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Nice services

Revainrating 4 out of 5

A really good exchange. Of course not perfect, but very good. I especially like the fact that they listen to their customers. I have been trading there for a while. They have some problems. If you transfer money usd out, it can arrive very slowly. That is why I do not transfer money out through bank wire. I do it by other means. I use bitcoin or ethereum to transfer money out. This could be because their bad relationship with American banks. They stepped on someone "toes" so that is why somSee full review

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Revainrating 5 out of 5

HitBTCs tech works simple as that. I have had a good experience so far with their platform and have found their support team helpful and responsive (i needed help with using the rear facing camera on my iphone for KYC - a non exchange issue and while i though frustrating at the beginning but successful at the end. I recovered my Hitbtc account all thanks to the customer care who were patient with me and very effective. They are real guys. I love this platform. Moving assets to and from the excSee full review

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Revainrating 5 out of 5

Indodax is the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in Indonesia. I always use this exchange for every my trading activity. Even not many of the variant of coin listed here, but average coin listed on Indodax is major cryptocurrency. Indodax is designed for Indonesian traders, but maybe in the future foreign users can use Indodax as well. Withdrawing FIAT from indodax is so easy. Indodax have voucher system that you can easily convert your FIAT to Indodax voucher that can be redeemed to other user See full review

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Nice wallet app

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Coinomi is cryptocurrency wallet app that i often use for daily activity in cryptocurrency. Coinomi offer many various coin and some blockchain asset token. Usually i use for store some coin like BTC, Doge, and LTC because if i store my crypto on exchange or other centralized wallet, i cant set fee for send my crypto to other wallet. But in Coinomi you can easily setup your preferred fee. And other feature is i can easily instant swap my crypto in changelly and Shapeshift inside the app ! Very See full review

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Revainrating 4 out of 5

I like this wallet because easy to use for exchanging my cryptocurrency assets to other coin/token. Safe for storing my asset here because have multi layer of security such email verification and 2 factor authentication. Although the trading fees is high, but overall is good so far i use this wallet service. Other feature that can help mostly user is you can buy cryptocurrency coin or token listed on Uphold with credit card. Don't worry, is safe for your credit card security. I recommended thisSee full review

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Secure wallet

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Blockchain as biggest wallet address provider has gives many users who store their cryptocurrency safe and secure. All concenquence in the owner of wallet. So this is decentralized wallet. Thats make Blockchain is one of safe and secure cryptocurrency wallet. But, Blockchain wallet is not accepting blockchain asset, such ERC20 and Stellar asset token.See full review

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Nice exchange

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Huobi have many feature that can help traders for trading and get profit from there. Huobi have many various coin and token for trade. They have low trading fees and withdrawal fees. Many advance traders has trading in there because fast to execute orders and other trading feature on Huobi.See full review

dragonex logo

DragonEx is one of popular exchanges in the world. Many features that can help traders to maximize their profit on trading. They also have low trading fees and low withdrawal fees. I like these feature. Very user friendly cryptocurrency exchanges. DragonEx have many cryptocurrency listed to trade, Including major cryptocurrency like top 10 CMC. Nice cryptocurrency exchange. Good job team.See full review

bittrex logo

Bittrex is one of cryptocurrency exchange platform that will give you securities in cryptocurrency trading. With many features on Bittrex, traders will be spoiled by the features that are in exchange, such one of the most popular feature is Stop-Loss. Now, Bittrex providing traders more easier to buy cryptocurrency with credit card. And user will get discount for buying cryptocurrency with inviting new user for trading to Bittrex.Bittrex also requires traders to verify their accounts to start tSee full review

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