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About Emerald

Emerald is a non-custodial security focused cryptocurrency wallet and payment infrastructure build in a fault tolerant, unstoppable and decentralized way. The Emerald wallet currently supports ETC, ETH, DAI, and TUSD.

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Emerald: Low Support to the Creation of a Mobile Option for Holders

Security is what users look for the most on wallets. When choosing for the right product, users discover a world full of different creations from advanced developers. They have great tools and…See more

The constantly evolving wallet: Emerald

Good afternoon everyone, Revain users, today I will present you my review of the Emerald wallet, a crypto wallet from the crypto wallets section. Thanks to all who read or not already…See more


Emerald is a decentralized, non-custodial desktop wallet that has undergone many changes so far and has improved despite everything. It is available for download on Windows, Linux and MacOS…See more

Emerald is not suitable for mobile users.

Emerald is an digital asset wallet for desktop only, permitting users to store, access, send and get four digital money by means of easy to understand pc applications. This instinctive wallet is…See more

You can research for better ones.

Often launched to manage ETH and ETC currencies, this type of wallet looks just fine. However, there are mistakes and negative features. Now I want to talk about these a little bit. When the wallet…See more

The Emerald wallet client

The Emerald wallet client stands out as a wallet that is very easy to install on desktop devices, since it is very light and does not download its entire chain of blocks to these devices. It works…See more

Good design but only available for desktop.

Secure wallet for desktop devices specially designed to store Etherium and Etherium Classic, its security and characteristics make it perfect for asset management in businesses and companies with a…See more


nonea wallet that initially had multiple failures and over time they solved most of their platform problems Like safety and speed. They have had improvements at that level to say that they can offer…See more

Coins and tokens of the ethereum chain

EEmerald a desktop wallet focused on customer safety, since it claims to be an open source wallet. The currencies admitted in the wallet seem to be related in account to belong to the ethereum…See more