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Huobi, which was formed in 2013 in Beijing, is a crypto exchange that focuses on Southeast Asian markets and supports trading of more than 190 cryptocurrency pairs accross multiple platforms and devices. It moved its base to the Republic of Seychelles after start of crackdown on crypto exchange by Chinese government in 2017. It has other offices in Singapore, the United States, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong and it now serves customers in more than 130 countries around the world.See full review

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Aeternity is quite far along on their development roadmap. They have launched on their testnet and completed the backing campaign as well as started development of several essential applications. Prior versions of their roadmap had them completing their security audit by Q1 2018, but this seems to have been pushed back to Q2. The much more important next step will be the release of the mainnet in Q2 as well.One thing that we did find refreshing was the continually updated Aeternity blog pages. ASee full review

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ICX’s main exchange in terms of Volume (24h) is Binance which seems strange considering this a coin based in Korea, well.. ICX isn’t actually listed on any Korean exchanges yet which ultimately provides a very bullish case. I expect we will see ICX listed on Korean exchanges like Bithumb, Upbit etc. throughout 2018 which should allow for a huge influx of new capitalSee full review

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If you’ve been following along up to now, this is absolutely mind-bogglingly huge for blockchain as a whole. Rather than wait around for years while the smartest minds work on sharding solutions, we can take a working sharding implementation and USE it for real-world applications. Why is this a big deal for blockchain tech? Blockchain has, as of yet, been a promising technology but still too slow to be used for real-world applications. What real dApp with more than a few thousand users can run oSee full review

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DigiByte launched its genesis block on January 10th, 2014. At launch, it used a single proof of work algorithm. Soon after, however, DigiByte conducted a hard fork to introduce a total of five proof of work algorithms. Splitting the mining between algorithms encourages decentralization and increases the security of the network. It's pretty perfectSee full review

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The aim in creating Bitcoin was to create a completely decentralized digital currency that made transactions faster, cheaper, more reliable, and more private than current financial transactions. While Bitcoin did realize those aspirations, there’s no doubting that it isn’t perfect, and that changes can be made to improve on the original Bitcoin implementation. One change that was made, and we aren’t sure what the purpose is, is that Bitcoin Diamond was created with 210 million coins. That’s 10 tSee full review

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