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Review on Trezor One by Joseph Bello

Going Through The Security Features Of Trezor One Wallet

The Trezor One wallet is a crypto wallet that has gained popularity due to it's status and origination. Being the first hardware wallet from the SatoshiLabs is history enough. This has given it the name of being one of the oldest offline Bitcoin wallet. The crypto wallet also have a rare characteristics, which is the fact that it uses a cold storage wallet for storing users funds. This happens to be the most secured wallets in the blockchain network, possessing it is an advantage to the Trezor One wallet. Another factor the wallet possess is the fact that it is a multi currency wallet, making it capable of storing multiple cryptocurtencies (known to be more than a hundred in number). This would be very helpful to traders with a passion for having many cryptocurrencies in their

The Trezor Wallet combines many other security features to the fact that it uses a cold storage, one of which they have their users private keys stored in their device. This would help in protecting users from hackers as their keys aren't stored online but everything securely safer offline. The wallet comes with a recovery passphrase which would be used when users forget their password. This would have to be kept safe and prevent from going to lost because without it, an account with a forgotten password cannot be recovered.

Not minding the numerous advantages the wallet possess, it still has some disadvantages. One of which is the ability to understand and operate it. The wallet seems a bit tough to understand. This is the reason why most times, people ate adviced to acquire the service of an expert or read the manual properly. Being a hardware wallet would need careful understanding of how it is connected to the system and used properly. Another factor I find disadvantageous is the fact that acquiring the wallet is a bit expensive. Presently, the Trezor One wallet comes for a price of 99$. I see spending of 99$ on a wallet as an expensive stuff when there are many mobile wallets out there which would store your

Pros & cons

  • Their security system is rated top notched, combining cold storage to many other security features
  • Holds a large number of cryptocurrencies
  • They have their system constantly updated which would help to prevent hackers from attacking their site
  • The wallet seems to be difficult when it comes to understanding it. One would need to acquire support from an expert or read their manual properly
  • The wallet is expensive to acquire as spending 99$ on a wallet seems much to me