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Review on Trust Wallet by James joseph

Trust wallet

Trust wallet

One important aspect every crypto user/holder will be considering when buying his or her first crypto currency is wallet to securely store their asset with this most users have actually loss their asset when they use the wrong wallet to safe their coins

Wallet are like our personal bank account which are used for saving money and for any individual to take his money for deposit in any financial sectors they need to first check credibility of such bank before making any necessary moves.

I would love to share my little experience about trust wallet, it's a hot wallet used for storing multiple crypto currency interestingly the wallet support users to create customized token which means that if a particular token is not listed on the wallet users can easily add those token to the wallet.

So far since the launch of this wallet it has not been subject to any hack theft of any means with this I can say it's a well recommended wallet for users to store their asset.

This wallet has good attractive users interface with great view it's a non custodial wallet which means users are in control of their fund and asset no user details are stored by the team, on creating account users will be provided with 12/24 phrase key passcode which need to be written in a safe place it's always important to backup those phrase keys for security purposes because if lost cannot be recovered.

Trust wallet provide users with various currency price of each token which can make users to keep track of various crypto price it's also support staking feature of some token like tron token is an investment strategy which can be used directly from the wallet to increase ones earning I personally stake my TRX token on the wallet to increase my TRX.

Individual can make exchange directly from trust wallet application in which supported coins can be exchanged for another also swapping of coins are available for users interesting features which includes buying of crypto currency using debit card can be done.

the wallet is compatible with multiple devices.

In conclusion

Trust wallet is a recommended storage wallet for users to securely store their asset importantly users get to control and manage their asset without third party interference also we can add new list of token on the wallet which are not yet listed it's is basically used for sending and receiving crypto pairs from users to users.

Pros & cons

  • Non custodial wallet for making p2p crypto currency transaction
  • Support exchange/swapping of coins with available features of purchasing coins using debit card
  • Support staking of crypto token like TRX
  • Provide users with currency price of each token
  • Provide users with notification it's support group are very active on social platforms
  • Trust wallet has its platform token TWT
  • Have nothing for now