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smartphone xiaomi 11 lite 5g ne 8/256 gb ru, dual nano sim, truffle black logo

Good smartphone for the money. The charge keeps awesome, the memory of 256GB is enough for everything that is possible. Very thin, light and comfortable to hold. The color is just gorgeousSee full review

🌼 lador anti-yellow shampoo 10.14 fl oz: say goodbye to yellow tones! logo

I liked the shampoo very much, I use it every 1.5-2 weeks, I have dyed hair, economical consumption, it removes yellowness, the severity of the ash depends on the amount of time the shampoo is on the hair. I never go longer than 5 minutes. Satisfied as an elephant, I recommend to buy. See full review

ultimate fitness tracker: xiaomi mi smart 🏋️ band 6 - 1.56'' offers unmatched features and performance logo

A charge with all monitoring is enough for 65 hours. Everyone works a week, and I have two days. Disappointed. Well, at least they work and thanks for that. See full review

nokian tires hakkapeliitta r3 195/65 r15 95r winter logo

defective, improperly balanced tires. coming from the 2022 plant. I would not have purchased it if I had known that it was manufactured in 2022 because their quality is unstable.See full review

vacuum cleaner kitfort kt-541-1, blue logo

The case when the result exceeded expectations. I used to use a Dyson vacuum cleaner and did not even think that vacuum cleaners from a different price category could be no worse. The vacuum cleaner is very quiet and manoeuvrable. The suction power with the brush is quite enough, at high power it also up large debris. I hope it works for a long time, so far very satisfied.See full review

cordiant winter drive 2 175/70 r13 82t logo

this year in Hong Kong, the winter turned out to be snowy, so I tested it to the fullest. It’s sure that the snow is mushrooming, no one has cleaned the yards, so snow 10-15 cm of snow is not a problem. Over the winter, the Lada Vesta car has never stuck. For a long time I chose wheels on a budget up to 12t,15/65/185, in total I stopped at them, took 2720 apiece, I was satisfied with the purchase.See full review

vacuum cleaner dyson v8 animal , iron/nickel logo

1. The hand gets tired of dragging it and doing it back and forth, even the back starts to think "why not whine", but then the charge ends :)) 2. Not only do you hold the entire weight of the vacuum cleaner in your hand, but it’s also uncomfortable to hold - you have to press the on with your finger all the time! This is generally beyond the bounds for me, well, was it really so difficult to make a on in ANY other place on the handle, body or stick? 3. Nothing , to be honest. Parents have a simpSee full review

cordiant off road 205/70 r16 97q summer logo

I bought for ShNiva in the amount of 235/75-15 instead of 205/70 of the same model. The previous cords struck with their versatility, even on broken asphalt it is very comfortable! Softly. But here 235/75 is hellish wheels for a shevik, because. the load index is 109, as it were, trucks . Hence the negative, it’s unrealistic to drive on broken asphalt, and the cars will fall apart . Don’t worry mom, bleed it to 1.4 - it got better, but not that coat . I will change for tires with a lower load inSee full review

trussardi my land eau de toilette, 30 ml logo

Three years ago, I gifted my husband this perfume. We continue to purchase it! The aroma is fantastic! Men, utilize this smell to win over women. I'm not sure what they put in it, but it's a bomb! The cost is expensive but reasonable. It lingers for a very long time, and if, for instance, my jacket hangs on my husband's jacket, the fragrance gets into my stuff as well as my hair.See full review

wheel rim skad tulon 6x15/4x98 d58.6 et35, black velvet logo

With its pros: I checked the quality of the 2022 manufacturer. Measurements were made for radial and axial deviations, the oscillogram showed excellent performance, almost to zero. (According to GOST, there should be a MAX deviation along the radius = 0.7mm, along the axial = 1mm) I have 0.09. Next, balancing was carried out with NOKIAN HAKKA S3 summer tires, counterweights were installed from 10 to 20 degrees. OK. Let's see these wheels in operation in the future. Arrival of the parcel at the See full review

electric scooter ninebot kickscooter es2, up to 100 kg, dark gray logo

drove almost 500 km, the wheels are not worn out, there is no backlash in the rear bearing, it creaks - yes . and the backlash between the steering wheel and the front wheel . (the entire site) economy mode - up to 15 km, if the landscape is more or less even, 2nd mode is about 10 , and sport is about 8-10, it differs in speed of movement 1-15, 2-20, 3-27 - max from the hill, which is quite enough . in general, I recommend it, in the subway ok, they asked me to fold it once, but I go like this ISee full review

geox sneakers, size 28, dark blue logo

These shoes had to be bought immediately because, surprisingly, my daughter outgrew her last pair. They didn't pick them out of the blue; they'd just had good luck transporting GEOX membrane boots in the past. The daughter reports that, despite their bulk, the sneakers are surprisingly pleasant to wear. When compared to two other brands of similarly priced sneakers.See full review

dunlop sp winter ice 03 195/65 r15 95t logo

Purchased for the office Toyota Corolla, we ride for about a month. I really liked the effective tire tread, the rubber is soft, not noisy - at first there was noise, but then apparently the rubber with spikes rolled in, no hum-howling was detected. Decent winter tires with a new shape and a lot of spikes. They hold the road well on ice, they also brake effectively, they don’t walk along the rut. I was pleased with the extended warranty from the manufacturer.See full review

vacuum cleaner jimmy jv51, white/red logo

The perfect helper to keep clean between bigger cleanings. I use it almost every day, because. there is a child and an ever-shedding dog in the house)) One charge is enough for two times to vacuum 42 sq. M. I highly recommend!See full review

tent camping triple crusoe camp talisman logo

In general, a good tent, the toad is a little strangling that now you can buy it for 19k, although I took it for 25 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Its pros: The first time with this tent we got into a heavy downpour at midnight. Nothing happened, although it was scary. It is very good that the vestibule was not made as a separate chamber, but all this is one external tent with a single floor and walls, and as a result, you can place things in the vestibule and they will not get wet there. In the heat, you can not See full review

xiaomi suitcase, polycarbonate, waterproof, 39 l logo

With its positives being: The suitcase is the most important item! It has a really chic appearance, and each and every detail is executed to perfection; in addition, everything inside is of a very good quality. The handle gives the impression of being made of weak material, assuming that there will be no breakages.See full review

smart bracelet xiaomi mi smart band 5 global, black logo

The advantages of this product include that it is simple to operate, that it is lightweight, that it can be charged using standard magnetic means (unlike older types), and that it can keep a charge for an extremely extended period of time. Below are some downsides: The program on the phone is not very user-friendly, and there are instances when it becomes disconnected.See full review

🪑 comfortable bergamo computer chair: textile upholstery, grey color logo

The chair can be rocked back and forth in addition to being able to raise and lower itself. You are free to swing on it due to the fact that gravity allows it, and the chair will not topple over.See full review

stationary kitfort blender kt-1331-1, black logo

The benefits of it include: Despite the fact that I used it for aggressive non-core operations for an entire month (I grind hay, dry branches, and fodder for a toothless rabbit), it proved to be a pretty powerful and resilient device. Having a few drawbacks We were unable to find it. Both the blender and the coffee grinder functions of this equipment are extremely powerful.See full review

xiaomi motion-activated night light 2 led, 0.36 w, armature color: white, shade color: white, version: cn logo

One advantage is that the motion sensor is operational. There are options for both the time and the level of brightness, which is really useful. despite its advantages. Just the yellow light here. depending on batteries. The motion sensor is particularly attuned to its surroundings.See full review

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