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laser projector new year''s indoor outdoor spotlight/light light music light disco night light light show logo

The seller is a deceiver, this is an ordinary laser flasher, there are 2 modes of flashing and just on, there is no microphone to the beat of the musicSee full review

computer chair bloody gc-350 gaming, upholstery: imitation leather, color: black/red logo

Assembly parts do not match. In particular, holes in the side handles and fastenings in the seat and back. 6mm discrepancy with M8 thread on the mounting bolts. I fell for the A4Tech brand, I thought branded things should be of high quality. But no Chinese . . apparently. Collected with the help of brute physical force (everything in a big tightness).See full review

nettop beelink u59 pro 8/512 intel celeron n5105/ hd graphics/windows 11 pro logo

I bought for a summer residence, but I use it everywhere. It is convenient to transport, I installed an additional ssd 480 gb. Stylish design, fell in love with it when I opened it. 4 usb is enough. Silent, I don't hear it at all, even in complete silence. Glad I bought it. Special thanks to for the fast delivery. I recommend.See full review

massage rocking chair yamaguchi liberty, gray logo

Pros below: Very good massage, I feel cool. Massage of the neck, what is eato, backs. linen upholstery, looks cool. Different cons: Too short for me, if the legs are stretched out, I have a height of 184, for my mother the norm, post 170.See full review

notebook huawei matebook d 14 2021 (1920x1080, intel core i5 1.6 ghz, ram 16 gb, ssd 512 gb, win10 home) logo

Bright display colors, aluminum body, hidden camera, comfortable keyboard, approximately 8 hours of operation without recharging.See full review

junion belli children''s tricycle with handle, beige logo

Very satisfied with this brand. Bicycle for my daughter - happiness. Long dreamed of this. It has everything that I need, as a mother - a handle, a footrest, a sun visor, a basket for water and toys, and most importantly, protection for the child, because we are 1.3 and she still does not know how to balance on a bicycle , and the first time will be like in a stroller. The bike is made with high quality straight, there is not a single scratch, the packaging was very good, they took 100% for moreSee full review

box stanley fatmax 1-95-615, 49.7x29.3x29.5 cm, 20"" , grey-black logo

The lid is made with "anti-slip" notches, but the lid is still thin and "played" noticeably under my 85 kg. I don't dare to attack anymore. Although with a clear vertical load it seems normal.See full review

nokian tires nordman 7 suv 225/55 r18 102t winter logo

Unbiased thoughts on this purchase.Spikes on asphalt do not particularly fall out, they cling to ice. Confidently enter the ice slide on the rear wheel driveSee full review

petrol cultivator daewoo dat 3530 (3.5hp, 26cm) logo

Works exclusively on the beds on the street and in the greenhouse. With a shovel and a rake, you can't loosen it like that. Runs just fine. In work, it “growls” like a chainsaw. The fuel mixture in the tank is enough for 40 minutes of work, but during this time it loosens several beds. On ordinary land, turf simply doesn’t work - it can’t go deep - it just jumps, but it’s a cool thing for bulk or dug up land, it helps a lot on the site.See full review

hankook tire kinergy eco k425 195/65 r15 91t summer logo

Chose between Toyo CF2 and Yoko BlueEarth AE01. As a result, he spat on the torment of choice and took this one in the hope that this model would be better than a fellow from a 2-season rider on tracks and crossroads I put it on Solaris 185/65/88H instead of the factory Hankook Optimo 415. The latter wore themselves out in a little less than 60 thousand mileage from the 14th year. But not about that. First of all, about the shortcomings. In Solik, there is no Shumka in principle, so the noise fSee full review


For a long time I chose a battery for my Kia Sid car, because the old one had served since 2022. began to be discharged during a long parking. Which one to take? ! I opted for Topla Energy 60. I ordered it, it was delivered the next day. Helped me remove the old one and install the new one. Taking into account free delivery, the delivery of two old batteries, it turned out 3700s + a windshield washer as a gift. I am very satisfied with the purchase. I recommend. Thanks guys.See full review

goodyear ultra grip ice arctic 205/65 r16 99t winter logo

Hope my opinion proves useful.Some pros: Excellent traction, a little noisy when running With its cons: Very soft sidewalls, pierced two wheels in the springSee full review


I have been friends with a soldering iron for a long time, but I consider myself a beginner. Often you have to solder wires to various plugs (mainly headphones), it’s not easy to do with one hand and I’ve been looking at this little thing for a long time. Bought and did not regret! I simplified my life when the part is fixed and at the right angle - it works faster and better, and most importantly, it's a joy. Some responded to the insufficient weight of the base, I did not notice this. The baseSee full review


Experience of using this DVR - 1 day. During this day, I realized the following about him: - It gets very hot, reaching such a temperature that I burned my finger when I touched the plastic side of the device; - When heated, it (with an indefinite frequency) freezes, to such an extent that it can only be restarted by physically turning off the power; - During operation (when this happens), the sensor stops working on a heated device (from the word at all), but there is a touch screen, and there See full review


I am very satisfied with the purchase, I turn it on all the time at night. The humidifier is installed on the windowsill and operates automatically. Breathing became much easier, there is a pleasant freshness. The wife drew attention to the skin, it began to dry less. I strongly recommend the device. Different pros: Quiet. Powerful steam. Non-irritating display with its brightness. Large tank volume. Stylish design. Hygrometer and remote control included. Acceptable price tag - 4900. Cons: I dSee full review


I've been using these tires for less than a month and I'm happy with the purchase so far. It brakes perfectly, the car moves smoothly, it does not skid when cornering. Let's see how it will be further, I don't know how many seasons pass, but so far everything suits.See full review


TV set, 2 computers, 2 phones, heated floor, smart socket, for 6 months the Internet has not dropped Has some pros: It works very fast, now I always download movies in 1080hd, there were no problems with the TV that the Internet was constantly falling when you download something on your computer, there was an old dir-615 before Got cons: The fact that it heats up didn’t bother me at all, although the heating is moderate, the hand endures, the main problem was in the settings, cs, the tanks didn’See full review

logitech g g502 lightspeed, black logo

The mouse is really heavy, for me this is not a big minus, but if you like low sensitivity settings, it can be inconvenient (there are even weights in the kit, but I don’t understand who wants to make IT heavier). At the same time, the device is quite small, and although my hands are not so big, sometimes there is a feeling that there is nowhere to put my fingers - the mouse is clearly not suitable for any grip. I also want to write down the software in advantages and disadvantages: customizatioSee full review


I am very pleased, although I do not often sit down to play, but now it is a pleasure, I sat down and pressed the button on the controller and after a couple of seconds you are already playing from the place where you left off. It will take 2 minutes on your computer until you wait, even with excellent ssd) Got pros: Absolutely silent console, even when you heat it up by playing powerful games for several hours. Easily pulls the latest ~60fps titles, but see the reviews for details. I really likSee full review

goodyear eagle f1 asymmetric 3 225/55 r17 97y summer logo

Giving an honest evaluation.Some pros: Soft quiet. Good handling on wet and dry pavement Cons: not durable. 1.5 seasons and replacement of all 4 tiresSee full review

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