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mat for dogs and cats profleece fur with paws 100x160x5 cm 100 cm 160 cm cream/chocolate 5 cm logo

They put it on the floor in the nursery. Comfortable. Soft. Doesn't crawl. The child likes it. Takes on clothes. As during the molting of catsSee full review

california gold nutrition children's dha chewable tabs, 180 pieces, strawberry & lemon logo

An ideal product for any type of consumer.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The capsules are small in size, a 9-year-old child chews them with pleasure. I can’t evaluate the result, since they recently started taking them, but I looked at them for a long time. I give 4 capsules a day.See full review

clipper carrier for cats and dogs mps skudo 2 36x35x55 cm 55 cm 35 cm 36 cm grey/white 12 kg 1.68 kg logo

Great quality, happy with it one hundred percent!

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Bought for a cat weighing 5 kg, for long-distance transportation. Pros: The carrier was delivered disassembled, in a package. Husband assembled the carrier in 10 minutes. Made in Italy. Happy with the transfer. The price for is the lowest! Cons: The plastic parts for fixing the lower and upper parts are very fragile. There is an attachment for a shoulder strap, but no strap itself.See full review

contact lenses bausch & lomb purevision, 6 pcs., r 8.3, d -2 logo

The right product for me, the price suited me.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Not suitable for people with dry eye syndrome. Be sure to use a peroxide solution every other day to remove all deposits from the lenses. And moisturizing drops to help you) I think it's time to take them out of production, there are modern materials that do not hit the eyes like that) I'm taking off a star for this. Personally bought as a spare. You can wear it, but without fanaticism: be sure to take it off at night! Too bad material for continuous wear.See full review

electric scooter ninebot kickscooter max g30, up to 100 kg, black logo

We are waiting for spring, I already want to test not a design model, but already bought one. In general, ready for the 2022 season!See full review

suv remo hobby smax rm1631, 1:16, 28.5 cm, blue/black logo

Great value for your money! Got pros: Four-wheel drive, appearance, design simplicity, reliability. Cons below: Sometimes the remote control loses connection with the car, but this is probably due to interference.See full review

solgar omega-3 fish oil concentrate caps, 60 caps logo

Bought for training. I drink with L-carnitine. At first I bought 60 capsules, now 120. The packaging is like the "leis" order more content)See full review

💪 honor band 6: 1.47" amoled display, long battery life, 24/7 heart rate monitoring logo

Below are some advantages: Appearance. They did not want something that was very smooth or huge. A large amount of data to be analyzed. Compatible and effective with the iPhone. Below are some downsides: There are some doubts regarding the correctness, but because there is nothing else to contrast it with, it is not possible to determine which version is more accurate.See full review

auger juicer kitfort kt-1102-2, burgundy logo

In 2022, we got a screw juicer Kitfort KT-1102-2, burgundy, and since then, every day we drink natural and healthy juice from fruits, vegetables or greens, moreover, it is with pulp (nectar). Takes up little storage space as all parts are removable, it is very easy to assemble it before use, as there are markings with red dots everywhere. A lot of juice is obtained from the minimum amount of products, but there is little cake and it is dry (from 3 tangerines and 3 carrots a full glass). All usefSee full review

rack titanium gs gs-350s/450s, 3 shelves, material: metal, wxdxh: 100x35x205 cm, white ral 9016 logo

In the locker area, we have all the high-quality, sturdy, comfy shelving you could want. The length of the shelves, however, was misrepresented as 1 meter but was actually 90 cm; after all, those extra 10 centimeters could be crucial to someone! It's not a huge deal because I won't be using every square inch of storage space, but the silt is unpleasant. The dowel-nails are even lower quality than the ones included in the manufacturer's kits.See full review

sewing machine jaguar rx-270 logo

Everywhere they write that the loop is semi-automatic. Bull! It is swept out automatically and quite qualitatively - a nice bonus. After more than 30 years of work on the electric miracle of the Hong Kong Soviet defense industry, a complete delight. Of course, you can’t sew a backpack made of filter cloth or hunting pants, but you can easily pull things from Burda. So I really like the machine. If you do not make excessive demands on the level of industrial machines, then an excellent machine.See full review

