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I'll start my review with the fact that this set is a complete disappointment and its cosmic price is in no way justified! I have been eyeing this brand for a long time, because its advertising was everywhere. But I read the reviews before buying. The reviews weren't the best. People also expected more from him, but received less! But I was hoping for a miracle, and still bought it for $680. And that was my big mistake! Perhaps other people, after reading my review, will make the right decision. Now in order. Let's start with the pros: and color. Very nice box and color. Maybe that's what attracts people. 2. 2. Comb. I liked the comb. It is very comfortable and perfect for my thick and long hair. The only item in this set for which I can give 5 out of 5! And that's where the positives end. Nothing more good to say about him. Now let's move on to the cons. There will be a lot of them, and I will try to describe in detail my dissatisfaction. As I wrote above, I have longSee full review

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I have very thick and long hair. I am very careful when choosing a shampoo. I have changed many shampoos over the years. Some don't fit, others aren't bad. But there was no favorite who would have liked once and for all. I read reviews a lot. And lately I find a lot of recommendations on this site I was very happy when I found this review here. I have read and reviewed all the reviews with photos here. The reviews were great. I immediately wanted this shampoo. And after 2 days I found this shampoo in the Carrefour store. I was pleasantly surprised that it is sold in a regular store. It could also be ordered on Amazon. But I didn't want to wait long. So I bought it right away. Along with the shampoo, I took the hair conditioner from the same company. He has a great composition. As I wrote above, I have thick hair. That's why I always use conditioner after shampooing. Which I also bought. They work great in tandem. The shampoo is so good that now my husband alSee full review

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Moulinex Citruss Press Juicer PC603D27-light and simple juicer

My husband likes to drink freshly squeezed citrus juices in the morning. Therefore, this technique is very relevant in our home. I used to have a Brown combine, or rather, I still have it. But he stayed in another house. With the move to another house, I had to buy new equipment. In a month it will be a year since I use a juicer. My morning starts in the kitchen. Not every day, but often. I bought it in a regular store, it was not expensive. About 80 dollars. She is very worth her price. The juicer is not big, not heavy. Easy to clean, easy to remove nozzles. They can be washed in the dishwasher. But usually it is quickly washed under running water, no detergents are needed. Works not loudly, not much noise. This is also very important, especially in the morning. When everyone is still sleeping. The juice extractor has three nozzles which are put on each other. Depending on the citrus variety, the nozzles are removed or dressed on top of each other. Yellow is the smallest foSee full review

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With this vase, I have the warmest and most tender feelings for my husband. When he gives me flowers, my vase comes to life. Filled with soul and radiates happiness. Peace and tranquility reign in my house. My husband and I were very sensitive to the choice of a vase. Because there were a lot of sad stories. I had many different and all sorts of vases. And more and small, and narrow and wide, expensive and not very expensive. But of all the vases that I had, they all broke. At the moment there are none left. They all lasted a short time. And this vase has been making me happy for almost a year now. And for such dishes as a vase, this is a long time! I want to tell one story. It was 6-7 years ago. My husband always worked late at the time. And he always came at night when we were sleeping. One day he came at night with a large bouquet of flowers. He woke me up, gave me, and kissed me sent to sleep. He said he would put the flowers in the vase himself. Before I reached the bed, I hearSee full review

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Convenient and inexpensive containers in everyday life

A year ago I bought these containers in the package. Pack of 10 with lids. They are great for storing leftovers in the fridge. Sometimes we grill kebabs in the yard by the pool. At home I cook food for barbecue and close it in these containers. They are convenient to carry food from home to the yard. The lids are closed, not airtight, but closed. The rest of the products after the barbecue are packaged in containers and put in the refrigerator. It is convenient that the dishes do not get dirty. And these containers can then be thrown away. When guests come, I give them pieces of cake or other pastries in these containers. No need to search and think about where to put it when there is such a ready-made inexpensive solution. This is how they look This is how they look This is how they look They are so handy for storing food in the fridge. This is how they look I put the rest of the cake in a container this morning. See full review

