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piss off! on Furniture

Cheap shelf compared to the one I bought in 2017. Cheaper/thinner wood. A part broke when lowering the propeller. There is no laminate in 1 corner, a black marker was used for coating. Football pegs are cheap prints. Disappointed compared to how nice the shelf was a few years ago!See full review

accessories burners hanging charcoal incense home decor logo

beautiful from afar.

Some things to consider when buying. I've found it a challenge to take care of my incense sticks at times. may need better ventilation. It gets very hot so be careful. and the chain is very fragile. and break easilySee full review

interdesign plastic self adhesive dispenser bathroom logo

Easy to place in the exact spot that best suits your needs. I have some that have stuck to surfaces for years without ever separating. If you decide to remove one, the remaining adhesive can be removed without leaving any marks or stains on the surface.See full review

52646 rb pk temp2o showerhead venetian bronze logo

What a great product!

What a great shower head! Our guest master shower can take forever to heat up, so you'll know the right temperature before you step in! No guessing for children or our older guests! I like that the color changes from blue-cold to red-hot! Arrived on time great packaging!See full review

bone portable fordable rotation operation logo

This is the worst fan I have ever bought. It doesn't hold a charge, and even when plugged in I can only get it to work on medium settings. If the maximum setting really worked I would love this fan.See full review

hlonon christmas pillow covers inches logo

Great price for 4 pillowcases. I only have 2 old pillows that I'm fed up with, but I can't decide which 2 covers I like best. It will be such a fun and easy Christmas decoration.See full review

goothy frosted backyard natural umbrella logo

The cost of renting lights from a tent company was outrageous so we bought two strings of these lights for our wedding. They lit the tent perfectly and provided just the right amount of light for dinner. They're a quarter of the price and they're ours. Four stars for the thickness because the bulbs See full review

brumlow mills ew10024 30x46 addison contemporary logo

I bought a new toilet so I wanted a new mat. The shower curtain is an actual leopard and you can't see it, but over the towel is The Kiss by Gustav Klimt. It all looks fantastic. I was worried about the gray walls but it's too fabulous. If so. With a rubberized back, ideal for this. But my history wSee full review

resuable adhesive backless strapless invisible logo

Heaven in Women Bra

They were very comfortable, I didn't even feel them. Other products seemed dense and heavy, they were light as air. They lasted all day (10+ hours) even when I was sweating and forgot not to apply body butter and they STILL stayed in place which was very impressive. I will buy again!See full review

anna kaci womens sequin cocktail sleeveless logo

I'm 5'7", weigh 126 pounds, have a 34" bust and an approximate 26" waist. The little ones fit everywhere except under the armpits as shown in the picture. There is too much room in the armpits so I don't think it's for small boobs! Anyway, for $20 the stuff was very, very well done! The sequins wereSee full review

zvac compatible replacement gn airclean logo

Not an American product.

The product looks the same as the original factory vacuum bags and the price was very good. My only complaint is the fake where the item was made. Although designed and packaged right here in the USA, it was made in China. And the bag it came in has an American flag on it like it's an American produSee full review

indoor dimmable wall sconces with app/remote control lighting & ceiling fans logo

This product is exactly what we have been looking for for years! Has a dimmer switch. It doesn't look cheap, just like the description. The only thing I wanted was the color of the screw, the white color of the screw would hide it better.See full review

sea gull lighting 8468 12 jamestowne logo

Better than expected!

Love it! Exactly what I was looking for. I checked out Wayfair first and found that they are about $20 more expensive each. I always test Revain before I buy. I was able to get four for my home for a lot less than I expected. They are large and look clean and modern with traditional sophistication. See full review

fly fishing horizontal picture frame logo

Nice frame, great price

It was exactly as described. I was looking for a fish decor that wouldn't make my house too "fishy". It was a great alternative and goes well with other decorations. It's also a lot simpler than some of the other frames as they are all black and thinner than other frames. The only reason I gave it 4See full review

cluci backpack convertible designer anti theft logo

This bag looks great but actually takes a lot of time to use. Firstly everything just sits on the bottom of the bag, there are only 2 very small internal pockets and there is no way to organize anything. If you want to access items from this bag, you have to take it off your shoulder, slide the straSee full review

sconces 1 light bedroom fixtures bedside logo

I ran into a dilemma where the electrician but the electrical box near the wall caused the commotion. I don't know what he was thinking, but he was very upset when he found out about it. The lamp solved the problem. A retractable swivel arm placed it squarely in the center, giving the entire room anSee full review

mdesign bamboo farmhouse office storage logo

Bought these boxes to help organize my spice and bakery cupboard. They work great on 2nd and 3rd shelves where it's difficult if not impossible to find things hidden in the back. With a label on the front, I can now easily find any saved item. And they look good too!See full review

organic reusable food wraps etee logo

This is amazing! Confession: I'm usually not a fan of anything that can't be washed in the dishwasher, and I'm not exactly an eco-warrior. However, I decided to give them a try (every little thing helps) and they are amazingly easy to care for. They work well (stick to themselves), are easy to cleanSee full review

finnez electrostatic self adhesive protection stickers logo

The privacy screen is great. I can't see the outside, and more importantly, people can't see the inside. My bedroom window faces the street, so it's nice to have an extra layer of privacy without closing the blinds. 3 cons: 1. I was hoping it would be *more brilliant* than it actually is. It was advSee full review

glasslock 15 cup rectangle handy container logo

This is exactly what I was looking for size, shape and all. As far as I can tell, the food stored in it seems to stay fresher longer. I say this because I left some food in it that stayed in the fridge for a while longer than I thought it should be edible. When I opened the lid, the food inside didnSee full review

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