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nokian tires nordman 7 suv 265/60 r18 114t winter logo

Quality rubber. Despite the recent snowfall, we still need to remember that riding in the winter is different than riding in the summer. Considerably less than in our forests near Hong Kong, especially when one considers that they still manage to clean it. The benefits: I rode on porridge, snow, ice, dug parking places, and didn't even notice the garbage on the roadways. Despite this, you haven't gotten stuck anyplace yet, so eating porridge has its advantages and disadvantages.See full review

silver thule 532 freeride bicycle carrier logo

I rode with bikes on the roof to Hong Kong from Msk. At a speed of more than 110, it’s hard with bikes on the roof, it starts to storm, and so everything is top. But it's all . I have a wife with a great on the roof went to the garage. And there, at the entrance, there was a pipe from above, so that all sorts of gazelles would not go, well, in general, she forgot about it and with a bicycle right on the pipe, there were two mounts, one was large. So the whole structure, flying off the roof from See full review

set of dishes "oriental", ceramics, blue, 18 items, iran logo

Has pros: The set is cool, as in the description, the colors are beautiful. Cons below: The bottom needs to be processed! Already very rough processing and scratches the table!See full review

montale eau de parfum chocolate greedy, 100 ml logo

Traditionally, all Montale fragrances are packaged in a pouch with a drawstring and a box. The specificity of the brand lies in the fact that the bags can be completely different (both in fabric / and in color). More common materials: satin, silk, velor. There are also limited-edition sequin bags. There are NO Montale leather pouches. The ties on the pouch match the color of the name sticker. Girls, for me this is just a divine scent! It is classified as a unisex fragrance and belongs to the OrSee full review

weather station hygrometer for home indoor household thermometer with humidity measurement ulbi h1 logo

Its pros: Small, neat. Well worth it - I carry it from room to room. Nothing extra. Battery included With its cons: I took it for 399. Even this is expensive. 200 to him the price.See full review

toilet house for cats imac easy cat 50x40x40 cm white/pale blue 1 pc. logo

The absence of smell depends on the quality of the filler and the frequency of cleaning, so do not flatter yourself about this) Different pros: used by two cats, good size and shape - spacious, the color is quite good, the filler is poured onto the floor less than from the open, the hapaha is also less With its cons: the transparent door sometimes falls out of the grooves, I don’t see the point in the carbon filter at all (it’s small and doesn’t take away the smell, and there’s also no change)See full review

electric scooter xiaomi mi electric scooter 1s, up to 100 kg, white, cn logo

Since May 1st, I've been consistently showing up to work. In a varied driving style (I don't use eco at all), I get 9 kilometers on 30 percent of a full charge. Nothing shakes or dents, but the back wheel buckles like it was made of aovo. I rode in the rain without incident, though one should keep in mind that this is an electric scooter and avoid driving in deep puddles. The charging cable connecting you to the internet is made in China. Simple to swap out for a different charger. The lack of See full review

watch casio edifice ef-552-1avef logo

This evaluation is more about the sellers than it is about the timepieces; it only takes a few of days to complete. Attention anyone who might be interested in purchasing Casio watches: starting in 2022, all watches will be required to come with a new warranty card that features a hologram and a barcode and will come with a warranty that lasts for 24 months. Additionally, new ef-552 watches will have a plastic case with a dark foam rubber filler. The first purchase was a failure since it had an See full review

sabosports weightlifting and powerlifting weightlifting shoes (size 43) logo

The legs and the "problem" region instantly recalled the ways in which they need to improve their squats))))) when everything was said and done, 43 equaled my score of 42. Absolutely ideal for my foot. Take a size up.See full review

wired microphone defender mic-109, connector: mini jack 3.5 mm, black logo

Pros below: The microphone is small, with a clip. And the wire is long. Liked the price. With its cons: The clothespin does not rotate. But this is a trifle, it can hardly be called a disadvantage.See full review

