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men's fleece pullover quarter zip sweater: thermal shirt jacket for cold weather logo

5’10” 165 and medium fits great. Love these for golf in the New England fall weather. Don’t restrict the swing. I got three and wear out around town. See full review

portable pilates bar kit with resistance band for home gym and body shaping, bqypower yoga pilates stick 8 shape chest rally pull rope muscle toning bar logo

I originally purchased for the resistance band included, to help with a frozen shoulder. But after looking at the bar itself and the different exercises to incorporate, I was quite happy overall. The bar helps me maintain good position without slouching or feeling i may lose balance. I feel this was a great addition to hrlp out with quarantine exercising without dropping a lot of cash. Its easy and convenient and not clunky. Definitely happy with my purchase!See full review

enertwist 13000opm dust box detail sander for tight corners and hard-to-reach areas wood sanding logo

I use this sander a lot, so much that it just stopped working after awhile. I had to replace this already Thanks for attention.See full review

tumaz 10-loop stretching strap: non-elastic yoga strap for flexibility and physical therapy at home logo

I love that the stretch strap can be used in many different ways.Shoulders, hamstrings, hips, etc.I wish this particular stretch strap had the number of the loops written on it, but it's a small thing.I am an instructor, and I recommend this strap to clients who are pleased with it!See full review

remote controlled lukasa sound-activated disco party lights with 7 rgb modes for atmosphere, strobe light effects, ideal for home dance room, dj, bar, karaoke nightclub, xmas, wedding, and pub shows logo

- Size: Its a small party light measuring in at 6 inches high and about 3.5 inch wide.- Brightness: Even though it is small, it is bright and can light up a wall or ceiling of a midsized room. Even with regular room lights on, the colored party lights can be seen.- Modes: Several modes dictate how the light change with the music. There are also 7 different color schemes that can be selected from the included remote. The remote also controls how quickly the lights spin.- Power: A USB to round (coSee full review

sexy sheer mesh jumpsuit for women: the ultimate clubwear by jomedesign logo

I liked it and got compliments on it, but as many stated before it is not long enough to snap shut at the bottom and I’m only 5’2” . I wore spanks under and kind of just tucked it in but there were times I had to adjust it which was a little annoying.See full review

saint mossi 5-light k9 crystal chandelier raindrop design modern flush mount ceiling light fixture pendant adjustable chain h9 x w10 x l31 logo

The lamp is beautiful. But we had a tremendous scare the cables came with defects and two cables came out. I need the seller to contact me. The weight of that lamp is dangerous for those cables that it carries. I am not happy. They need to solve this problem. ! See full review

auxbeam 42" v series 5d rgb led light bar w/ bluetooth app, mounting brackets & wiring harness for off-road vehicles logo

The light unitally looked great! It was bright, but after going through the car wash, water started to build up.After 1 month and a week, (cant return it now) so much water collected in the light, it no longer works.See full review

wagan el7507 jump starter ionboost v10 torque 1000amp peak 12v portable lithium car battery up to 7.8l v10 or 6.7l diesel, 12v jump pack with built-in led bright light, ul certified logo

The Wagan Jumpstarter is a great tool for the job. It comes in a very nice cary case with all the cables you will need, and then a few extras!I have an older truck and something in it never stops draining battery. I need to jump it once in awhile becoyse of this issue, it is powerful enough to get my truck to turn over and still have a good charge left if I need it to charge up my cell phone or some such as well.The built in flashlight is not the brightest but it does put out enough light to helSee full review

toomett men's quick dry hiking cargo shorts for outdoor adventures - travel, fishing, lightweight & casual logo

This was a gift. The person loved them and wanted more.Very comfortable and fits extremely well.Washes great. Thanks for attention!See full review

wincruise online logo

The most helpful feature is that it helps me keep track of my employees time in order for payroll processing as well tracking their vacation times etc through out our year! I would like some more training with how best utilize this program so we can do everything within one place rather than having multiple programs throughout different departments which are difficult at keeping up-to date & accurate!! We have been able use all functions from scheduling appointments/employees down load paychecksSee full review

national corporate research logo

National Corporate Research is a valuable resource for our firm. They are always willing to answer any questions we have and are very responsive. They do a great job with our research and have been very helpful with our clients. The only thing I would change is the name of the firm. I would like to see "National Corporate Research" on the website. I would also like to see more staff members on the website. We are able to use the website to help our clients with their research on a variety of toSee full review

getevangelized logo

The platform is easy to use, has great customer service and offers good incentives for content creators that are in need of additional income streams or ways to grow their audience/followers! At this point I do not have any dislikes since it's been so positive thus far but am open minded about potential changes if needed at some future date (ie more user friendly features). If you're looking to monetize your page with an affiliate marketing strategy then GEE will be able help get new followers bSee full review

vciotoolbox logo

This software is very easy to use for our customers it allows us give them all their invoicing needs within one platform which saves time as well! I have not yet found anything that i dislike about this product other than there are times where we need some updates but they come out quickly once those issues arise so no big deal at least from my point if view!! It really helps with keeping track of everything regarding sales/invoices etc plus being able to send emails directly into each client's See full review

mailmigo logo

The best part about mailmigos customer service team was their responsiveness to our queries via live chat or phone calls during business hours (not when we were asleep). They are always there for us even if its not working day they will help you out with your problem as soon it comes up! I have no dislike in this product because i am satisfied from my experience so far but yes sometimes some of features might be little bit hard too use like creating new templates etc., But overall everything seeSee full review

innfinit pos logo

I like that it has so many options to customize my store even more than other point of sale systems we have used in the past! The customer service from innfiniti was also great as they were very helpful with any questions our team had about their system. They are quick at responding back when you do send them an email - sometimes not all emails get answered but they're usually pretty fast once they receive it (or respond). We've noticed some slight glitches since upgrading recently which can be See full review

xencall logo

I like how it can store customer's information (including phone number) as well as their preferences about which agent they'd want next time or who would be best at closing deals with them when contacting them via automated calls. It has helped me out immensely while building my business by being able to easily identify people most likely interested in what you're offering so that your follow up efforts are much easier than if you only had info from just one source. The GUI isn't super easy to See full review

new balance mens running black men's shoes logo

Poor Quality - Running

Revainrating 2 out of 5

I have purchased several pairs of new scales in the past and have never had a pair of poor quality shoes like these. You can see the glue line all over the sole of both shoes. There is virtually no arch support - I absolutely cannot train in it. Let's get back to my Brooks.See full review

saucony endorphin pro black silver men's shoes in athletic logo

They're real.: Sport

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I wore them immediately for a 5k tempo run. With no more effort than usual, my pace was almost 20 seconds per mile faster than any other run I've attempted in the past 6 months. I thought this was all advertising, but these endorphin pros are no joke. I look forward to racing in them.See full review

j stanar casual genuine suede leather men's accessories logo

Eh Men's Belt

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Dimensions and quality are not compatible. I bought one and it was too small so I bought another and it was too big. The second one also didn't match the photos on the first one with the stamp and the quality dropped.See full review

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