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matte black trustmi toilet paper holder with phone shelf | wall mounted bathroom storage & tissue dispenser logo

The Kirkland rolls are too big, they hit on the way when brand new. This should be .5 in other and would be greT Gee, i don''t know what i wouold use a toilet paper holder for.. See full review

shop fox w1823 portable cyclone dust collector logo

This dust collector actually works fine, but it requires a lot of power. You can't use it and have a planer, jointer, drum sander or table saw on the same circuit in a normal residential shop. We've moved and I now have a 30 amp 220V line in my shop. The W1823 motor is easily converted to 220V.but I also need to spend almost $350 for the magnetic switch assembly in order to make it work, and you can't just convert the motor leads & add a readily available <$50 220V magnetic switch. That's oveSee full review

1 gallon crystal clear epoxy resin kit, super clear epoxy resin supplies for molds, 2 part epoxy resin for craft, jewelry, casting, coating, tumbler,table top logo

This resin is perfect for pouring in to molds! It mixes crystal clear and the bubbles pop with barely any effort. This was one of the easiest resins I've ever worked with.In my experience, I had an easier time using this with molds than I did on tumblers. With tumblers, it had a tendency to delaminate in spots. I wore nitrile gloves when handling the cup prior to mixing the epoxy, so it wasn't oils from my hands, but I never did figure out what the cause of that issue was. But molds? Molds were See full review

scitoo resistors 2009 2014 expedition navigator logo

After trying this automotive resistor I'm impressed with how well it works.My engine cooling and climate control system is operating smoothly and efficiently. The installation process was easy, even for someone with limited knowledge of automotive parts like myself. However, the only downside was the price tag. It`s a bit expensive, but it's worth the investment for a reliable cooling and climate control system..See full review

scuba choice diving adapter pressure logo

As a frequent diver, I've been looking for a diving adapter that works perfectly with my camera. This one from the Sports and Outdoors category did not disappoint! Based on my experience this durable and sturdy adapter is easy to install and use .It connects securely and easily to my camera and dive gear, allowing me to capture stunning photos and videos. The only downside is that it's a bit pricey compared to other adapters on the market, but the quality and performance make it worth the investSee full review

stainless steel 2.0l/67oz cat water fountain - automatic circulating, ultra-quiet pump with led light, dishwasher safe! logo

My cats like this much better than their regular bowl. The stainless steel stays much cleaner than the plastic water fountains. Definitely worth the purchase!See full review

analyzer detector aluminium calibration certificate logo

Tools and Home Improvement stores offer a wide range of scanners and testers, but this one is not worth the money. Thanks to my knowledge gained in practice, I know that the readings are nowhere near accurate despite the calibration certificate .The only good thing about this product is its aluminium build, but that doesn't justify the steep price tag. Save your money and opt for a more reliable scanner..See full review

screwdriver phillips slotted electronics eyeglass logo

Using this handy screwdriver our team found that it was perfect for working on small electronics and automotive projects. The dual Phillips and slotted heads came in very handy and saved us time and frustration from having to switch out tools. The compact size allows for easy storage, and the grip handle ensures the tool won't slip out of our hands. However, the screwdriver may not be ideal for larger projects or heavy-duty use .Overall, a great addition to any toolkit..See full review

comfortable wide leg palazzo pants with pockets, elastic waist for women by glorysunshine logo

Dislike that there were no pockets although the description said pockets. Very comfortable in hot and cool weather. That's my review.See full review

men's regular fit short-sleeve dress shirts by allsense - look stylish and professional! logo

I ordered the wrong shirt. I wanted the blue in long sleeve but didn't realize it was a short sleeve till I got it back from the cleaners. Only wore it once, but the time that I did, it fit just fine. Only reason I don't wear it is because it was for work and I refuse to wear a tie with short sleeve shirt in the office. It arrived fast.See full review

sealight l2 9007/hb5 led bulbs with 24000lm, 800% brightness, turbo fan, plug and play, 6000k cool white, pack of 2 logo

