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Review on Eidoo by Celebe Kayabegli

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My audit on Eidoo digital currency wallet.

As well as appropriately keeping, EIDOO is a multi-handbag that allows the obtaining and trade of digital money. Notwithstanding the Tokens ERC20 and ERC223, this wallet likewise upholds the computerized resources of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and so on The wallet is for Android, iOS and work areas. The wallet is open. This wallet offers its very own charge card, which repays up to 10% of all uses.

Turning into a non-custodial wallet, you will consistently keep your cash in your grasp in addition to simple wallet recuperation and reinforcement, you may utilize the store, delivery, store and trade administrations in certainty inferable from its security attributes.

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  • It's a computerized wallet with incorporated upstream and downstream encryption.
  • Capacity of critical tokens and coins.
  • Security of top norm.
  • The consolidated capacity of trade.
  • None.