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Review on Exodus by Joseph Bello

The Exodus Wallet Should Work On Reducing The Fees They Charge

The Exodus wallet is a cryptocurrency multi currency wallet that has been in existence since in the year 2015. I had their services enjoyer on my Android device (because my experience with them was nothing but enjoyment). I was more surprised to discover that aside being available on Android device, its iPhone version is available in addition to some desktop operating systems like Mac, Windows and Linux. The platform has spread out their services to almost all Tue available Operating Systems knowing fully well that what they offer is nothing but top notched

I'll be starting with their interface. The developers of the Exodus wallet has been able to build up an interface with every single thing you need embedded in it, they have proved to be both experienced and new comers focused by building and easily operated interface. In conjunction to that, they've been able to make it captivating. I couldn't just stop launching the app to access their beautiful interface. The Exodus wallet has also been able to add up some features to the ones a wallet should possess some of which are: In-built exchange. This inbuilt exchange platform that is found in the Exodus wallet is a place where one can exchange some of their Cryptos to fiats or Cryptos to Cryptos. The exchange platform can serve as a supplement to other exchanges because it tends to lack something's experienced traders would love to have, it is mainly for trading of little funds. The Accepted Cryptos the Exodus wallet accepts are quite okay to all categories of traders. They are even known to accept some of the most popular Cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many others. This has made it possible to have your funds, as many as they are stored with

The Security features a crypto wallet possess is what should be made a priority. The security features by a wallet should be of high quality so as to securely protect funds from hackers. The Exodus wallet tends to lack that. When considering the security features of Exodus wallet, one might feel discouraged. They don't offer the 2 Factor Authentication that most wallets and exchanges possess. This happens to be a major setback in terms of security to it. They also have their private keys stored on the users desktop or mobile device, which I don't really like. I would have preferred it stored on their own system which would mean any hack experienced would be due to their own security system. If a wallet pin is lost, one can gain access back to the wallet via a seed phrase. This, I consider a nice security feature from them. As for their fees, the Exodus wallet doesn't charge a fixed fee but has its fee dependent on how crowded the network is or how fast you want your transaction processed. This has made their fees to be exuberant. Let's just hope they work on that cos amongst all their features, I despise the high fees they charge majorly (because I've never been a victim of any security issue ever since I started using the wallet)

Pros & cons

  • It is a multi currency wallet which makes it possible for one to store many Cryptos on it
  • The wallet has their applications available on both mobile and desktop devices
  • The wallet is compatible with a hardware wallet, Trezor
  • Their customer support system is very responsive and can be reached via email, private chat or use their FAQ section
  • Have an in-built exchange which can be used to trade some Cryptos to fiats
  • Doesn't offer 2 Factor Authentication, which is popular to many wallets and exchanges
  • Their fees are exuberant and they should work on reducing it