within the platform, but generally excluding individual losses whose responsibility lies with the user.

-Your major limitation is given by the number of countries to which it offers its services, in some places most of the options are not available being

Only a storage wallet without the possibility of buying or selling any cryptocurrency within its interface.

-Without access to your keys or private keys, since you start a new account it is possible to verify that we will never have full access to our funds, all

It will be handled by coinbase controlled wallets.

-Another problem is related to the blocking of accounts, since it is generally tracked on the use of their cryptocurrencies and the way in which they are

spend it is possible to receive the block for the fact of a purchase to a site of doubtful origin.

-Store user data, all information is centralized, digital money is managed by the company. This in the style of a bank.

-It is possible to make withdrawals to bank accounts, in the cryptocurrency of your choice and by paypal. This option is only available for some users of the

countries established by Coinbase.

To conclude coinbase is one of the most stable cryptoactive companies offering multiple services to its affiliates, with different costs for the use of

Each of its services, it is possible to verify that they are in constant innovation and is really easy to use.

Pros & cons

  • Easy to use user interface.
  • Possibility to buy cryptocurrencies with fiat.
  • Fees for low transaction.
  • Possibility of receiving some free cryptocurrencies.
  • Different reference models, being able to win by simply referring and talking about coinbase.
  • Quick exchange within the platform.
  • It has insurance supporting the funds therein.
  • Company related to coinbase pro
  • Complies with regulations in the United States.
  • Number of cryptocurrencies listed is limited.
  • No access to private keys.
  • Some countries are not supported.
  • Coinbase definitely works like a bank.
  • It has a high monitoring of user accounts.
  • Without privacy
  • Centralized wallet, with monitoring of the use of assets.