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Eventive Marketing

The team at Evatmnt is very friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and hard-working! They are always willing to work with us and make suggestions and changes if needed during implementation of any of our products or services. As a small business that is constantly looking for ways to improve, it has been great working with Evatmnt - they have not only built an amazing event management software but they also implement all their products and services very well! Nothing. Their customer service and follow-up after any project we've worked on together is top notch. I would highly recommend Evatmnt to anyone who wants to build relationships with their clients and partners by providing them with value while being able to give back. Having an online tool to share info and keep track of events/gather feedback from guests can be extremely helpful! The ability to see where guests are in relation to each other The team was great to work with! They always responded quickly, were professional and kept me up-to-date throughout the process from initial contact through the launch of our event! I would highly recommend them. Their customer service is top notch! Our event was held at an upcoming music festival (Pitchfork) - so we needed someone who could help us navigate that complex ecosystem. As well as helping us plan and execute all aspects of the event. See full review

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Crest Whitestrips Glamorous Treatments Individual

I have been buying Crest 3D White Whitestrips Advanced Vivid for many years now. Each time I am very pleased with the result. Crest 3D white strips are quite fast (after 3-5 days the first result is visible) and painless teeth whitening at home. It is not very expensive compared to whitening in dental clinics. The main thing that is required is to keep quiet for a while :) although, in principle, you can talk to them. I often use them while driving or doing household chores. I did not experience any discomfort or burning sensations. Sensitivity to cold and hot is only slightly exceeded. But it passes very quickly. Once I suggested to my young man to use these strips, and on the third application he had a burning sensation on his gums. He immediately stopped using them. See full review

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The ability of creating content in real time with our customers has been one of the best things about this tool! It’s easy to use and very intuitive - we can create, edit and update content without having to wait several days or weeks until it gets approved by others. Also, there are many other integrations available if you need them (such as Slack). Some people might not like how much information they have to provide before being able to start working on their projects. If you know what your organization needs from this type of product then I think you will be happy because it does exactly what you want. We are solving the problem of providing accurate information quickly so our team members don't waste time looking up inaccurate or outdated info. See full review

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You need to create multiple dashboards so that different departments can see important KPIs in their own way (ie sales data vs marketing information.). The reports section requires some work as it took me 30minutes just to get to where I needed to be to set up my first report! It is not really intuitive for someone used to power BI or Tableau. Go with what's familiar because we were getting stuck on stat dashboard before moving away from BI/Tableau. Real-time metrics & insights into our operations. The ability to create multiple dashboards within one application is fantastic. I can quickly look at my project's performance in comparison with other projects across our organization or even just internally versus our peers. It could be easier for non-technical users if there was more customization available (like how it looks). As mentioned above - being able to see where we are compared to others/peers helps us keep track when things may go awry or not as planned. See full review

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The best part of this product was that it helped me to organize my work in one place so I can easily access all required information for any task at hand without having multiple files lying around with different pieces related info! This program also has great customer support which makes things easier sometimes when you are stuck somewhere or need help getting something done quickly (or not). Nothing much but if your looking into organizing everything then definitely try out bizzpad!! You will love how organized its system gets once implemented because there's no more confusion about where stuff goes as far organization within itself too. See full review

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Neutrogena Hydro Hyaluronic Hydrating Moisturizer

I bought Neutrogena Hydro Boost body cream gel because of my good acquaintance with this brand. For many years I have been buying Neutrogena lip balm for all family members. The result is good, that's why they reached out to the means of a well-known brand (I was not familiar with others). Packing cream life-affirming pale blue color. It is also attractive that the packaging of the body cream with a dispenser is very convenient! The gel-cream has a fresh delicate aroma. Hyaluronic acid is a moisturizing ingredient. The texture of the cream is soft and spreads easily on the skin. Absorbed quickly. After use, the skin is silky and delicate, but not for long. I used these funds after training, the very thing: pleasant and convenient! I was embarrassed by a slightly increased slip, but it is so gentle ... I did not study the composition of the cream, how I applied it for the first time, and enjoyed it with pleasure until the end. According to the barcode, we see that the cream is made in France, the volume is 250 ml, Obvious advantages of Neutrogena Hydro Boost cream-gel: delicate light cream texture; fresh pleasant aroma; wonderfully distributed over the skin; high-quality and convenient packaging; low price. The last point, of course, is very attractive, the cream cost 300 rubles, but this is what is alarming! What is it that slides so hard? Well, silicones, of course, but in fact: Neutrogena Hydro Boost cream really softens and moisturizes the skin, albeit not for long! Neutrogena Hydro Boost cream did no harm to me, did not cause any negative emotions and reactions (an exfoliant of the same brand is similar)! All individually, of course, you decide! Thank you for your attention! See full review

