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Review on TenX by francis fernandez

TenXPAY: a secure global payment platform without limitations

TenX is a comprehensive ecosystem that encompasses the use of multiple cryptocurrency payment options under a decentralized and secure platform provided by blockchain technology.

The network offers a wide range of decentralized application options to perform various activities that include from spending, trading, exchanging and storing crypto assets, among other functions.


The chain uses the TenX (PAY) token to monetize the operations of the platform and promote the universal use of the digital currency Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through its implementation in multiple payment mechanisms.

TenX allows conversions of your currency to fiat money based on local convenience to allow purchases from affiliated merchants.

It also allows channeling payments through the visa consortium platform.


• Offers payment options in cryptocurrencies such as plastic debit cards.

• Provides the ability to safeguard assets within your native wallet.

• It allows integrating the use of ATMs to cryptographic commerce.

• It has bank accounts for its users.

• Offers zero commission fees for your transactions.

• Charges commissions for the issuance and use of debit cards in cryptocurrencies.

• The digital currency is accepted by the European continent.

• It is licensed and regulated in Europe for its products.

• It has a PCI security system (Security Coincil) in its applications and its chain.

• Their TenX visa card allows you to make purchases in Bitcoins instantly.

• Used for withdrawals in local currency using the TenX card.

• The TenX card does not require manual conversion or forex.

• Their debit card is fully accepted anywhere visa is accepted.

• It has a mobile wallet that allows you to acquire bitcoins immediately.

• Their wallet allows you to store the most valued digital currencies on the market.

In short, the chain represents a global ecosystem of payment mechanisms in digital and fiduciary money in a secure network that offers its blockchain technology.

Pros & cons

  • Allows you to use debit cards in digital currencies as a form of payment
  • It is used to make withdrawals at ATMs in cryptocurrencies
  • Offers zero transaction fees
  • Offers multiple forms of payment in crypto assets
  • Allows you to make purchases safely through cryptocurrencies.
  • Its use is restricted in some jurisdictions.