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cover-seat for toilet bowl xiaomi smartmi smart toilet cover plastic with microlift white logo

The most worthy cheap bidet cover, for little money, I recommend it. The toilet under the lid will need to be changed, the usual size will not work.See full review

cordiant off road 2 205/70 r16 97q summer logo

An ideal product for any type of consumer.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I was skeptical about the 2022 brand, but still decided to try was completely satisfied! I went to the forest on the weekend, just the rain was good, I thought I would stay there somewhere and go on foot for a tractor, but no! As if they were made specifically for the 2022 black soil, rowing it like a spoonSee full review

xiaomi mi robot vacuum-mop essential robot vacuum cleaner, white logo

Even for a few minuses, I'm still satisfied with the purchase) he does his job well for his money. A set of checks is not expensive) it is better to order a rag for washing floors right away.See full review

bit set dewalt dt7969-qz, 32 pcs. logo

Bit set Dewalt Dt7969 5ADFC Incredibly cool set, it will be a great gift, if anything. Bits do not stick together, self-tapping screws do not fall out.See full review

twin pack herbal essences shampoo - optimize your hair care routine logo

My introduction to Herbal Essences started with this shampoo and conditioner about a year ago. Since then, I constantly include this care in the "diet" for hair. Shampoo white pearly color, foams well and quickly cleanses the hair, easy to rinse. The smell is cool - the manufacturer accidentally guessed it - everyone at home liked it. At home, everyone uses this shampoo: both boys and, of course, girls - a nice reusable aluminum bottle that appeared on sale this summer and replaceable blocks forSee full review

acoustic system jbl partybox 310 ru black logo

It is impossible to use in the city in an apartment (concrete box), because the bass shakes the walls even at the minimum volume, and in the country, where the tree does not resonate so much, the speaker shows itself great. I bought it before the new year 2022 and it played for several hours, stuck in a snowdrift with maximum volume. In general, the thing is outrageously cool if you buy it for a party and as a portable solution.See full review

computer speaker creative pebble black logo

Has pros: They look good on a table and sound pretty decent for the size. Bought as a replacement for the built-in speakers on a laptop, they do an excellent job with this task. With its cons: The whole table is wired. One connects the speakers to each other, two more to connect to a computer, and now 1 USB port and an audio output are already occupied.See full review

computer chair zombie viking knight gaming, upholstery: textile, color: sand logo

With its pros: Comfortable, non-staining (despite the light gray color), adjustable armrests in height and horizontal angle Different cons: Weight of 60 kg is not enough to recline the chair in rocking modeSee full review

laser pointer green laser 303 logo

Excellent pointer. The child is delighted. Powerful, there is a nozzle for starfall, the whole apartment is in points. I really liked that the kit comes with a special battery, and a charger for it, you do not need to constantly think about buying batteries. When you shine without a nozzle, you can see a full-length beam, it’s really impressive, as if you feel like a Jedi)) in general, the pointer is a bomb, I advise everyone.See full review

🏐 mikasa v200w volleyball logo

after the purchase, I noticed an absurdity in the description of the seller: "Tire material: microfiber, polyurethane, Ball material: artificial leather." What are you writing about? The tire and the material of the ball in this case are the same! From the point of view of the accuracy of manufacturing, it is impossible to find fault with the appearance! It is difficult to understand the original or not without being a professional. We will look for experts to explain.See full review

the saem cover perfection tip concealer, shade 2.5 medium deep logo

Concealer in a tiny box is ideal for hygiene reasons and for people who travel with cosmetics. will be shortly exhausted, and another package can be ordered. It is readily applied, lying down as though by itself, under the eyes and on the moveable eyelid. Perhaps all the pluses on this have been exhausted. Despite prepping the skin with a cream specifically for the area beneath the eyes, the concealer can be seen there, a bit overdrying structure. The color of the concealer was a particularly unSee full review

vacuum cleaner dyson v11 absolute (sv14), grey/blue logo

I don't typically write reviews, but I can't help myself. Everything that had gathered in the corners throughout the years was sucked out at the initial cleaning! Furthermore, even though you have only passed 1 sofa, it is fascinating to watch how the dust moves through the flask and keeps growing. I brought a vacuum cleaner with the thought that a full charge would cover about 100 square meters. Since he controls the government, that's sufficient. Power, of course, is awesome! The carpets are cSee full review

mesh inhaler (nebulizer) xiaomi andon vp-m3a, white logo

if you put it in a crib in front of a sleeping child, then it’s bad on your own, you need to lean on something. I use a stopper pad for the door from closing by children as a stand. this is a flat foam-plastic figure with a slot - I just stick a nebulizer into it and it stands perfectly, close to the face of a sleeping child. during operation, the indicator lights up, so if you bring a sleeping child to your face at night, the light can alarm or even wake you up. but I cover the indicator bulb wSee full review

adidas sneakers, size 4uk (36.7eu), magic mauve / iron metallic / legacy purple logo

Initially, I mistook a size 6 for a 40. My foot is a size 40.5 and I had to squeeze into these, so I'd say they run a touch big. My nephew grabbed them at once from seat 38.See full review

led office lamp baseus i-wok series usb asymmetric light source screen hanging light youth, 5 w, armature color: black, shade/shade color: black logo

Some pros: Convenient lamp, the level of "warmth" of light and brightness is adjusted Different cons: Not suitable for every monitor. For "frameless" the screen itself can press down, and not the monitor case.See full review

computer chair everprof lotus s4 gaming, upholstery: textile, color: black/grey logo

First it appeared with a friend, after he had run it in, tried it in every possible way, and I decided to take it for myself. I was more fortunate - my chair was assembled, I bought it from the store and because of the expo, they sold it cheaper. Outwardly, there is no difference, the chair is the same exact. And it feels exactly the same in terms of comfort. In general, it is a double-tested model.See full review

apple watch series 6 40mm aluminum case ru, silver/white logo

Pros: Quality, convenience, number of functions, accurate measurements, checked with a tonometer and oximeter Has some cons: Charging lasts exactly for a day, the training section is very extensive, but you can remove the excessSee full review

pantene pro-v miracles shampoo strengthening from roots to tips with bamboo and biotin for brittle hair, 250 ml logo

Convenient dispenser, foams and rinses off well, quite economical (even for my hair, which is almost to the waist in length), in fact, the hair along the entire length has become silkier, even the tips have softened. In combination with a balm from the same series, on the first day they look like after a beauty salon!See full review

computer chair aerocool duke gaming, upholstery: faux leather/textile, color: punch red logo

The chair has justified itself from the best side. My weight / height is 120/185, but despite this, the gas lift and all the fastenings cope without squeaking and unnecessarily sagging. The chair is reliable and I think it holds its 150kg. The material, like suede, seemed to me very practical, as well as the crosspiece molded from plastic. And so, it is not much different from an ordinary office chair, it does not give any special advantages, except maybe design. I advise you not to overpay, butSee full review

de "longhi magnifica ecam 22.360 coffee machine, black logo

I recommend it to everyone, a coffee machine for every day. With its pros: Great coffee taste. Easy to clean and maintain, except for the cappuccinatore. Lots of settings for the taste of coffee. Different cons: The cappuccinatore must be constantly washed even if not in use, otherwise it starts to stink. And wash it several times.See full review

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