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Remember the Milk

I like that it's web browser accessible, which makes logging off from work much easier than having to download an app or log in through my phone every time i want access! It can be difficult at times figuring out how each part of your tasks fit into one category - especially if you have many different projects going simultaneously (which is usually what happens). The platform could use some more organization features for large companies with lots employees working together closely across departments/projects etc., as well as better integration between desktop version vs online versions would help too!! Make sure this fits YOUR business needs best before deciding whether they are met by its functionality; we needed something very simple & straight forward but also flexible enough so our team members didn't get overwhelmed when adding new items / categories all day long without any training provided beforehand -- rememberthe milk did just fine there =).See full review

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Easy Home Ovulation Strips Pregnancy

I don’t even remember at what time, it seems that this spring I ordered a free sample of Frautest products. The kit included an ovulation test and a pregnancy test. The sample came pretty quickly, I put it on the shelf. I certainly didn't need it at all. Having two children, my husband and I did not plan more. But I decided to let it be, just in case. Another envelope was enclosed in the postal envelope, for a cash gift for all sorts of events. There is some information on the reverse side, it is not clear why. Each test was individually packaged, tightly sealed. It wasn't hard to guess which one was which. HCG means determining the level of hCG, that is, pregnancy. Well, Ovulation is an ovulation test. The expiration date for both tests is the end of 2020. But in the instructions, not only the principle of operation was described in detail, but also fact-finding information. We didn't have to wait long for the test. Having had a good rest in the fall, my body again failed. This already happened last year, when my delay was exactly 3 months, and then everything resumed, as if nothing had happened. But then I went around a bunch of doctors and did a lot of procedures. This time, I only had to take the test and understand that I was not pregnant. Again, the body is naughty. The ovulation test looks a little different in color. The form is exactly the same. I already dealt with him once when I was planning a second pregnancy and could not get pregnant. Of course, my attitude towards him is completely negative, I have already described the reason in my review to him. But, again, I will clarify, this is a free sample. True, after using the pregnancy test, I threw everything away. The envelope also contained a leaflet advertising all Freutest products. It turns out their products are very diverse. But the prices for it are of course quite high, the brand is the same. I definitely recommend a pregnancy test. After all, this is the first action that is carried out during a delay. And even the doctor in the antenatal clinic first of all asks exactly this question "did you test?". Well, about the ovulation test - everyone's personal business. I considered it useless. See full review

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Telescoping Detachable Extendable Backcratchers Aggressive

As a joke, I bought my niece as a gift a Chinese telescopic back scratcher, sold under the brand (if I may say so) LA TALUS (article 15294). The scratcher is a "hand" made of stainless steel, stylized as a four-fingered chicken paw with "predatory" claws. For convenience, the handle is covered with soft rubber, it does not spin in the hand. When folded, the length of the comb is about 22 cm. The telescopic mechanism allows you to increase the length to 58 cm. That is, you can scratch your heel, as in the "Caucasian Captive", without lifting your head from the pillow. If we talk about "scratching" properties, then there are no complaints. It scratches normally, does not scratch. But for me personally, there is no point in this comb. And so I can reach with my hand to any point of my body, in any case, to scratch the bend of the hand is enough. But in practice... That's when the body starts to itch, but it's too lazy to itch? In the evening, when it is necessary (it is necessary) to fall asleep and get enough sleep, but it does not fall asleep in any way. And at these moments everything interferes (the pillow is hard / soft, the blanket is biting, covered up - hot, opened - cold), the whole body starts to itch, you scratch in one place, it starts to itch in another, and this can go on for hours in a circle. And here you are lying like this, you already feel like you are falling into a pleasant slumber, you don’t even want to move your hand ... But instead, it is proposed to find a scratcher, somehow turn around in order to reach your back (legs, arms), then put the scratcher down so that after a couple of minutes to look for her again? On the other hand, as a gift, as a joke, the comb is quite good. Maybe she will like those who are too lazy to scratch normally. See full review

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It's an easy way for my team to manage our portfolio of different types of projects. The ability to add notes is really nice too. I wish there was more reporting options available in order to find trends or patterns within portfolios so we can make better decisions about what work to do next and which ones not to. We're able to track all of our various projects and have them organized into portfolios so that they can be monitored along with other similar type projects. This allows us to easily see how much time has been spent working on each individual item and also gives us a good idea as to where we need to focus our attention next. See full review

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