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18 awg silicone wire 10ft red/black - bntechgo flexible stranded copper cord logo

This product arrived at my house today and from the moment I unpackaged them I truly realized how much better the quality was from other silicon wire. I do some modifying hobby stuff on the side and using the right wire can make what your modifying much more efficient and much easier. I would recommend this to anyone looking for high quality wire 2 thumbs upSee full review

bohemian chic: weileenice flower girls wedding gown with sheer back and lace details logo

The dress was really beautiful and soft, my daughter used on her kínder graduation. I got surprised that 2 belts were included, one plain and another one with flowers decoration. See full review

high-quality 1kg pla white 3d printer filament, accurate 1.75mm diameter, +/- 0.02mm tolerance logo

Before getting to the Comgrow filament review, I would like to point out that while filament quality do affect the quality of your prints, filament quality can only be assessed if the following has been done:1) Your printer has been properly assembled (i.e., all parts aligned, leveled, no hardware issues, etc.) and2) Your slicer settings are optimized for the filament you are usingI believe that if the 2 criteria listed above are achieved, most filaments will yield adequate print results, howeveSee full review

linen look semi sheer curtains 96 inches long for living room, melodieux white bedroom rod pocket voile drapes, 52x96 inch (2 panels) logo

These are such nice drapery panels. We paired them with beautiful custom linen drapes to complete the look for this cosy bedroom. They looked perfect with linen. See full review

hanhoo dermafix blemish toner: relieve inflammation and control breakouts with calamine and witch hazel logo

I have extremely delicate and sensitive skin and always avoided toners because they would sting my face, but I finally found one that is gentle and incredibly hydrating at the same time. My face got a terrible breakout from using a toner that was too strong for my skin. I was just using oils to wash and moisturize my face for a month just to recover from the burn. This toner, and the matching gel lotion, were wonderful for recovering my face without clogging pores and burning my skin. This is soSee full review

assembly 745li 2002 2005 750li 2006 2008 logo

I recently upgraded my automotive performance with a Fuel System upgrade from this brand. Thanks to my knowledge gained in practice, i can proudly SAY that this product is beyond excellent. The process of installation was easy and the result was a smooth ride with upgraded fuel efficiency .This product is durable and will last for years to come, ensuring peak performance from my vehicle. The only con is that it is a bit pricey, but the payoff is definitely worth it in the long run..See full review

hammock outdoor lightweight hanging children logo

According to my experience, this lightweight hammock is perfect for outdoor adventures. It is easy to set up and provides a comfortable spot to relax and enjoy the outdoors. The bright colors add a fun element, making it a hit with children .However, it may not be sturdy enough for heavier users..See full review

men's cotton newsboy beret hat with buckle - stylish duckbill cabbie cap by voboom logo

Very good quality for the price. It fits but I wish it was just a wee bigger for my big head. Anyway, I am very pleased with my purchase. I wear my hat everyday to work now. I am about to buy some more so I can have one for each day at my job. See full review

austor 1.2mm lead free solder wire with rosin core logo

Clean, pretty good solder. Lead free sounded nice so I tried it. I had trouble with my ancient soldering iron, it was 40 watts and I just couldn't get it hot enough. Went to hobby lobby and got a 100 watt glass soldering iron for 14.99, temp gets to 450. That did the trick. I will use this solder for now on. Comes out nice and shiny.See full review

40 bulk packs of zipbolt angled handrail to newel post connector - acute angle staircase railbolt for easy residential & commercial installation of lower connection posts logo

We found this to be very difficult to secure. It’s a great idea if you have an angled handrail, but you can’t use one bolt up top and one bolt on the base at the same time because there’s no way to slide the handrail into two different bolt holes. And you can’t do one at a time. One of ours bolt broke off into the newel when trying to twist it into place. This sounded so good on paper for what we needed for our angled handrail, but using this was pretty difficultSee full review

