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Exodus wallet is superb wallet for PC users because its only one wallet for PC that provides more than 100 cryptocurrency support in one wallet or one seed. Exodus wallet user interface is very cool and there are many different themes are given in settings and a big asset showing circle is given which shows your total portfolio/asset in wallet. Exodus wallet is safe and secure wallet. Exodus wallet adds password security where if you open exodus wallet you need to enter the password or if you See full review

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Upbit exchange is one of the biggest exchange and its trading volume is also very high from when its listed on coinmarketcap. Traders can trade quickly because of high liquidity. Upbit exchange supports more than 200 cryptocurrency trading pairs and also Upbit exchange accepts fiat currency deposits in KRW from south korean banks. User can't purchase cryptocoins with fiat currency by credit cards through Upbit exchange. Upbit provides multiple trading pairs but most of them are with KRW pairs aSee full review

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Keepkey hardware wallet is very secure cryptocurrency wallet because it provide 100% cold storage. Using the keepkey wallet is very easy and any new user can setup the wallet very easily. Keepkey supports multiple cryptocurrencies which are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin and Namecoin and all erc20 tokens. The price of keepkey wallet is much high than other cryptocurrency ardware wallets. and also, keepkey supports very few blockchain coins where all hardware wallets supports more See full review

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Tron cryptocurrency is the fastest cryptocurrency as its network transaction speed is very fast and its get confirmed within few secounds. also, tron newtork transaction fees is very low which is very affordable for every users. Even if you withdrawing your funds from exchanges then also mostly withdrawal fees of trx is 1 TRX only. Tron coin ( TRX ) is listed on all major exchanges and trading volume is very good on Binance like exchanges. We can purchase Tron coin with more than 10 Fiat currenSee full review

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Stellar Coin Review

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Stellar coin is the native coin of stellar network. Stellar transaction speed is very fast which can process 2000 transactions per secound. so, each transactions are confirmed within 5 secounds. For making international payments fastly stellar is best option because it is fully decentralized cryptocurrency. Stellar ( XLM ) network transaction fees is also very low and as stellar is developed for payment system so, fast transactions and high efficiency makes transaction fees very low. One of moSee full review

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Trust Wallet Review

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Trust wallet is very light, and easy to use wallet that allows more than 30 cryptocurrencies. Mainly, Trust wallet is made for Ethereum ecosystem but after improvements. Now, trust wallet adds many coins in it. Trust wallet is best wallet for BinanceChain because it provides BNB mainnet support and by trust wallet we can use BinanceDex very easily and it is recommended way to use Dex by Binance. If you are looking for an wallet that supports almost all top coins and for daily usage then Trust wSee full review

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Huobi exchange is currently very popular and well known cryptocurrency exchange with multiple crypto assets and trading volume is also competitively very good. Huobi cares about user accounts and their security so, there are many security features like 2fa and email veriication which is compalsory for every withdrawal of cryptocurrencies. Huobi exchange user interface is easy to understand and any new user also trade very easily in huobi exchange. Trading fees of huobi is also as well as other See full review

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Trezor wallet is the first and safest hardware wallet ever in the market. Trezor wallet setup and all procedure are very easy to use and its user interface is very convenient and smooth. Trezor supports more than 1000 coins and tokens but still trezor does not support major cryptocurrency projects like Tron, Cardano, Neo and much more that nearly all hardware wallets supports. Trezor wallet build quality and design are pretty good. Trezor has two Buttons and 1 screen at front side. Screen is foSee full review

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Infinito wallet is multi-coin wallet with great user interface and easy to use but it takes too much load for open and most of time it crashes or not responding. Infinito wallet gives many new features like user can creates multiple wallets and use all at same time. Infinito wallet supports more than 1500 coins and tokens cryptocurrencies. Infinito wallet gives many offers and recently it gives users free EOS accounts. Infinito wallet has reward section where Infinito wallet runs different coiSee full review

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Revain review platform is great platform for users because it should be helpful to them anytime because when they invest in any project or want to trade on selective exchange them reviews are very important, otherwise they can maybe make huge loss if any project is not good. and reviews clearly says details about project. Revain team recently announced its new and good looking Revain 2.0 update. where website of revain is completely changed into very fresh and user-friendly website. But, stillSee full review

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Binance exchange is very great exchange in all trading volume, security, number of listed coins. but recently binance goes under security breach and lose more than 7000 BTC, so trusting on biggest exchange like binance is also risky. however Binance has SAFU fund program which works as insurance for binance users. but if hack is more than SAFU fund then user may faces huge loss. and other things like binance launchpad, Binance DEX and binance academy for new users are great concept. See full review

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