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Alluva is a problem solved project in cryptocurrency, it is such a blockchain based product that tracks and generates sentiments data from millions of users and crypto assets. The unique feature of Alluva is not limited to its ability give incentives to the participants for their predictions and rating on cryptocurrencies ,based on the accuracy of their inputs and outcome of their predictions. It helps intending individuals and companies enjoy the best of cryptocurrency. See full review

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Asgard is a decentralized cryptocurrency project that provides funds for environmental oriented initiatives. It is such an innovative project that combines real business and latest blockchain technology to fight environmental pollution throughout the world. Asgard is unique in the sense that it gives orientation about the true extent and danger of plastic pollution and also the solution to it. Moreover it allows all the inhabitants of the earth to participate in the elimination of ecologicaSee full review

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Spiking is a decentralized blockchain cryptocurrency that creates a conducive environment for different crypto exchanges through a proper relationship between the traders and the whale. It empowers traders with the state of art tools to follow the whales and have financial freedom. It is the first cryptocurrency with blockchain technology that use gives the assistance if Robobull which is an artificial intelligence manager. Hence the trade will have peace of mind with kore sustainable tradiSee full review

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Zenon is a POS hybrid cryptocurrency which came into limelight in March 2019 , it prouds of decentralised architecture called Network of Momentum which aims to progress the evolution of existing blockchain and DAG architecture with their project . The unique feature of Zenon is that it solves the problem of network congestion among blockchain solutions . Although it is still in early stage of development yet it solves some problem associated with cryptocurrencies and other blockchain consensusSee full review

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Gosama platform is a unique platform that aim at solving problem of transparency related to digital currency via its Omnichannel sales management which involves the use of blockchain technology to decentralized sales platform. Another unique features of Gosama that I like is that it create marketing channel for its users . Gosama is furnished with the most recent innovation  highlights . So its gives users full autonomy power to control their data un the platform in which nobody will gave aSee full review

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Promteus is a Serbia based platform which came into limelight in October 1 2019. The aim of promteus is different from most known cryptocurrencies in the sense that it allows any company to efficiently and conveniently transfer the part of hts business to blockchain and thus improve its its business operations and increase it competitiveness. Though it's an open source project yet it has functional, prototype products that enable fast and easy integration of database . Promteus is useful as it See full review

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Zcash is a privacy protecting oriented cryptocurrency, which allows users to send and receive cash without giving the detail of the sender and the receiver . Its unique features is its anonymous nature and ability of the investors not to control every information on the system . Though it's such that operate on decentralised blockchain yet it allows transactions and data to be validated without revealing the amount and who is involved. See full review

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kuverit was created to protect investors financial loss in per to per scam and fraud . Kuverit is such a cryptocurrency that brings innovation of blockchain and smart contracts via its user friendly platform that allows users to secure a guarantee on any transaction. The reason I like kuverit is that they have good feedback and response team which are readily available to support its users. Their platform allows any consumer to feel safe making transactions due to its anti fraud solution neSee full review

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Vidy is the first decentralized ad network that uses videos to improve ,educate its users to ensure steady ,equitable and profitable channel. The most notable aspect of body is that its video ad platform are fair and consensual advertisements . It decentralised because it harness the power of blockchain to bring transparency, security, equity and privacy to ad distribution for all parties ,this it does with it's open source protocol Its widely accepted because it is built on ethereum blockcSee full review

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Bosagora is aimed at solving problems related to cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are created to make transactions easy, fast and secured .But often time they are being threatened by inadequacies of the system, to bring lasting solutions to cryptocurrencies issues bosagora was created. One of the unique features is the decentralized control, this means anyone can be a participant and has no control authority to dictate whose approval is required. Another notable feature is its nature demSee full review

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Levolution objective is to create an innovative solution intended to attack various barriers and current shortcomings that related to the payment of utility through any cryptocurrencies. Levolution platform will help harness the value for token regardless the experience of its users ,method use in creating it and market structure. One of its unique features that I observe is the ability to safeguard against fraudsters via its anti money laundering system It is meant to create a comprehensiveSee full review

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Electroneum is a blockchain based payment system created specifically for use on mobile hardware like smartphoness low on commission One of the the reason i found electroneum so interesting is that is supports digital payment projects for electricity, in that it allows its apps users to recharge their electricity meters and pay for the energy consumed directly from the app installed on their mobile phoes . Electroneum is essentially working with non governmental organizing order to boost its wSee full review

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I love the project makers due to the fact that it's a decentralized project on the ethereum blockchain which aim at reducing the price volatility of its DAI against other currencies. It's also good for business, finances and personal investment as it compete with other currencies in crypto world . Although it has not enjoyed much support, makers team need to work to improve and develop the project. See full review

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Cutcoin is the latest and advanced in cryptocurrency generation. It is a fully decentralized self governed digital bargain which allows anonymous transactions , wallet proportion,transaction amount, receivers and senders are private by default on the blockchain. It is peer to peer blockchain that built on DAPP. It allows any user with minimal skill to understand the secret of investment and start making money . off . One of the many features of cutcoin is its assesibilty , you do not need toSee full review

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I know little or nothing about bitcoin not until 2017 when a friend introduced it to me as an excellent investment when I was seriously searching for investment opportunity . One of the reasons given that convinced me to invest in bitcoin was the fact that bitcoin uses blockchain technology to record every transaction that is made on the bitcoin platform which make the transaction transparent and traceable . It is als efficient in that it decentralized from any federal authority. It also useSee full review

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Cardano is highly place as one the top crypto currencies in the digital world . It is a peer to peer blockchain that uses DAPP principles . The purpose of cardano is varied from being a cryptocurrency to being a platform that imbibe technology that helps to organise and to coordinate financial applications which could be used by any financial insitututions and any individual in the world . Cardano use decentralised application and services which does not have influence of any federal authority See full review

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