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Tall plastic containers are great for storing cereals such as spaghetti, rice, flour. Flour in a package of 2 kg fits perfectly in such a container. The lid closes well, snaps on the edges. Does not pass moisture, extraneous smells and bugs. I always buy a lot of cereals, because I cook a lot and often. Once, having gone on vacation for a long time, upon arrival I found small bugs in the kitchen. There were many of them, but mostly they were in cereals. All cereals were not in containers, but in their packages. I had to throw them all away because they were ruined. Since then, I keep all cereals, flour, sugar, spices only in containers. These volumes just fit me. They fit a little more than 2 kg of cereals. The lids have a silicone lining around the perimeter. Thanks to them, the lid closes well. If you drop the container, the cereal will not crumble. And even small bugs will not be able to crawl inside. Plastic is easy to clean and can also be loaded into the dishwasherSee full review

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This is my very first negative review. I wanted to share my opinion so that people do not spend money and do not buy this unnecessary thing. I didn't want to make holes in the walls, I didn't want to ruin the tiles. Therefore, I decided to buy hooks on suction cups, and how wrong I was. I thought it was me not glue them correctly. She asked both her husband and son to attach them correctly. But they also did not hold on. I didn’t even have any photos left, because I threw them away a long time ago as unnecessary. They are useless. The suction cup doesn't work at all. It does not stick, does not stick to the tile, or rather sticks, but after some time, if you hang a towel on it, it does not withstand the weight of the laundry, peels off and falls. They tried to glue it on glass, at first it holds. But I don't have glass all over the wall. And sticking it on a mirror is also not right. I need a mirror for another, to see myself. Don't look at the towel. They can hang very light itemsSee full review

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I used to have a wooden paper holder. But he didn't last long. His stick soon unscrewed and I could not screw it back. The bolt was weak and did not hold. And the glue could not hold for a long time either, and the husband threw out the holder. Walking around the shops for the home, we saw him with my husband and without any doubt made a decision - we'll take it. It matches perfectly with the decor in my kitchen! I often use paper towels, the holder holds up very well. Very stable and doesn't move around. I like him, he is better than all the others. It's been a year and a half now and it's as good as new!See full review

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Anti-stain tape is a real find for housewives who love cleanliness and order. I bought one roll but it wasn't enough. I need to buy more for all the shelves in the kitchen. On the kitchen shelves, such a tape is a must. Excellent protection against dirt and stains. Especially on the shelves, where there is sunflower, olive and other oils. Over time, oil stains are difficult to wash off. But the film protects the shelves. I already faced such problem. The oil stains didn't come off as soon as I rubbed them off. And this film came to my rescue. The film can be wiped and over time, when it is already dirty, just throw it away and change to a new one. Wet dishes can also be placed on the film, the film does not allow moisture to pass through and the wooden boards will not be blown away or cracked. I store vegetables under the sink: potatoes and onions. Potatoes always leave dirt and dust on the shelf. Thanks to the film, you can quickly wipe it off and everything is clean, as if thSee full review

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These plastic containers can be used over and over until they break. They are inexpensive and the lid closes just fine. In them I store all the products, ranging from cereals and small things, such as my son's toys. They are also great for creative people. It is convenient to store beads, beads, stationery in them. They can be washed in the dishwasher, but not recommended. Since at high temperatures the containers change shape and then the lid does not close well. There is always a use for these plastic reusable containers in my home. I recommend it to everyone, at home you will definitely find a use for them!See full review

moretoes pouches reusable heat sealable business logo

Paper bags with a tightly fastened zipper are made of thick paper, do not let moisture through. Fastened very tightly. It is convenient to store bulk items in them: seasonings, salt, sugar. I keep tea in them. I buy in ordinary bags by weight and pack them at home according to my favorite bags. Due to the fastening zipper, you can not be afraid that it will crumble and no insects will get there. You can sign the package with the name of the products that you store in it. But the package has a transparent film on one side, so there is no such need. Convenient, you can immediately see what kind of product is in it. I really like that the aroma of tea in bags is not lost. Because the clasp works well. It does not let in foreign odors. See full review