Update - Bright but.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The lights are very bright, however, The light is scattered and you can see bright spots and darker spots throughout the beam pattern. When pointed at a flat surface the drivers side shows a vertical line and the passenger side shows a horizontal line. The beam is therefore not uniform as the original halogen and other LED lights in different vehicles I own. I based my purchase on the rating and I'm so disappointed with the product. Another negative, it took about a month to arrive, plus the blaSee full review

unisex deluxe master's graduation hood by graduationforyou logo

Bought b/c friend said it was school colors, which it is. But not the same pattern. Enough of the class had this one so it didn't look odd. Thought the quality is good and will make a good keepsake. Good quality. If you need to match a school hood, you probably need to purchase through company school uses.See full review

matte black ufaucet single handle pull out sprayer kitchen faucet with deck plate, brass sink faucet for pull down kitchen use logo

Looks great. Seems to work fine, the only thing I noticed is the pull down end isn't as smooth as my moen. But it was 1/3 of the price too. See full review

wintact digital anemometer and weather station for accurate hvac duct and outdoor measurements logo

Overall I think that this device works well and seems to be relatively accurate. I race sailboats and have for pretty much all of my life so I have a pretty good estimate of wind speeds as many of the larger boats I've raced on have anemometers on top of the mast giving a true wind speed/direction reading.The wind direction is where this falls short. I was somewhat under the impression that the head rotated on this to get the wind direction. While the product description is misleading saying it See full review

lyoomall leather checkbook and register holder - sleek wallet for men and women logo

Got this for my mom as she likes to have different colors for different accounts. The bank provided check cover colors are limited and very cheap. She really liked it and I have heard no complaints.See full review

retro-inspired mendeng heavy duty suspenders for men - adjustable x-back with swivel hooks logo

The suspenders are comfortable, easy to adjust, and easy to use. However, the clips fit into a "collar" that holds them in place. Whether the metal is wearing off on the clip tab, or the collar metal is too soft and being forced out of shape, the collar is constantly breaking loose from the clip. I take it into my shop, put the tab back into a collar and use a hammer and nail set to tighten the collar around the tab again. This will hold for several weeks and then it will eventually come loose aSee full review

soft and wispy lash clusters - 60 pcs d curl individual eyelash extensions with reusable clusters, 10-16mm false eyelashes for at-home diy application (swa-60-d-10-16mm) logo

These lashes are so pretty, I haven’t tried them on yet but I have had my fair share with lashes and these are great quality lashes! Will be buying. I do recommend.See full review

pgytech backpack camera photographers action logo

This backpack is perfect for photographers who are always on the move! It`s extremely durable and has plenty of space for all of my electronics. My analysis of this product showed that it's well-designed with lots of pockets and compartments to keep everything organized .The shoulder straps are very comfortable and I love the fact that you can easily access your camera without having to take off the backpack. The only downside is that it's a bit pricey but it's definitely worth the investment foSee full review

metal products corp 1007ll nailhead logo

These brackets are not up to par for industrial and scientific needs. While they are affordable the quality is questionable. The pros include their inexpensive cost, but the cons outweigh any potential benefits. The brackets are flimsy and may not withstand heavy workloads .We do not recommend this product for any professional or industrial applications..See full review

cummins isx qsx 15, caterpillar (cat) 3400, c-15 5.4" bore piston ring compressor - pt-7040 alternative logo

This compressor is like no other. It fits perfectly with the Cummins ISX QSX 15, Caterpillar (CAT) 3400, and C-15 5.4 bore engines. It's the PT-7040 Alternative, but it's definitely not an alternative when it comes to performance. Using this compressor was a breeze, thanks to the high-quality materials used in its construction. The piston rings were compressed with ease, and the results were fabulous. The engine we used it on never sounded better. This compressor is truly a game-changer. It willSee full review

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