7 hours of rechargeable brightness: loftek 15w spot light & work light with usb ports and sos modes logo

My dad has been complaining for years about the crappy lighting in the garage when he is working on cars, and overhead lighting is expensive. I bought this for him a few weeks ago and he loves it. He can use the feet and adjustability to hang off of car hoods and it lights up the garage very well. He aAlso likes the battery pack with the usb so he can charge his cordless and stuff on the goSee full review

boost productivity & reach your goals with the lamare habit tracker calendar! logo

I really like this habit tracker. It’s my first one and my plan was to use it to simply track my normal behavior for a month as a way to get an idea of my baseline behavior before putting in a concerted effort in the second month — but just being able to visualize my status quo has already improved my behavior. So much for a baseline! The paper is a thick card stock and my pens don’t bleed through at all. There are 12 pages, so it’s enough for a year but you can start anytime because you fill inSee full review

4pcs winsinn 30mm 5v rgb usb led colorful 3d printer micro fan hydraulic bearing brushless cooling 30mmx10mm 2pin logo

I've been using these for 1 week and 2 of them are already loud as ***.Beware before you build them into a project you don't feel like tearing down in 1 week.My fault for going cheap.See full review

slim hard shell protective cover & keyboard cover for macbook air 11 (a1370/a1465) - ruban case compatible with navy blue color logo

It came way earlier than expected (2-3 days) and I believe that it was only standard shipping. I had to get a case and a cover for the longest time because the one that I had cracked (speck) within a few months. I really like the color - I wanted to get something different and in my taste. The texture is very nice as well! It CAN get dirty if you have oily hands but that's not really a problem. It's better than having that plastic feeling. The texture is matte and velvet at the same time. The fiSee full review

hj garden replacement waterproof protection tools & equipment logo

I bought this jump starter during a recent road trip and it has saved me more than once .Through trial and error I found that it can jump-start my car multiple times on a single charge and the waterproof protection keeps it safe even in the rain. The only con is that it is a bit heavy to carry around, but it`s worth it for the peace of mind. Overall, I highly recommend this powerful jump starter for anyone who spends a lot of time on the road..See full review

plug in led night light (2 pack) with dusk to dawn sensor, 0.5w, blue logo

Just right brightness and does not interfere with sleep. I got this for my wife who wanted a night light for her night visits to the bathroom. We had tried first another product with motion sensing that was too sensitive and too bright for her bedroom. This unit stays on all night, but is just the right brightness for her to see, but does not wake her up. She is quite happy with it. I mounted it in the bottom half of the duplex so it is facing down to keep the light on the floor. The top half ofSee full review

6 pack aoben heavy duty steel garage storage hooks - utility tool hangers for organizing ladder, chairs & tools logo

Bought 2-3 boxes of these to organize a garage and tack room.Great value. Passed a similar item in the big box stores shortly after my purchase and their version of the hooks were 2X the price. See full review

say goodbye to chafing with joyshaper anti-chafing boyshort panties for women logo

I was hoping to have comfortable shorts for under dresses for teaching. These are stocking material, but the leg bands don’t hold. They were uncomfortable about an hour in.See full review

32 key multifunction portable piano keyboard for kids - perfectlife electronic music instrument educational toy (black) logo

The first one that we received was broken. The keyboard was cracked on the side and the microphone was broken. Return/replace process was simple. Second one received was fine, but the quality of the microphone is terrible. It’s just a loud noise and you can’t actually make out what’s being said into it. Keyboard part is fineSee full review

get creative with sxc cosmetics 24-color gel liner nail art set - perfect for soak-off nail art painting with thin built-in brush logo

So far love the product. it's harder than u think to get a small bead of color. This is because it builds up on tge wand ans in the kid and runns down as u use it . as u can see I had trouble with getting it to thick . but colors are vibrant and great. make sure u have a cure light as well. I am fairly new to nail art so I'm sure it will get better . overall I like the product very much I just need the skill to go with it See full review

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