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I already wrote a review about glass containers, you can read it here Glass containers But I want to tell you more about these wooden lid containers. The lid also closes very well. Liquid food does not spill. The wood can be washed in the dishwasher. But if you constantly wash it in the dishwasher, then the color comes off. It does not swell, but the top table is erased. It didn't affect the tight closure. I store groceries, leftover food, cereals, sugar in containers. Very comfortably! If in doubt, don't hesitate to buy! See full review

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Bamboo cutlery drawer is an important detail in the kitchen. Now there is a huge selection of boxes on the market, there are both wooden and plastic, and many more from different materials. I was looking for it from wood, because it is environmentally friendly and looks aesthetically pleasing. I have a lot of cutlery, I was looking for a large one to fit on my shelf. But I didn't find it. Had to buy 2 cutlery drawers. The boxes have a smooth surface, without roughness. Treated with special impregnation. From moisture, if you put cutlery immediately after washing, the tree will not swell. The compartments are of different sizes, all cutlery is placed. The box does not have a specific smell, which is very good. I don’t remember how much I bought them for, but I don’t regret buying them.See full review

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For any housewife, every detail in the house is important, especially in the kitchen. Where she spends a lot of time. Such dishes are an indispensable thing for food storage. I cook a lot, we have a big family. After a delicious meal, sometimes there is food left. I pack them in different containers and put them in the fridge. Thanks to the hermetically sealed lid, you can store liquid dishes. In such dishes, you can also carry liquid dishes, and not be afraid that it will spill. The lid closes perfectly. Containers have a different volume, from small to very large. Made from glass. They are very convenient to heat food in the microwave. Taking it out of the refrigerator, you do not need to change it into other dishes. You put it in the microwave and the food is hot. The lid is made of plastic and closes perfectly. Can be washed in the dishwasher, you can bake dishes in the oven in this dish. Glass withstands both frost and heat, does not crack or burst. I love order and cleaSee full review

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This miracle technique was given to us by friends for the birth of our baby. The stroller is from 6 months old, so we had it in the box for half a year, because the baby had not yet sat down and we did not use it. After half a year, we took her on a trip with us for the first time, and for 7 months now we have not parted with her. It is incredibly light, comfortable and practical. We use the stroller not only for trips to shopping centers, but also every day for walks. She works all day, from 6-7 am to 9-10 pm. And the stroller never had any complaints. The stroller has a hood, which saves a lot in the heat, since we live in a hot country where the sun is all year round - this thing saves us incredibly. At the back there is a device that can be pulled and the seat can be lowered if the child falls asleep. And the seat turns into a reclining state, which is very convenient when the child falls asleep on a walk. When pulled, the seat turns into a sitting state. This is a sitting statSee full review

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My husband gave me this wonderful set 5 years ago for my birthday. And it was the best and most necessary gift. And all this in a very beautiful leather case. I use it every day and the whole family uses it. We take it with us on all trips, the case is very compact, convenient for transportation. The set includes 10 items: nail scissors, cuticle scissors, nail nippers, cuticle nippers, nail file, oblique tweezers, straight tweezers, pointed tweezers, double manicure tool for pushing back cuticles and cleaning nails, nail tweezers. My absolute favorites, I use them almost every day. For 5 years of use, I gave scissors for sharpening 2-3 times, since I use them often, they become blunt. But for 5 years, I think 2-3 times is not much. But I have never used this cutter for 5 years. It is very large, it is inconvenient to cut the burrs on the arms and legs, and it is not suitable because of its size. I still don't understand what it is for? The wire cutter broke the iron thing, See full review

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