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dark pictures anthology: the devil in me [ps4 russian version] logo

Subjectively, this is the best that came out of the studio in the first season of the anthology. Vibes Until Down and Saws. Finished the game in two sittings, very satisfied. Got pros: 1. Great graphics 2. Performance on PS4 Pro has been greatly improved since the first part of the anthology. 3. The game is very atmospheric Its cons: On the technical side: on PS4 Pro, periodic loading of textures.See full review

electric scooter midway i- max pro gray (18000 mah, up to 40 km/h, 600 w) logo

I bought my first scooter in the store, although before that I rented this particular model, I liked everything. But I recommend not to start abruptly and not to squeeze the trigger. After a few months of such starts, the trigger flew out of me, I had to roll it to the service. Well, what can you do, it's your own fault. And so everything suits both the filling and the outside. I even drove on one charge more than the declared 8 km, so conclusions can be drawn.See full review

wheel disk skad delhi 6x15/5x100 d57.1 et38, 7.8 kg, graphite logo

My first CDs. I bought wheels from this manufacturer on the recommendation of friends from a car service. I like everything) I put it on Solaris 2022.See full review

bridgestone dueler h/p sport 225/55 r18 98v summer logo

Chose between this and Toyo Proxes CF2. I chose this one because I drive a lot on the highway and primers. I was afraid that the super soft Toyo would not survive. Although, I would drive around the city, I would definitely buy Toyo. Some pros: Very confident stands on the road, clearly managed. Feels good in puddles at speed. Made in Japan Its cons: No matter what they say, it is really noisy, even with decent sound insulation you can hear it, it doesn’t infuriate, but you can hear it. Narrow See full review

ceiling led lamp with remote control fa4482/4 wh white 4200k/3000k+6400k/6400k+3000k 45w 405*405*80 (ir remote control) logo

Why does skip such things, don’t remove them from sale, or don’t make a markdown and a discount so that a person understands what he takes.See full review

grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

This is not the first purchase of Kitfort, I took deep fat from this company, I am satisfied with the company. Temperature adjustment, 180 degree turn, heats up quickly, you can fry without oil as non-stick coating. I bought my wife a gift for her birthday, we tried it on the first day, grilled sausages quickly and tasty, as well as vegetables for sausages. I am satisfied with the purchase, both with the grill and with the company itself, a solid 5, I recommend it!See full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

Delivered on time. Well packed well done sellers! ! It was nice to receive the item. And next to it lay the same wheels from another seller and completely without packaging. I first thought for myself. I'm pleased with the purchase!See full review

pioneer ddj-200 dual channel controller for rekordbox dj, wedj, djay, edjing mix logo

Has some pros: all controls as on professional equipment. the quality of true Japanese pioneers. amazing mobility - I take it with me everywhere, one jbl charge speaker serves as both a power source for the controller and a speaker + iPhone. awesome WEDJ app. super convenient control, you start playing intuitively in just 5 minutes. really helps to unleash creativity. low threshold for entry into DJing, because the device is smart and can help you + price (took for 10K) When connected to a PC, iSee full review

yokohama advan sport v103 245/50 r18 100w summer logo

Civic 4D car. I put the native dimension 205/55 R 16 91V. Chose between Michelin primacy hp, Pirelli cinturato p7 and ADVAN. They just didn’t like the Pirellis, but according to reviews, good tires and price - quality. Bears say weak sidewalls, and tires were needed for active ruthless driving on broken Hong Kong roads. I saw new chords in the showroom, they were shod in Michelin primacy hp (probably Honda still thought about the fact that people need quiet tires). As soon as I left the tire shoSee full review

hub pwm splitter extension cable for pc fan 1x 4pin - 5x 4pin, 40 cm (black) logo

One of the connectors didn't work. An autopsy showed that one of the wires was not soldered to the board, but only touched it and was pressed with double tape, with which the whole structure was attached to the case. I had to solder.See full review

lanyard victorinox 4.1824 orange logo

Different pros: 1. Bright, orange color. 2. Pretty durable. 3. Brand Victorinox is a well-known Swiss manufacturer of knives and multi-tools. Some cons: Not noticed, except perhaps only a length of 65 mm. may not be sufficient.See full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

you won't find better for your money With its pros: inexpensive, everyone writes that WiFi falls off, this happens very rarely for me. the first time I saw that on a device you can enter an acc from google and now you can finally watch YouTube. In the station, this is very lacking. Has cons: for all such TV sets, there is only one drawback, there is not enough RAM, it has long been necessary to install 4Gb. Because of this, it sometimes slows down + the pebble could be put more powerful at leaSee full review


The suitcase was sold as "supposedly xiaomi". As for me, this suitcase has nothing to do with "xiaomi". In general - like nothing. But, the main check will be in business.See full review


In my teacher's classes, there is also a digital piano, only from another manufacturer - obviously more expensive, but there is not much difference, the sound is basically the same, five points for design, materials that are easy to care for, no problems were observed.See full review


everything suits me. darken in the sun. When I look at the protective glass, the screen shimmers. if you look directly at the sun itself, it is blinding. but I think everyoneSee full review


What is missing next: - There is no way to put fans at the bottom to take air from the floor and purge the video card. - Perforated casing of the PSU for purge, because when installing the lower fan in front, half of the air is cut, swirls appear and the air cannot exit the casing. In principle, up to 5k for mid-budget emblies is not bad. I originally built a system for Intel and 1060 with a heat pack in the region of 170 - 200W. It was good, quiet, two fans in front for blowing in, two for bloSee full review


This is not the first time I buy this oil for different cars, but I only found out about the promotion now, thanks to the store employees. Pretty easy to register and that's it 👍See full review


For a child who is just starting, an excellent solution for 5 years, then if he doesn’t give up, you can buy both adult and serious equipmentSee full review


It's not a game console, it's a portable PC: a lot of twists, the ability to limit the frame rate and power consumption, mods / piracy / tweaked Linux with KDE if you need it. Software support at the highest level. Great plastic and build quality. After the steam controller, I was ready for questionable materials, but was pleasantly surprised. The screen is beautiful, I have a frosted glass model (512GB). The tangible part of the steam library works tolerably well. The device is popular enoughSee full review


Pirelli may have been standing nearby, but very far away. Made in 2022. The tire has "Power by Pirrelli" written in small letters. I don't know how to translate this. Regular cheap tiresSee full review

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