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There are many features that make this program very beneficial to our business! I really like how you can set up recurring shifts or schedules for team members with ease as well!! You cannot use it if have not been trained by their staff nor does there seem any support available when using outages/blackouts etc.. Also sometimes they will cancel scheduled training sessions without giving notice (and then charge me) but still don't offer refunds so i guess its just my luck haha!! This has helped See full review

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I got this game in my collection when i was younger, but lost it somehow. I recently found it at a second hand store and had no idea what to expect. It is so much fun! It's a little old school with a new twist. Definitely worth playing! This is a great expansion for GHOSTS FROM THE PAST. It adds new cards to play with, and it has some good monsters in there too! I was happy that this came out after my copy got stolen last year (so sad!). But overall...this isn't as much fun or interesting thanSee full review

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The ease-of use, reporting options to customize schedules is awesome! If you are looking for something that will seamlessly integrate with your HR system or payroll process - this may not be it. It's easy enough if you know how but I had difficulty figuring out some things at first since there aren't many tutorials available online. Overall we enjoy using ezshift as our employees schedule tool because its simple yet powerful features offer so much flexibility. We have been able to streamline prSee full review

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The best thing about empresario has to be that it can connect directly into our payroll system so we don't have any issues keeping track of hours or paychecks from employees who use this service as well! It's also very easy using their app which makes scheduling much easier than having someone at my desk all day long every week working out schedules/payrolls etc.. I wish there was an option where they could send us notifications if something goes wrong but other then those two things everything See full review

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I like that it's easy to create custom designs, you can change colors as often or infrequently as needed without having to go back into an edit mode each time! It is very simple for beginners but also has some advanced features if desired by users who have experience with other tools such as Adobe Photoshop/Photoshop CC etc.. There are many different ways to use this program so there isn't one specific thing i dislike about GP (yet!). This software does what its meant to do which makes me happy See full review

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It is very easy to use software especially when you are familiarized of its usage or even after one time training session! The layout makes it easier than ever before if we can access all needed features via tabs at any given moment while still maintaining ease within browsing process too!! If I have more suggestions that would be great but other then this i don't really see anything bad about being part off such as good system which gives us everything what our customers need without having issSee full review

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I love how easy it was to use! It allows me to keep track of everything in one place. There are so many different ways you can customize your dashboard. The customer support team is amazing as well. They will help guide you through any questions or issues you may have along the way. Nothing really at this time but if they implement more features like customizing reports, adding new templates, etc., then I would definitely consider them again. My biggest issue right now is trying to find out whatSee full review

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The simplicity of the use the tool. We can add the users who are not physically present in same room. So whenever we need someone to pick up we have a clear command to add them. There are options to add different teams. So in future we can have different teams have different standups on different dates. And the time stamps are very accurate, sometimes it lags behind the clock. Which is not a problem for my team but may be for others. Some of the users in the team are new so they do not know wherSee full review

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I like that this is an easy way to send out mass emails with little effort, it's very customizable as well! The support team has been great so far too; always available for quick questions/concerns when needed. It would be nice if you could create custom fields within each email instead of having templates (and therefore more options). Also, sometimes there are some errors while sending messages which make them not go through properly but they're usually fixed quickly enough after reporting thosSee full review

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I love how user friendly this platform is. It makes it super easy for our users to find information that they are looking for when it comes to our products and services. They also make it very easy to update so changes can be made quickly. If you want to keep up to date with what your users need you would have no choice but to use this tool because everything is done right out there. We haven't really found anything that we dislike about this product. You will most likely get used to the softwarSee full review

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The taco culture is great because it's not just about doing work but being able to eat tacos as well in addition with other perks like free t-shirts or swag bags for our employees which are given out once per year at an event we host called "the Taco Fest." I would say that there needs be some type of training before they start using hey tacco since most don't know how much money you can make from them so sometimes when customers see your number go up right away their eyes get big thinking why dSee full review

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The ability to easily create polls in slack. I hate when companies force me to use their own poll platform if I want to use something else. Votum allows you to poll your team in slack with ease! It's super easy to set up an automated weekly poll or even a daily poll for certain members of your team. My biggest dislike is that it doesn't allow you to choose who gets notified when someone responds. This is very important to us because we don't like to spam our entire team with alerts about polls. See full review

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I like that it integrates with GitHub and makes code management easier than having to do it all manually would be. It also saves me time by doing it automatically for me. There are some things I don't like about it - mainly things where you have to enter things in manually, but this is easy enough to change once the functionality is released to let me do things without needing to input them manually. Also, when pushing or pulling files through Dockbit some of my files show up as being 'No ChangeSee full review

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I like how easy vymo makes my life easier when dealing with clients or prospects that are difficult to reach via traditional methods of emailing them directly! There's nothing at this time i do not enjoy about using our solution for contacting people who have been unresponsive previously but maybe there will be once we get more features out soon? It would help if they had better support options available outside their website/forum which can sometimes seem somewhat confusing due primarily becausSee full review

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Very easy to use, I can easily access my meetings room from any where through web browser or mobile application. It's very reliable system which will be able to save time and money by lessening the work load with managing our meetings room or auditorium. Sometimes when i try to open my meeting room it shows me error like "we are unable to connect" but never get an explanation why this happen. If you want remote monitoring tool then go ahead because they have many features as other companies. ThSee full review

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I like that you can see all of your customer's details on one screen. This makes it easier to keep track of important information. It also helps me to make sure I am not missing any important details about my clients. I dislike that we have to sign up for an account just to be able to log in. I think this would be helpful if it was more secure or kept private from other people who are not working within the system. I also wish that there were more ways to customize the dashboard so that it couldSee full review

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We love working together! There is always something going around that I am interested about or want my coworkers' inputs for improvement of our process/workflow etc.. Sometimes it's hard sometimes not but overall we've been able enjoy each other as colleagues while doing work which makes us all feel good (especially when you get paid). It helps me keep track if there are any issues regarding customer service experience so far this month via online dashboard since its easy access through mobile dSee full review

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This system works very well for me and my team. It has allowed us to have all of our customer service, billing, and technical support departments in one place at any given time - this allows us to work together as a team rather than having to do everything manually. I wish that we could have some sort of "on demand" staff coming into the office when needed. We would be better able to utilize our resources more efficiently if we had that option. Our main problems are solved here. We are able to See full review

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The system is easy to navigate and very user friendly. It's also easy to use for our customers as well. The customer service has been great, I've had no issues with them at all. I would highly recommend this product and look forward to the future upgrades that are coming out. There isn't anything I dislike about this program. We have used other software before but this one is by far the easiest to use. As an employee we can log into our computer and do our work from anywhere which is great. The See full review

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It makes it very easy for me as an administrative assistant to be able to see all of my warranty information on one screen! I also like how they can link you directly back up to your customer's account if needed so we don't have duplicate data in our system or customers having their info twice!! There isn't anything I dislike about this product other than maybe some minor details not being perfect yet but I'm sure those will get addressed soon enough. If anyone has any questions feel free to reaSee full review

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