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computer chair a4tech x7 gg-1100 gaming, upholstery: imitation leather/textile, color: black/blue logo

I bought it for 11,500. It took an hour to assemble, slowly, I didn’t assemble chairs before) I confused, like many here, the left and right fastenings of the back and seat (in the instructions it’s drawn incorrectly, but below it says that on some models on the right, I read it after)See full review

nokian tires hakka green 3 195/65 r15 95h summer logo

But the seller, of course, well done, put the junk from November 2022, almost like my old ones, class. It is better to pay extra 1k for all 4 tires and buy a fresh analogue in a store near the house.See full review

stroller cybex eezy s twist 2 (with rain cover), soho gray logo

With the advent of summer and my frequent business trips, the issue arose with a lightweight summer stroller model so that my wife could comfortably go for a walk with a child (the house is not equipped with a mobile environment). 2 weeks ago, we took the BabyZen YoYo model for a test drive, which we generally liked due to its weight and other qualities. After the completion of the rental, they began to analyze the options, the choice fell on the subject, including due to the rotary mechanism iSee full review

multitool opinel №10 carbon beech (113100) wood logo

I have had these knives of all sizes and steels for over 40 years. I always disassemble the knives, sanding the sharp edges on the handle. Then, I either paint or impregnate with oil, or with a solution of the prepared epoxy resin in acetone, depending on the purpose of use. I polish INOX blades, etch CARBON with citric acid. This is a kind of regular meditation :) "LOVE" ! At home, in the kitchen, in a separate stand for knives, there are OPINEL No. 10 - two No. 12 - two, filet No. 15 - two, seSee full review

love beauty and planet velvet shea butter body lotion, 400 ml logo

I recently had to use another tool - Johnson's. I used to sit on it, but after Love b&p my skin didn't accept it. There was dryness, a feeling of tightness, etc. I was surprised, but that's it! As for the smell - given the strength of the fragrance, one must be prepared for a negative reaction. But, I repeat, my love for this smell was not long in coming. I use both gel and hair conditioner.See full review

bridgestone blizzak dm-v2 225/65 r17 102s winter logo

A very worthy model from a proven and well-known brand. From the breeches, you really don’t expect anything else)) I took the DM-V2 especially for an SUV with an eye to the fact that every weekend we drag ourselves to the country house in the area where there is enough snow and ice. On the net, just everyone praised the grip and overall safety of driving with these tires. And when you ride with the whole family - it's worth spending money on safe tires, I think. The Japanese have not let me downSee full review

xiaomi watch s1 wi-fi global smartwatch for russia, black/black leather strap black fluoroplast strap logo

Watches are quite hip to have. The functionality has met and beyond all of my expectations. However, in order for the data to be synchronized with the application, you will need to manually synchronize within the program. This can be done by going into the application. Furthermore, the program does not always immediately receive all of the data at once.See full review

eucerin sun gel cream spf 50 , 50ml logo

It does not produce the effect of a "vampire" - a white face, like other creams (the same Garnier), so it is, in principle, a good brand; it applies well and spreads evenly over the skin; and it does not dry out the skin. Does not cause the skin to dry out.See full review

citrus juicer kitfort kt-1108, black/silver logo

I liked it very much in operation, it is easy to clean, the minus is that you can make juice only from citrus fruits, it takes up a lot of space. In general, it’s not bad for its price.See full review

l "oreal paris eye shadow with oils color queen 29 adamant blue logo

Shade 37 is gorgeous, it shimmers very beautifully, the texture is soft, I apply it directly with my finger and stew it on the skin, it’s very convenient! Even without brushes I can make up. Longevity is good, but better with an eyeshadow base. I really liked it, I recommend))See full review

dry food for puppies monge bwild feed the instinct, duck, with potatoes 1 pack. x 1 pc. x 12 kg logo

The breeder of his dogs and puppies fed natural food (cereals, meat, fish, vegetables, etc.). The puppy was taken at 2.5 months old - bald belly, thin tail, little wool (1 photo), almost immediately transferred to this dry food and now after 2 months on 2 photos you can see how the tail has grown, and in general, in general, the coat has become better! There are no problems with digestion, no allergies, in general, it fits perfectly.See full review

lego technic 42138 ford mustang shelby gt500 logo

Pros below: The model is beautiful, it's fun to play with the pullback. Some cons: Because of pullbacks, all adequate functions are cut out. In fact, either a model or a toy, but not the level of lego tech.See full review

auger juicer rawmid vitamin rvj-02, silver logo

This is not the first purchase of rawmid equipment. I have something to compare with . the quality of parts, assembly and packaging are on top! I have not regretted a single day that I bought it from them, and the price tag is affordable.See full review

6" e-book pocketbook 628 1024x758, e-ink, 8 gb, black logo

Bought in January, everything seems to be fine, somewhere in the middle of April it started to fail, at first I thought it was because of the volume of the book, but then, the device died, it can’t even charge anymore. I handed it over for warranty repairs before the holiday, they accepted it without question, today I took it, it turns out that the motherboard is dead. Let's see how long it lasts.See full review

philips avent scf883/01 4-in-1 steamer blender logo

I sing praises to this beautiful steamer blender! If you, like me, think for a long time and rush between several steamer blenders - then I will help you! Take this one! You won't regret it at all. It's such a beauty. I have already used all the functions of this device. And most of all I am amazed by the quality and consistency of the puree at the exit! Very airy and soft! Much better than canned. Easy to wash, easy to use. Doesn't smell like plastic! At first, I studied the instructions for a See full review

vacuum cleaner deerma dx700s eu, black logo

Suitable for quick cleaning, if something is scattered, for example. For a thorough cleaning, of course, it is better to choose a vacuum cleaner more serious.See full review

humidifier with aroma function boneco u700, white/black/blue logo

in general, I am satisfied with the purchase, I went over 15 with all bonus discounts Has some pros: really works! Dry air at work, dry at home. Because of this, the nose is constantly dry, especially when you wake up. after the purchase (put it in the bedroom, room 18 m.), the dryness disappeared. The wife did not notice the difference, because. She didn’t have such problems))) It remains only to come up with something at work)) At home, a reverse osmosis filtration system, I pour water from thSee full review

steam cleaner kitfort kt-1004-2, green/white logo

In overall, I enjoyed everything quite a lot, although I did not identify any major flaws or deficiencies. I made this purchase as a present to myself, and I couldn't be happier with it. Its pros: For myself, I have identified several primary benefits, including the following: It washes extremely well and does not leave streaks; It is very maneuverable and convenient; It can crawl anywhere; It steams things very fast and effectively; It has a variety of functions and uses; It washes very well anSee full review

smart bracelet xiaomi mi smart band 5 global, black logo

offers benefits: The battery can be charged for over a month. A wireless speaker with bracelet-controlled music playback. The negatives: When receiving messages via messengers, the bracelet is not always effective.See full review

yamaguchi oxygen air purifier, white/grey logo

For two months I chose and read reviews, both bad and good, honestly bad, well, I couldn’t believe it right away. And my choice still fell on this air purifier. Before turning on, my air conditioner was working, and the indicator was lit in blue. Nearby I shook with home clothes, since I have a pet, and plus a stretch ceiling from which dust flies, from ventilated holes, as well as the house is located near the road, in general, the indicator began to glow green until it cleared the air from flySee full review

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