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MKR's Name-Value Storage is a simple yet powerful concept that allows you to store arbitrary data within the blockchain. This has already allowed a range of distributed services, from a decentralized network. Although MKR supports traditional PoW mining and merged mining with Bitcoin, its main mechanism is Proof-of-Stake mining. This eliminates the “arm’s race” for mining capacity. See full review

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The purpose of Bitcoin Gold is to make the world of electronic money better, without too much dependence on a company or organization. But it's important to be born from Bitcoin, so features like Bitcoin. The most important difference is thought, philosophy. See full review

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I think that almost everyday now is a good time to buy, since the last months.. atleast will keep this great opportunity before the launch of the main net.. after that i think we will "skyrocket", something like eth did past year. I really think VET is the most undervalued coin put there, and i think that the main reason is because it still runs on eth blockchain. See full review

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I think it is a very good project for the future So everybody should evaluate it and research it thoroughly and say it will be a good job for the market. See full review

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This is a very serious project that aims to build a blockchain on a foundation of peer review, and academic research. If you'd like to learn more, you can find a wealth of information at the Cardano Hub, or feel free to review the code. See full review

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OKEx is Hong Kong's leading pre-owned trading platform. OKEx was created by giant bitcoin company OkCoin.com (similar to Coinbase's GDAX) See full review

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ZRX is a decentralized protocol on Ethereum and uses Smart Contracts to increase transparency. See full review

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When you hold BitUSD the value of your holdings will remain pegged to the dollar so long as BitShares itself has reasonable volatility. Reasonable volatility in this case means that it can handle greater volatility than Bitcoin has ever seen in its lifetime. The price of BitShares would have to fall to less than 1/3 its starting price in less than 24 hours and then stay there. No legitimate, widely adopted cryptocurrency has ever seen that kind of price movement. This means that BitUSD is secureSee full review

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The Qtum Enterprise version, named QtumX, aims to develop a consortium blockchain, in which the consensus process is executed by a small group of authorized nodes, whereas the right to read and create transactions is still public.See full review

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Its goal is to create a proof-of-work and proof-of-stake (PoP / PoS) system to balance the PoW miners and PoS voters to create a stronger idea.See full review

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I am expecting the next update of the project. The benefits that Bytecoin brings in the future will be quite large when the coin value is very low now.See full review

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