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I bought for comparison two models Eco and Comfort. It's strange, but Comfort has a seal in the kit, while Eco doesn't. According to purely subjective sensations, after installing the filter, the thrust became less, but I did not put it exactly according to the instructions. I put the filter not on top of the window opposite the valve, but on the side because there was already a cut in the seal from the old standard valve. I didn't want to make more cuts. Filter with very large openings. I don'tSee full review

yokohama advan sport v103 245/50 r18 100w summer logo

After 2 weeks of operation, I got into a hole at 60 km / h, immediately a huge hernia, on the MB S350 4 matik, because of the heavy muzzle, so I do not recommend it.See full review

baseus lusz000013, desktop biaxial foldable metal stand (for phone) logo

The hinges are very tightly tightened, in order to change the position of the rack, you will have to make a significant effort, but thanks to this, the position is fixed very securely.See full review

michelin x-ice north 4 185/65 r15 95t winter logo

Providing a candid product review.Got pros: rows well, holds the track. holding the car when braking Different cons: two seasons of hard exploitation, spikes loss of 80%See full review

bridgestone dueler h/p sport 225/55 r18 98v summer logo

Outlander XL (1.7t with a driver, up to 2.2t loaded, permanent full drive, tires 225-55-18). Was stock from the factory. Drove 35k and erased almost to slicks. The rubber is hard. Very noisy (louder than winter studded). In corners, I had to slow down a bit on a dry road, and on a wet one it almost always blows away even at low speed and the gas released. Holds turns, it seems to me, no better than the same Hakkapelita7 studded. When driving through puddles more than 2 cm deep at speed, the watSee full review

cable hoco x14 times speed usb - lightning, 1 m, 1 pc, red logo

Bought 3 wires. All broke almost simultaneously after 6 weeks. Power comes, shows that charging is in progress, but the percentage of charge is not added. I would like to return, but 15 days have passed and that's it . . Only in the trash of the wire.See full review

grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

Different pros: Easy Comfortable Heats up quickly Cools down quickly Good non-stick coating Meat like from the grill Has cons: Trays for fat are not fixed (as a result, I screwed a bunch of fat on the floor: D)See full review


Good, beautiful watch. All in accordance with the description, a good price for such a product. Comfortable, made from quality materials. Recommend👍See full review


With its pros: Excellent design, great functionality, no noise, high efficiency. With its cons: It is not very convenient to fill in water, but in general it is not scary.See full review


good game! Pros: An interesting game, it's cool that progress is saved and thanks to the application, adventures are generated even more randomly Cons below: The first game took more than 2 hours while we figured out the rules))See full review

petrol cultivator daewoo dat 3530 (3.5hp, 26cm) logo

For work on last year's plowing and for greenhouses - it's the very thing, it grinds the earth to fluff. Virgin soil, turf, and any heavy soil does not take. For operation and maintenance, everything is standard as in a lawn mower, except that you need to check the presence of lubrication in the gearbox. An important remark: before entering the ground, the cutters need to be accelerated to maximum speed - this is a feature of the clutch, just like on a spit.See full review

shoes men''s demi-season rieker article b7654-00 size 43 logo

I bought it for a wedding, I thought it would do for one time, but the shoes turned out to be so comfortable that now I have them on my daily wear. Made very high quality, sits on the leg as if sewn for me (it's hard for me to choose shoes). The size fits perfectly too. Thanks to the seller and manufacturer.See full review


The manufacturer, be careful what you send, this is your jamb, how to check at the point of issue, that is, you need to disclose everything and refuse in this case ? And then carrySee full review


Firsthand impressions of the item.Its pros: While they lie, waiting for spring, the lungs are pretty Its cons: A little sloppy on delivery, but they gave packagesSee full review


Pros: drove them 70,000, it's time to change. Soft, comfortable, rides and brakes predictably. Noise moderately. Cons below: Soft, all kinds of glass and pebbles are cut at once. It doesn't ride well in the mud. Not for offroad.See full review


There was a soap dish, ofcomurse, its functionality and the quality of the pictures were not encouraging. The question arose of choosing an inexpensive "DSLR", within 30 Icomnsidered two options, Canon 650 or Nikon D90. Close in price. I chose for a long time, felt, clicked,rummaged through the entire Internet, but in the end I bought a Nikon D90 with an 18-105 whale lens. D90 is more functional, more advanced than Canon. Canon is good at video shooting, but I don’t need it, there are camcordersSee full review


Overall, for the price, this is a great purchase. Has pros: The sound from the microphone is just fine for such a price. I did not notice any significant disadvantages. Got cons: A small minus is his tripod, which, if touched, the microphone will immediately fall.See full review


To summarize, a tablet with a good picture, if you do not work with drawing / graphics, 120Hz is super, there are problems with the animations of Harmony OS itself, they will finish it with the next ate and it will be super. What I did not write in the shortcomings: There is no multitasking, instead of splitting the screen, they added small windows of applications that you can drag around the screen. Not usable! (except for applications with music) If you do not have or have never had Huawei devSee full review

32" monitor asus rog swift pg329q, 2560x1440, 175hz, ips, black logo

Pros: Great monitor. There are no complaints. Super picture thanks to the matrix. It's easy to customize your modes. With its cons: Maybe a little pricey, but as they say, I'm not rich enough to buy cheap things.See full review


Shipping is a little weird. I put 4 pieces in the basket - the delivery became paid as a large load. Made 2 orders of 2 pieces - delivery of both orders is free. With its pros: Good tires, much quieter than regular Hankook. No complaints. Its cons: Unless the size is written too small, you have to look. Not like on others, where in the entire sidewall. But this is cosmetics, and the seller was not mistaken with the size.See full review

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