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reli. supervalue 40-45 gallon trash bags 50 count made in usa large clear garbage bags 40 gallon - 42 gallon - 44 gallon - 45 gallon trash bag can liners 40-45 gal capacity white logo

This is a great value. I was buying Glad scented bags from Costco for a 10L that I’m using as a diaper bin. That was a great product but kind of pricey unless you buy on sale. So I went searching for a cheaper option when I came across these. These are pretty durable, don’t tear and can hold quite a bit. The only thing I miss or wish they offered, is a scented option for stinky trash. But this is still a great value and I just spray the bin with Odoban when I replace the bag.See full review

twgone women's plus size hooded cardigan jacket with long sleeves and punk moon print - black cloak style logo

This is Halloween costume material. It will serve it's purpose for a one time wear occasion. A medium is a 2xl. I bought this as a gift. This is no cardigan. It's not even sweater cotton material. It took 3+ weeks to get here and I opened it due to how light the package felt. It's embarrassing. They even wanted $50+ to send it before Christmas. This was a scary bad choice in quality and fit. I'm lucky I requested 2xl. It will fit the small person I'm gifting it to like it should but will be a geSee full review

stylish & safe: sussexhome carpet stair treads for wooden steps - 4-pack of self-adhesive, pet & kid-friendly indoor treads to prevent slipping logo

After reading a lot of the reviews you have to press the adhesive tape to the rug harder so you can remove the cover film to stick the rug. My fiance and I love the rugs! They feel very soft and they make our foyer look great! Definitely a must buy! See full review

copper bracelet with high-power magnetic waves for effective magnetic therapy logo

It's a little too early to tell for sure but it does seem to be helping my husbands arthritis in has hand. That's my review.See full review

get a streak-free sunless tan with b.tan's reusable & washable back applicator! logo

Saves my hand from getting the self tanning lotion all over it. Easy to put on and doesn't slide off while applying lotion. Super soft, even my 4 year old loves to fell it. I always rinse mine off after using and let air dry, stays soft and have had no problems.See full review

organize and protect your snorkel gear with 101snorkel mesh drawstring bag logo

Great, great, great! Wish I had found this earlier. Perfect for snorkel gear. Going to buy a couple more for the wife and to use for lap gear. Awesome!See full review

dazzle your ankles with sovesi's gold stainless steel flat snake chain anklet - perfect for the beach! logo

I just got this yesterday and the fish bone chain just came right off the rest of it. Horrible quality. Returning! Jewelry.See full review

high-quality melca black pla 3d printer filament, 1kg spool, 1.75mm diameter with precise tolerance logo

I print the same gcode over and over, so I bought a sample spool from here to maybe get some savings in the long run. It comes out just fine, but can't handle simple mechanical loads. Now, obviously that depends on how hard you try and how many perimeters you print, orientation, etc, but let me tell you, a couple dollars less. I wasn't impressed. It came in a sealed bag with it's own atmosphere and a sample filament. I'm not sure what the sample was, because it wasn't marked. Seemed like that stSee full review

adorable dinosaur footed pajamas for newborns: unisex hooded rompers with non-slip soles - available in sizes 0-24 months logo

I think the design is so cute! The material is thick and soft. My son is almost 5 months old and fits into the 9-12 month. He's a big boy. He sleeps comfortably in these PJs. I recommend these for sure!See full review

upgrade your bathroom and kitchen with zuext's adjustable double towel bars logo

The towel rack is beautiful to look at, and can hold your average towels, up to 2. It expands to a descent length with structure staying in tack. U however question how long it will last as the bars being thin.See full review

memory foam ear pads - dark red replacement ear cushions for sony mdr 7506, v6, cd900st and other on-ear headphones logo

I bought my MDR-7506s at least 3 years ago and they've a lot of action, but still work perfectly fine. One day however, I noticed that my stock earpads were basically disintegrating. I ordered the turquoise ones. The color really pops since it matches the logo and they generally feel well-made. I'm writing this review after about 6 hours of testing, and my conclusion is that I wish I'd bought these sooner.Installing can be a little fiddly, but I personally didn't need a tool to push the fabric iSee full review