acoustic system jbl partybox 310 ru black logo

A great thing for an office or bureau, for corporate parties. Mobile. But for the house - xs. If you are a young raver with a car, yes. If a family man - hardly. For 35 sput you can already find an amp and a pair of floorstanding speakers, or active ones with a frequency control. Different pros: The column as a whole is bomb. The light and strobe can be turned off. Different cons: Two things: 1) The sound of switching on and off, which cannot be removed or muffled. Houses will strain, especiallySee full review

coffee capsules nescafe dolce gusto flat white, 16 caps / pack, 1 pack. logo

With its pros: 1 capsule, not 2, as in latte or cappuccino, for a cup of coffee drink. Pleasant soft taste, gentle foam. Some cons: They have risen in price by 1.5 times, but nothing can be done about it.See full review

combined coffee maker polaris pcm 2020 3-in-1, black/silver logo

Unique thing. I have been thinking about a coffee maker for a long time and, having met this model, I could not resist. Especially for those who have not decided - a horn or capsules - this is "what the doctor ordered." And in general, I don’t want to mess around - I threw in a capsule, I wanted to experiment with ground - please. I use about two weeks (6-7 cups a day for two). I managed to try both types of capsules, and the ground one is easy to use. There is enough pressure even for the fineSee full review

bridgestone blizzak ice 225/60 r16 98s winter logo

Blizzak ICE is a pleasant and quiet tire that may be driven on in the snow and rain. Durable; I put roughly 20,000 kilometers on them across two winter seasons and a variety of routes with no noticeable decrease in performance. Excellent control in any weather conditions. Because of the large contact area and deep grooves, you can maintain full control of your vehicle through dirt and puddles. They walk calmly on drifting snow, and they row with ease across waist-deep water without sinking. The See full review

bridgestone turanza t001 205/60 r16 92v summer logo

I took it instead of the Dutch Vredestein Sportrac 5 tires, I drove the car from Europe and it already had Vredestein Hi-Trac tires on it, drove 65000 on it and changed to Sportrac 5, terribly quiet, but very soft, it went to 110,000 completely worn out, I decided buy it again, but the price tag of 8500 for 14 rinks is too much, I read a lot of reviews and decided to take the Bridgestone Turanza T001, especially since this is the official rubber of the Toyota factory, it is put on both the budgeSee full review

stockings b.well rehab jw-222 with openwork elastic, anti-sickness, class 2, size: 2, nero logo

There are only two silicone strips on the inside of the lace (even on ordinary stockings there are 3 or even 4 of them). For some reason no one writes about this! As a result, they do not hold well, the elastic band rolls, twists. I wore both sigvariuses and budget lines, there is something to compare with. There are no questions about the quality of the stocking - it corresponds to the price.See full review

umbrella xiaomi mijia automatic umbrella zds01xm, black logo

Benefits from: Big rim, decently sturdy spokes, simple folding design, cheap Some drawbacks: The straight handle is not particularly gripping. Occasionally, I will inadvertently fold my umbrella.See full review

globber flow lights 472 106 2 black logo

Prior to that, there was a scooter produced by the same business that had three wheels. There were no complaints during the three years that the machine was put through "hard" operation; nonetheless, I had to replace two bearings in the back wheel just lately since one of them had crumbled. As the child grew older, they began to prefer a two-wheeled mode of transportation. Pick one that has miniature wheels as a present. In summary, I think it's safe to say that we are all VERY satisfied! I urgeSee full review

portable folding exercise bike with electronic display logo

For such a price, it is quite a suitable thing, I don’t know, however, how long it can work. But it's been working for a few months now with no major issues. Some pros: Easy to assemble, compact, convenient to use. You can change the load. I use it for watching movies, benefit and pleasure immediately Got cons: The metal parts of the pedals heat up during work, especially intensive. It is not indicated in the instructions (which had to be translated into 2022 first) where to lubricateSee full review

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