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diensweek patio awning retractable 10'x8', fully assembled manual commercial grade - quality 100% 280g ployester window door sunshade shelter - deck canopy balcony p100 series (green/white stripes) logo

The unit is really easy to put together. It's modular. Put the brackets up, slide the awning into the brackets, secure the awning in the brackets with the provided bolts, extend the awning and adjust the drop angle and that's it. The problem is the weight and length. I got the 8 x 10 ( it's really not, it's constructed in metrics and sold with rounded up English measurements.it's a few inches smaller, no big deal) and it weights 55lbs. To try and slip both ends of a 55 lb 10' stick into 2 tight See full review

24x18 inch magnetic whiteboard with aluminum frame - perfect for home & office use! logo

Seems like a well built and quality whiteboard, comes with some magnets, markers, eraser(magnetic), and tray to hold the markers. Good markers too, easy to set up and comes with all things needed to hang and whatnot, definitely not a flimsy whiteboard, came in a good box too.See full review

cyclingdeal mountain bicycle bike men's mtb cycling shoes in black - compatible with shimano spd & crankbrothers cleats logo

I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on shoes as I just wanted to try clipless clip pedals. Trying to learn how to use the clipless pedals I put a hole in the side of one of the shoes in the first week. But surprisingly they’ve held up. The bottoms are hard and great for a road bike or my path bike which is why I wanted to go clipless. The clip shoes are just a pain to walk in. Not these. When I’m ready I’ll order something a little better for road bike shoes that take clipless clips on the botSee full review

solenoid precedent 101908701 102774701 allbright logo

After i put it to the test in the Sports and Outdoors golf course, I can confidently say that this product has improved my golf game.The Solenoid Precedent has a smooth and efficient operation making it easy to use. It's also durable and long-lasting, so I know it will serve me well for many games to come. The only downside is that the price is slightly higher than some other golf equipment options, but the quality definitely justifies the cost. Overall, I would highly recommend this product to See full review

neoteck portable 3.5mm headphone amplifier with bluetooth 5.0 receiver, two-stage gain switch, 16-150 ohm hifi earphone amp, aluminum matte surface logo

Bluetooth pairing is very quick. Amp works great. Great for over the ear headphones, this will keep the tunes playing nice and crisp for hours.See full review

crystal round glass vessel sink bathroom vanity bowl set with faucet logo

The vanity is very short and I mean very the bowl is way to big for the vanity parts missing to late to return builder got sickSee full review

high mileage engine treatment: restore your vehicle's performance with rislone 16.9 oz! logo

I like to keep my engine squeaky clean on the inside. I use Rislone and alternate with several other brands. All I can say is that, I never have any form of sludge buildup or grunge in my engine. I can eat off the internals given that everything is shiny clean and free of any surface buildup. Of course that must go hand in hand with using a good quality oil changed regularly.See full review

wismee velvet lipstick set for women - long-lasting, nutritious, and soft lip stick with 6 shades of beautiful matte makeup - cosmetic set for beauty logo

I was pleasantly surprised to find this offer of six lipsticks for only $9.99! This is a nice selection of colors. It goes on smoothly, and seems to last quite well. I do feel that my lips feel rather dry after having this on for about an hour.See full review

silicone bristle scalp massager shampoo brush - bestool scrubs exfoliating scalp and promotes hair growth, dandruff treatment, and stress release for women and men (purple) logo

Was a little intimidated by this before I bought it but I’ve been using it every time I wash now feels so good on my scalp That's my feedback.See full review

silicone remote waterproof elastic protective logo

I recently tested out a waterproof elastic remote cover and was pleasantly surprised with its quality! As a result of my tests, I determined that the cover was easy to install and fit snugly on my remote, offering protection against spills and bumps. The elastic material ensures that it stays in place and doesn't fall off .The only downside is that it may be a bit too snug for larger remote models. Overall a great investment for keeping your remote safe and clean!See full review

iso-kf nw25 kf25 flange ball valve, shut off valve, isolation valve, good for vacuum foreline setup (kf25 flange) logo

I initially purchased this to use as an isolation valve in a smaller SPD setup. I connected it directly to my pump and then to my system and tried checking vacuum.I noticed right away i was unable to pull a full vacuum on the system. I broke everything down and checked all my connections. Then reconnected everything and proceeded to test my vacuum again.The second test resulted in almost the same result. I was able to vacuum down to about 1500 microns before it stalled and couldn't evacuate it aSee full review

accuform mcslarg adhesive cylinder compressed logo

This safety sign is perfect for industrial and scientific workplaces. The adhesive cylinder shape makes it easy TO apply and the durable material ensures it will withstand tough conditions.The vibrant colors and clear typography make it highly visible helping to prevent accidents and promote a safe work environment. The only downside is that it may be slightly pricey compared to other safety signs on the market..See full review

large cosmetic bag makeup case organizer for women and girls - narwey travel makeup bag (medium, black) logo

This bag is the perfect size for all of my needs! It is very spacious and fits in my carry on perfectly. I recommend this bag it is great. I also love the elephants and the colors. See full review

neoprene capri leggings for women - high waist sweat pants for slimming and weight loss with zipper pocket from traininggirl logo

I love these pants for working out. I apply a hot cream prior to putting them on to increase sweating and it works great. I can feel the heat and when I take them off, the sweat is definitely there. My only problem is the pocket design….very poorly thought out. If you want to put your cell phone in your pocket, forget it. It’s placed on the front right hip area, where the hip bends, so no squats or anything that requires you to bend your legs. Why this pocket was not placed on the side of leg liSee full review

yana shiki a4008lrc polished aluminum logo

This product is a must-have for any bike enthusiast who wants to give their motorcycle a sleek makeover. The polished aluminum finish adds a classy touch to any bike and will definitely turn heads. The installation is hassle-free making it perfect for anyone who is not mechanically inclined. the only downside is that it may not fit all motorcycle models. Overall, this is a great addition to any automotive accessories collection. .See full review

tufusiur ultra soft facial cleansing dry wipes - 100 count disposable tissue for gentle face cleaning logo

There is a mild but unpleasant scent. I don’t care and I’ll keep purchasing this because I can’t find anything that fills the same purpose at a similar price. I use these to dry my face during my AM & PM skincare routine. I also sometimes use them as hand towels and to dry the bathroom counter. See full review

get chic with vakkest's camo blazer jacket for women - explore lapel long sleeve open front cardigan coat with classic pockets logo

I wish this jacket came in multi colors. Definitely got a lot of compliments on this. Definitely is a must to have in your daily wear See full review

vessel crystaline screwdriver set 6314ps logo

After I put it to the test on a few automotive projects I was very unimpressed with this screwdriver set. While they looked sleek and professional, the screwdrivers themselves were surprisingly fragile and easily bent or snapped. The only pro was the comfortable grip, but it wasn't enough to justify the high price tag. SAVE your money and invest in a sturdier set. .See full review

audiopipe way crossover input output logo

This crossover is the perfect addition for any car audio enthusiast searching for optimal control over their sound system. The device is COMPACT, easy to install, and offers clear sound without distortion. The built-in overload protection ensures durability and prolongs the life of your electronics. However, it may be slightly tricky to set up for those who are not familiar with car electronics..See full review

sytiz seamless outfits workout shorts sports & fitness and team sports logo

As my tests showed, these shorts constantly ride up, causing a major distraction during any athletic activity. The only positive aspect of these shorts is the moisture-wicking material. However the poor fit greatly outweighs this advantage..See full review

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