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chairs leon group in the style of eames dsw for the kitchen with a backrest with wooden legs, 2 pcs logo

A comfortable chair, with a cover in general, but after 20 days of operation on one of the chairs, the plastic fastening of one of the legs burstSee full review

california gold nutrition children's dha chewable tabs, 180 pieces, strawberry & lemon logo

A sticker with instructions in 2022 was glued to the jar directly on the name of the vitamin. Not critical. But I had to give it away to make sure of the name of the vitamin.See full review

medela harmony essentials pack manual breast pump, colorless logo

The kit contains everything you need to get started. Bytylochka in a set standard, it is easily replaced. After using trial breast pads, I ordered a pack of these. Freezer bags were not used. The complete for feeding was not used. There is nothing to compare with, but this breast pump suits. The main thing is not to lose any sealing gumSee full review

nokian tires nordman 7 suv 265/60 r18 114t winter logo

I used to take Pirelli for the winter, a maximum of two seasons, usually one and a half, and there the operation is already cautious.See full review

nokian tires nordman 7 205/55 r16 94t winter logo

Over two decades in the field. I got brand new ones and broke them in properly by riding them all through the first winter. Newly falling snow and snow porridge provide for terrifying braking conditions, yet abs keeps on working. Particularly on a decline, you'll be applying the brakes for quite some time. Starting on ice and snow without slipping is nearly impossible, and leaving the traffic light before everyone else is not her strong suit. When I used strong brakes at around freezing temperatSee full review

children's pool intex pool intex 56493np (191x178x61) logo

Possesses positive attributes, such as a stunning aesthetic and a transparent design that allows one to observe the contents of the pool from the surrounding area. The pump will require a specialized nozzle in order to inflate the pool, which is a disadvantage. And the Intex electric pump is the superior option.See full review

robot vacuum cleaner neato botvac 70e, white logo

I evaluated the device in terms of cleaning quality, but the build quality let us down, but this did not affect the main task. We purchased such a device after the birth of our third child. And he immediately became a good istant. The suction power is not very bad. It in not only dust, but also various small things, for example, self-tapping screws, nuts, cookies, candy wrappers, etc. like a big vacuum cleaner. He does his job very thoroughly. Don't go to the same place twice. Doesn't skip See full review

vacuum cleaner kitfort kt-541-1, blue logo

An excellent vacuum cleaner, from the first use it became clear that the old huge vacuum cleaner flies into the trash, because this one is not inferior to it at all in anything, so there are also huge pluses. It perfectly, no worse than corded vacuum cleaners, but it does not have wires, which makes cleaning much faster. I also wanted to pay attention to the number of nozzles, are there any nozzles for cleaning any surface, for every taste, to climb between the wall and the cabinet? Easily. CliSee full review

vacuum cleaner thomas twin t1 aquafilter, blue/white logo

I have been successfully using this vacuum cleaner for more than three years. Since our apartment is not so big, and God forbid, the arrangement is in the pantry, then there it is placed right in front of the entrance, which sometimes I stumble about in the dark. That would be a vertical parking position, it would be good. A vacuum cleaner is needed to keep the house clean and tidy. In my opinion, he copes with this mission quite well. And since the child is at home, it pleases that he still cleSee full review

filter under the sink aquaphor osmo pro 50 white logo

He did an excellent job of cleaning the water in a high-rise building. It was impossible to drink tap water even after boiling - there was heartburn, etc. At first I doubted whether the filter would cope with the work, since formally the water was ok, and there were no serious harmful impurities in it. Even thought to hand over water on the analysis. But the reverse osmosis filter coped with the problem perfectly - the water became soft and tasty, wonderful tea. I forgot about buying bottles. InSee full review

double trekking tent jungle camp lite dome 2, blue/grey logo

A couple of people will comfortably accommodate without things with a height of no higher than 176 cm, otherwise you already rest your feet and head against the walls. The quality corresponds to the price, a tent for dry weather and light hiking conditions. Some pros: Cheap, light, easy to assemble, the bottom material is strong enough. With its cons: It leaks in heavy rain (you have to cover it with a film), the quality of the firmware is lame. Condensation (a feature of all single-layer tents)See full review

goodyear ultra grip ice suv 235/65 r18 110t winter logo

Auto Porsche Macan S. These tires are super comfortable, but not for active driving. Of course, you can pile on, but the hook will not be super and it will be too soft for this. At a speed of 150-160 dry it keeps well, I don’t drive faster in winter. In general, you don’t even want to pile on this rubber, you just go calmly, chill and enjoy the silence and comfort. Very good in dry, wet and snow. On ice, everything is predictable. I've been driving for the third season on it and it will be tSee full review

computer chair zombie 9 gaming, upholstery: imitation leather/textile, color: black/light green logo

Got pros: The chair is assembled quickly and easily. The chair is comfortable. There are soft handles, a headrest and a lumbar support. Got cons: When you lean back, there is a loud click. It stank of chemicals for a very long time.See full review

smart watch watch 8 big fitness watch nfc black, smart sports watch for women and men logo

Below are some advantages: The pricing indicates that the watch is of high quality, and the battery appears to have an infinite lifespan. When was the last time that I charged something? I can't remember. Cons: There is no instruction in 2022, but even with the English language, I was able to determine that in order to take advantage of the product's full potential, I will need to download the fit pro application.See full review

vacuum cleaner samsung vc18m31a0hu/ev, dark blue logo

The first household appliance from Samsung that died so quickly. Disappointment. In parallel, I bought a second, simpler version, we'll see.See full review

dyson cyclone v10 motorhead vacuum cleaner grey/red logo

As someone already said, the price seems to me too high for this toy. In everyday life, it is mainly used to quickly collect cat hair from a floor covering, namely a laminate, and to remove precisely local accumulations of dust / dirt / wool. This vacuum cleaner is the solution between cleanings. Also, a huge plus is the absence of wires, which makes it mobile, you can take it with you at least for fishing. Why go fishing? - I have no idea, but I can. Yes, it is not possible to vacuum the carSee full review

bic 3 flex hybrid cassette set - interchangeable, 8 pcs. logo

I bought the blades previously and found that they were just as good as the more well-known competitor's, but they were far less expensive. Having certain negative aspects Because of this unfortunate circumstance, I need to amend my evaluation. In point of fact, it was discovered that the blue stripe is significantly inferior to the orange one. Enough, please God, make that twice. Extremely disheartened.See full review

hair dryer dyson supersonic hd07, nickel/copper logo

Because it dries my hair so well, I use it practically every day on the highest setting, which takes just two minutes for my short hair to dry when I use it. It is recommended that owners of foreign hair dryers invest in an adapter of superior quality and not skimp on spending money on it. This will ensure that the hair drier does not overheat and continues to operate reliably. Various advantages: The declared functions are all operational, the wife's mood has improved, and the hair dryer is autSee full review

rocket grill kitfort kt-1649, silver/black logo

Heavy but not very significant when fitted in one location. Although raclettes have not yet been prepared, omelettes and fried eggs are excellent.See full review

xiaomi mi robot vacuum-mop essential robot vacuum cleaner, white logo

Extremely content. My spouse and I are able to get by with the help of the program. You don't need to be at home to go for a run. A weekly cleaning schedule can be defined. Checks out every inch of the apartment and leaves nothing out. In the "cleaning along the edges of furniture" setting, it ultimately moves all the way around the outside. A variety of cleaning options and settings are available. Have not once second-guessed my decision to purchase it.See full review

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