24k rose gold elixir skin makeup oil - essential beauty primer for moisturizing face before foundation logo

I’ve used this product before, and I get it when I can find it. Super moisturizing, it’s oily going on but will soak into your skin and make it nice and plump. Use it before makeup to have it last throughout the day! Will also revitalize older gel linerMy delivery driver must have been rough with it, half of the product spilled out all over the box and delivery package. Pretty much my only complaintSee full review

6 pack heavy duty moving bags - xl storage totes for large items and clothing logo

After trying to buy these same types of bags through IKEA and them never having them in stock, this was a great alternative. They are pretty much the same thing, and a little cheaper. They hold a lot of clothes and linens and are great for transporting these items back and forth between college and home.See full review

50-piece joneaz ball bungee cords, 4-inch black high elastic shock tie-down cord, real rubber material, uv-resistant and heavy duty for improved durability and seo logo

I have been using these Joneaz Ball Bungee Cords in a theatrical setting for organzizing DMX and power cable runs on a truss structure. Since we're frequently changing configurations, these are a lot better than zip ties, and I find them easier to use than small velcro straps. The 4" size is perfect for truss members with a 2" diameter, where you are securing a fairly thick bundle of wires. I can quickly release the bungee, addor remove a cable, and cinch it all back up again--far less wastefullSee full review

portable electric ceramic tower heater fan with thermostat for office - quiet, fast heating, 120° oscillation efficient for home bedroom large room bathroom under desk indoor use logo

I originally picked this heater thinking it was a little bit bigger then it actually is (I mistakenly thought it was full size) however it’s new use it’s perfect. As a space heater it’s the perfect "not to big not to small” kind. It heated up my guest bathroom pretty quickly/ nicely, note the rotating feature seems to make the heat feel "even” in a small bathroom. Otherwise it’s portable handle is a nice convenient feature whenever it needs to be moved. It also allows you to adjust the amount ofSee full review

luranee women's upf 50+ long sleeve 1/4 zip pullover: perfect for hiking, running & working out! logo

Just a bit large for a medium and would like it much better if it weren’t quite as long (why are ALL the tapered hem shirts on ebay so long?) but feels great on. Got some compliments on it. Ps. It’s polyester, don’t wear it in hot humid weather!See full review

efficient cleaning made easy: yocada microfiber spray mop with 2 washable pads for all floor types logo

I like the larger fill bottle than some of the others out there. It is about 2 cups. I don't have a really large area so I don't use it all. In fact the mop heads pick up the dog hair and dirt so well, I have not had to mop with water much yet on my vinyl plank floor. The little scraper was part of the reason I bought this one over others. It does work to get the hair and other debris off the pad so you don't have to wash it every time you mop. And when you do need to wash, all that hair doesn'tSee full review

esbit ultralight folding pocket stove: 6 14g solid fuel tablets, steel construction - small size logo

First of all the conditions for you:Esbit FP stove, Esbit solid fuel tab (one), tap cold H2O in a MSR Alpine Stowaway Pot (liter) filled 90% with lid on, elevation 3100 ft, and outside temp 34° with no wind.@2:16 bubbles collected on bottom of pan.@4:41 large amount of steam still not a true boil.@8:32 flame is getting noticeably smaller but definitely holding temperature.@13:06 flame goes out completely.Though the water never came up to a rolling boil, a "rapid simmer" was achieved quicker thanSee full review

champagne anodized aluminum handrail kit with 2 wall brackets and flush endcaps - 3 feet long, 1.6 inch round logo

Say to I replaced a broken rail. This rail was an easy to install and durable. I have heavy stressed it with excessive weight and it has proved durable beyond expectations. If I had any bad comments about it would be the finger rail underneath the extruded rail is made of rubber and difficult to slide in but not impossible. The finished product that is a superior product. See full review

dell s2522hg - 1j0vt: the ultimate antiglare metallic 🖥️ monitor with 240hz, height and swivel adjustment, and hd anti-glare screen logo

It works great, if you have an old computer without HDMI, forget it, it can only be connected with a HEMI cable. Image Blurriness: If the resolution is set too low, the display may appear blurry or pixelated.!See full review

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