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Review on Coinomi by Yenkelys Barcenas

A walett designed for young people

The selection of digital wallets is determined by the user's need. Today more and more young people are joining this virtual community and who need to manage their money quickly and safely, which is why they are looking for a wallet where they can manage a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and with the comfort of a mobile device. Coinomi, is a wallet that offers this service, one of the most widespread wallets in this world of cryptocurrencies and that has achieved a greater reputation among youth. They can work with up to 125 Blockchain networks and offer support for 382 tokens, with the particularity of supporting exclusive currencies such as Canada eCooin, unique to Canadians. Its use does not imply costs for storage or for operations carried out within the wallet and that makes it ideal for young people.

One of its most outstanding attractions for youth is its compatibility with mobile devices, considering that it is the option that attracts a public absorbed by mobile devices in its entirety, the Coinomi is among the most popular Android wallets, although since 2018 there has been a desktop version that has given very good responses among its users and has turned it into a multiplatform wallet that can be managed in a synchronized way from a mobile device and a desktop computer. Like other blockchain wallets, it has an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface that places it as a choice among new users of digital currency, as well as excellent privacy features, and a secure platform to store and operate digital assets in a quick and easy, and these are features that are pursued by young users around the world.

Coinomi is known as a custodial walett, which some experts define within a hybrid concept, because it has access to the servers of the bitcoin network all time without the user's private keys being found there and this adds a point even more striking. For new users, the possibility of handling it in several languages and its many advantages is attractive due to the comfort of its use .

Pros & cons

  • It is a multiplatform wallet compatible with Android, IOS, Windows, GNU/Linux.
  • This wallet supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies.
  • It´s very atractive for young people.
  • Guarantee user privacy
  • It is not open source