nokian tires hakka black 2 275/35 r20 102y summer logo

On a brand new BMW 530d, I bought a set of tires of different widths 245/35/20 in front and 275/30/20. As a result, at speeds of 90-130 km / h, the steering wheel beats. The wheels were balanced 4 (!) times - zero effect. The front tires are oval (you can see how the rubber walks up / down on the tire stand). Immediately issued an extended warranty for Nokia. This is fiction. Curved tires are not covered under warranty. So, having paid 80 thousand for a set of rubber. you are left with crooked wSee full review

double trekking tent jungle camp lite dome 2, blue/grey logo

The tent is overall very good, and for the price, it's generally excellent. But there was one serious drawback. If it is cool outside, then condensation forms on the ceiling, which begins to flow down the walls. As a result, everything inside is wet. We went camping, at night it was about 0, it was not very comfortable precisely because of the condensation. Perhaps the ventilation needs some improvement.See full review

vacuum cleaner dyson v15 detect absolute (sv22) eu, silver logo

With all of its perks. A real gizmo! User-friendly, designed with comfort in mind, and most importantly, it COLLECTS with a BANG! The act of cleaning started to give her a real high. Below are some downsides: The battery dies relatively quickly. However, the actual time required to clean a room is no more than 15 minutes, thus. It's possible that this is the norm.See full review

🧖 l'oreal serie expert absolut repair resurfacing gold quinoa protein mask - 8.4 oz, for intense hair repair logo

With all of its perks. excellent structure well-suited for colored, porous hair, as recommended by the hairdresser. Its cons: The cost, given the current circumstances, has ballooned to an extremely high level.See full review

ceiling lamp yeelight ylxd013-a, 50 w, armature color: white, shade color: white logo

Has pros: Bright (with sufficient light for 20 m2 when in a bright room) The light comes on when the traditional off/on switch is used to turn it on and off. Various disadvantages: There is no rgb backlight control and no "moonlight" setting, therefore compatibility is not even close to being complete.See full review

xiaomi motion-activated night light 2 led, 0.36 w, armature color: white, plafond color: white, version: global logo

To be hidden away in the cloakroom, beneath the counter. A neat illumination device for use not just at night, but also during the day, for instances such as bringing the dog into the toilet after a walk and not having access to the main light source. In a word, yes. Nice, but only a little.See full review

mattress blue sleep hybrid 2.0, 180x200 cm, spring logo

Friends recommended that we check out Blusleep Hibryd, so we did just that a few days ago. The bed looks like a work of art. Those who want firm mattresses will find this to be an excellent option. And it's a blessing for people whose backs constantly hurt. My wife and I have been using this mattress for a week, and in that time we have both seen significant improvements in our sleep quality and the health of our backs upon waking. The mattress is well worth the money; we have no qualms about reSee full review

xiaomi mijia robot vacuum-mop 2 mjst1s cn robot vacuum cleaner, white logo

Well, I am very pleased with the robot, what a cleaning assistant. Pros: 1. Very accurately builds a map of the room 2. Doesn't crash like crazy into walls or nightstands. And it drives smoothly. 3. Cleans the room several times. And then just go to another. Has cons: 1. It was difficult to connect (you need wi-fi 2 GHz, but I tried to connect to 5, well, this is already my cant) 2) And I don’t know how to flash a vacuum cleaner on iPhones so that I can speak 2022.See full review

aquael ultramax 2000 external filter logo

Silence, ease of cleaning the pre-filter and other useful features are on top. Of course, I ran such a filter for the first time and made a number of mistakes, as a result I lost 16 fish. Briefly about the start-up recommendation, you need to fill the filter with aquarium water, add tablets with beneficial bacteria to it, connect the hoses and pump it well with a lever, after connecting to the mains, be sure to shake the filter so that all the air comes out. The first run is better with the guSee full review

ground coffee lavazza crema e gusto classico, vacuum packed, 250 g logo

What's the point if a bag of coffee costs 150 dollars if I have to pay an additional 200 dollars only to return the goods, which I believe includes the cost of delivery?See full review

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