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🔥 char-broil performance 580 wood grill - 122x55x112 cm logo

Impressions from the purchase are good, buy.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

I have been grilling on it for more than six months, the device is excellent, I like it. There are 2 minuses - this is, as I described above, a thermometer, but this can be attributed to a manufacturer's defect, and a charcoal tray. The pallet itself is well made, but it supports the burning of the coal itself very poorly. There are few holes that are cut in the transverse stiffeners. There are no holes at the very bottom, so the coal loses heat quite quickly, especially if you put wood chips onSee full review

philips avent contemporary scf345 32 logo

the baby from the first day took the papillae without any problems. the rim does not rub, but at the same time fits snugly to the face.See full review

swdk electric handheld rechargeable frequency logo

All plastic is terrible. From detergents, the nozzle quickly falls apart, water with the agent begins to fill the insides. If you miss it, everything will short out. The backlight LEDs are also dimming. The plastic of the body is also disgusting - with each ysis, the shafts are slowly falling apart, into which the screws are screwed. Very fragile. In order not to have problems with detergents, I advise you, without waiting for the nozzle to fall apart, to buy a fan-shaped washer nozzle with a hSee full review

convector hiper heater g2, white logo

Pros below: Long cord. Small dimensions, it heats up a large area up to 25m well. Can be hung on the wall Has some cons: There is no fan, so it does not heat up the room very quickly. The heating element is a very thin wire, it is not clear how it will behave with prolonged useSee full review

maxxis bravo hp-m3 205/65 r16 95h summer logo

Some pros: Holds the road well, regardless of the weather and type of coverage Different cons: The first 2 weeks of use, it felt like you were in a plane taking off, your ears were buzzing after a stopSee full review

split system ballu bsd-07hn1, white logo

February 26 ordered this split system. In installments at a price of 28 with pennies. The first payment went through. Everything is fine. I am waiting. Today is March 10 and these bad people (to put it mildly) are canceling the order. During this time, for well-known reasons, the Conder is already priced at 41,000. This is how to understand ? Where is my air conditioner? Where is the money for the first payment?See full review

10.4" tablet honor pad v6 wi-fi (2020), 6/128 gb, wi-fi, android 10 without google services, black logo

In general, this tablet without Google services reminded me of the early days of Android - everything has to be finished by hand, it constantly breaks. You download the application and do not know if it will start or not. For the purchase of a technically unsavvy, "mother as a gift" is definitely not suitable. Different pros: I chose it exclusively for watching videos, netflix, film search and YouTube. Here the system copes, the sound is decent, I often watch without headphones. Spotify is wounSee full review

cordless electric water pump, automatic bottled water dispenser with battery logo

A very important thing for the home, as far as I can tell, the operation of which is much more convenient than with a straightforward pomp. A fun activity to do if there are youngsters in the house; in fact, they will be the ones who are most happy. Low productivity; yet, if you simply pour water into a mug, he can easily handle it; however, filling the kettle with water requires multiple steps. After a couple of weeks of use, the battery is no longer sufficient and needs to be recharged; howeveSee full review

california gold nutrition collagenup por., 464 g logo

Delivery a few days, in a neighboring yard. There is a universal point, even closer, on my street, but for some reason the last 2 orders are not sent there. I don't know what is involved. Got pros: I drink only the first can, against the background of the treatment of osteochondrosis + the sciatic nerve had to be treated. In general, I still notice the effect directly from collagen on the condition of the skin and hair, because otherwise everything is connected with the course of drug injectionsSee full review

cordiant all terrain 215/65 r16 98h summer logo

I can’t evaluate off-road properties - I didn’t have time to leave the asphalt during the season. On asphalt behaves well. Soft, quiet, swallows pits, the track does not get much. The photo shows wear, on the third - the sidewall is pressed with a balloon wrench. The fifth cylinder came in handy))) I bought another new one, now there are new ones in front again, torn to the scrap, the remaining front worn out - for a spare tire. I think it's enough for 3 seasons now. But, comparing with previousSee full review

dry food for sterilized cats hill's science plan, with chicken 1.5 kg logo

sent a letter with a request to leave a review about the product . All these years I have not heard a single dissatisfied word from the cat. Honestly! I would eat it myself, but I'm afraid the cat won't understand! In short, I recommend. If a pet animal eats this vodka every day and is completely healthy on this food - the product is worth it! Has pros: Convenient packaging - a good valve prevents food from excessive contact with air, enough for more than one week (there is complementary food inSee full review

suitcase on wheels medium size tevin, m, 3.2 kg, 62 l, 64x41x24, 4 wheels suitcases on wheels made of abs plastic, plastic, light and durable logo

The model of the suitcase that I requested did not come with this shipment. I departed because it was necessary for me to do so. The impression that it had been used previously, as evidenced by marks on the fabric itself. The photograph reveals both the item that was brought and the item that was on the order.See full review

3d pen 3dpen-2 original plastic 10 colors x 10 meters stencils pink 70 g logo

Even though it isn't perfect, the fact that my kid managed to fashion a table and chairs for her barbies constitutes a significant step forward. In terms of the child's development in creative areas, I believe that this would be a really beneficial acquisition to make.See full review

humidifier kitfort kt-2810, white logo

By itself, he's adorable. We had a simple one before and when we needed a new humidifier, we chose for a very long time. From Kitfort we already have a kettle and a vacuum cleaner. This is our third purchase. I really like that there is a timer. I like that at night you can turn off the display and turn off the sound. On our previous humidifier, it was impossible to turn off the sound and when the water ran out, it squeaked very strongly. It is a pity that there is no control panel, but this is See full review

wella hair dyeing 210 g logo

Various advantages: In general, the quality of the paint itself is quite high. This is an excellent product that covers gray hair without overdrying it. Silky and gleaming. Cons: However, this time around all of the paint was lumpy, and it was impossible to mix it with oxide. This may have been due to some unforeseen factor. This was the very first time, but everything had been painted over already.See full review

meat grinder liven multifunction meat grinder white (jrj-b2), white logo

The standard style is the same as that of modern meat grinders for the home. Electic 320-watt motor, plastic reducer gears, al wash housing. For occasional use only at home. Look at industrial models weighing at least 12 kg if you require a meat grinder for home use. Metal will be used for everything. Even though it's almost 20 years old, the plastic gears in my Braun G1300 still function perfectly.See full review

honor band 5 global smart bracelet, black logo

Includes a screen that is both large and of a high quality. Very nicely coupled with the mobile device. There are a lot of different ways to train, as well as ways to detect oxygen in the blood and pulse. There is currently weather, but only for the immediate future. Negatives: There is little protection from water! I had no problems with it when I was swimming, but you shouldn't consider taking a shower with it since otherwise 3,000 of them will blow away in the wind.See full review

armchair recliner - transformer electric, larsen brown logo

Although they are shown in the picture (which shows chairs with swing and turn mechanisms), I didn't require them. Simple to assemble. viewing movies does not make me tired. Happy with the chairs a lot.See full review

coffeemaker kitfort kt-706, black logo

After making the purchase, on the second morning I use this amazing little one to brew coffee, and I am so pleased with the results that I am ready to use it to brew coffee again and again. The coffee turns out quite well, and most significantly, it can be made with little effort and in a straightforward manner. Even though it was my first time, I was successful in making a cappuccino.See full review

night light xiaomi bedside lamp 2 led, 9 w, armature color: white, shade color: white, version: cn logo

The versatility of its configuration is one of its strongest selling points. In addition to working with the Xiaomi smart home, it also works with Alice. The options within the smart home itself are pretty subpar when compared to those available in the Xiaomi app.See full review

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