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tablet digma optima 8250c a133 4c/2gb/32gb 8" ips 1280x800/and11/black/bt/2mpix/2mpix/4000mah logo

Even the simplest games like balls and three in a row pull with lags, there was an old phone with 1GB of RAM and it didn’t stupid, but here 2GB This tablet is only for cartoons for a childSee full review

michelin pilot sport 4 225/45 r19 96w summer logo

I set the stock size and rubbed, despite the fact that other sets of tires never rubbed. Obviously, the size is wider than stated.See full review

bridgestone dueler h/p sport 225/55 r18 98v summer logo

stock tires for audi q5 I didn't have to choose. Rubber is not bad if you drive on smooth asphalt, but where can you find it. On ordinary non-federal roads, it is very sensitive to ruts, pits, etc. irregularities. The first time after Toyota Rav4 felt like a kart driver. I thought it was all-wheel drive features, but in the winter I changed the tires and the car became more obedient. And for a season and a half (thousand 30 kilometers) worn out. For the third summer, I could not reach it, I had See full review

icearmor player neck guard with clavicular protection (xl) logo

Honest appraisal of this product.A couple of times I helped out when, during the struggle at the side, the child was loaded in the neck with a stickSee full review

nintendo switch oled game console 64 gb, no games, neon blue/neon red logo

The problem of this OLED model itself or the seller is not clear. But such an experience spoiled the impression of buying from this seller.See full review

targus pulse laptop sleeve 11.6-13.3 black-grey logo

an excellent lightweight case for hiding a laptop in a non-specialized backpack or suitcase Has some pros: thin, light, moderately protective, not over-dutik and not a "briefcase with handles" With its cons: from the fact that it is thin it follows that there is nowhere to put the charger and the mouse - they could sew a thin additional case from the same fabric (without insulation)See full review

laser level fukuda 4d mw-94d-4gx logo

When checking the houses, both verticals are even (checked by a plumb line). The upper laser only on one plane showed a beam difference of 1 mm. The rest are within their limits. The lower laser remained at the same level in all four planes. The test was carried out from 5 meters. The set of fasteners is rich. The remote control is very convenient to use. It remains only to buy a tripod and a spacer bar.See full review

electric scooter midway i- max pro gray (18000 mah, up to 40 km/h, 600 w) logo

The listed shortcomings are, of course, my subjective opinion, given that the instructions clearly state that the scooter is not for off-road use, it is prohibited to operate on flat surfaces and in dry weather, it is prohibited in rain and puddles. Nevertheless, I share my feelings from getting to know this miracle. Well, is it really only to ride on the parquet, well, why is this needed at all? )) (: after a while, I got used to it, yes there are vibrations when driving over bumps, I slow downSee full review

xiaomi mi smart home door/window sensor 2 (mccgq02hl) cn logo

With its pros: Door / window opening sensor combined with a light sensor, which allows you to measure the illumination of both natural light and artificial light Has cons: Constantly falls off via bluetooth, so it's better to use it together with a gatewaySee full review

goodyear eagle f1 asymmetric 3 255/35 r18 94y summer logo

I examined Pirelli, convinced that Goodyear is better, and not much cheaper (1000r difference for 4 wheels) and Pirelli in Hong Kong came across only . Didn't regret it. Delighted with rubber! She is worth her money. Do not even compare with the Chinese and other cheaper options ! !! Completely different tires. Audi 80 b3 (barrel) 2.0 115 hp . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . .. .. .. .. Don't skimp on tires! as iSee full review

wheel disk x"trike x-111 6.5х15/5х100 d57.1 et38, 6.45 kg, hsb logo

On the second day, I hit the rail at the crossing, the sound was just tinny, I thought the wheel flew off, but in the end a piece of the disk was simply cut off. It's cool that it didn't break. There are no vibrations at speed.See full review

computer chair domtwo 202f gaming, upholstery: imitation leather, color: red/black logo

Issued a refund. The chair was taken away, but the money was never returned. Now neither steal nor money. Don't take this crap. Just lose your money and nothing else.See full review

sven gc-750 set, black logo

Different pros: A good joystick for my money, I drive it in forza 4, all functions are available and work, the vibration motor works properly Got cons: After a couple of months, the left stick began to creak, but everything is fine for me, because I play with headphonesSee full review


. 05/02/22 I am supplementing after six months. There is no corrosion. Great kettle. At random, namely purchase and return, we finally purchased this kettle. And they weren’t disappointed, it’s comfortable in your hand, you hold it and you understand, a real, heavy kettle, not a tin can, and the whistle is just a song - it whistles so that you definitely get up, go and turn it off. The handle does NOT heat up, there was no smell at all, unlike the previous one, it carried plastic there, even aftSee full review


Sent in for service under warranty. The courier came and took everything. Diagnosis was carried out in 10 days, which is a plus. On this, the pluses end and the hemorrhoids begin, there is no other way to call it. After 10 days, the courier arrived, but did not bring the module back, but brought the conclusion that the module cannot be repaired and contact you at the place of purchase. We contacted immediately, 09/23/22, today is already 12,10,22 No new module, no money, although they promised tSee full review

hdtv type-c to hdmi adapter cable for mirroring from smartphone or laptop to tv, projector 4k 30hz logo

I could not use it for its intended purpose (Xiaomi mi 11 phone via cable could not connect to LG TV, not to Samsung. There may be some technical incompatibility, because the TV says "loading", then "no connection" . .See full review


I ordered a filter in a city apartment for installation on hot water. I work with metals, so it is possible to determine alloys using a verified spectrometer-analyzer (I deliberately do not indicate the model). So, the "gun" confidently confirmed that the filter flask is made of traditional stainless steel, but the nut pressing the flask and the upper part of the filter itself are made of MNTs-alloy, with external nickel plating. I am writing a review specifically for those who know the differenSee full review


Honest appraisal of this product.Has some pros: No. Since the modem cannot be used instead of an inhaler! Cons: They brought a modem instead of an inhaler-nebulizerSee full review


Three seasons - two wheels had to be thrown out due to side breaks, instead I bought used ones. The sidewall is soft. Noise is higher than usual. As it wears, it begins to float on the water and ceases to keep the track. Mileage 45 thousand - it became scary to move the track, throws it. Not bad departed only the first season (15tys. km). Depreciation for 3 seasons (45 thousand km) with an extremely calm ride - there are still 10-15 thousand more tread left. Wouldn't recommend, especially for thSee full review


We bought a refrigerator a few weeks ago, it stands, it works quietly, I like that it works relatively quietly. And they were also pleased with the fact that it is very large in volume and looks beautiful!See full review

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