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About KeepKey Wallet

KeepKey is the latest and most advanced hardware wallet retailing at $129. With advanced and heightened security - your Bitcoins are going to kept extremely safe with this piece of hardware. Users need to install Google Chrome and once the device is connected to the computer users will be prompted to insert a pin number. This number is reinserted every time a transaction is performed. The first time the KeepKey device will display the users private key. The Company recommends writing this down and storing it in a safe place. The device signs the transaction locally before sending it onto the computer and into the Bitcoin network. Keepkey is not yet integrated with any mobile wallet platform for added ease of use  KeepKey supports more than 30 coins, for more info you can check it here. Materials Anodized Aluminum CasePolycarbonate FrontTechnical USB HIDmicro USB connectorARM® Cortex™-M3TRNG (Hardware Random Number Generator)256×64 3.12″ OLEDTrezor Protocol CompatibleDimensions Height: 38.0 mmWidth: 93.5 mmDepth: 12.2 mmWhat’s in the Box KeepKeyWoven Nylon USB CableRecovery Sentence Backup CardGenuine Leather Backup Card SleeveQuick Start Guide

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KeepKey Wallet: Not too good, Not too bad....

What essentially differentiates Hardware wallets from other wallets is that they cannot be easily hacked, this is a very nice feature that gives hardware wallets and edge over all other wallets. Keepkey is one of such hardware wallets. Keepkey...See full review

KeepKey Wallet is secure and high speed wallet

This virtual wallet is distinguished by having a high level of security to provide enough confidence to its customers and fans to keep choosing amongst the numerous wallets available on this virtual marketplace today. The best factor I can mention...See full review

one of the most convenient and reliable wallets KeepKey Wallet

Hello everyone. this wallet is one of the safest wallets and one of the most convenient wallets. Keepkey Wallet The device wallet is currently on sale at its store for € 50.00. KeepKey weighs 55 grams and has an unusual 35x90x10mm format that is...See full review

The KeepKey wallet is distinguished by its advanced and enhanced security.

KeepKey, a well-known Bitcoin, Ethereum Litecoin, Dash, is a multi-currency pocket that supports more than eighty digital currencies, including Bitcoin Cash, and the sky is the limit from there. KeepKey is great for interoperability, unnecessary...See full review

Whеrе tо gеt thе KeepKey Wаllеt and is it safe?

KeepKey is a multi-currency pockets that helps extra than eighty cryptocurrencies, which includes famous Bitcoin, Ethereum Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash and more. KeepKey is extremely good for its cross-platform pairing capabilities, undemanding...See full review

It can be one of the lightest portable wallets that is easy to use.

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Keepkey wallet isn't an expense cause it is worth the cost price

Keepkey wallet is a hardware wallet. This is an excellent offline wallet and one of the best match for anyone when it comes to having a digital currency storage device that allows you to securely protect your assets without having to worry about...See full review

Nice design and very efficient work.

_KeepKey is a well-known hardware wallet. Is it really good and reliable? KeepKey is a hardware wallet that has a clean and modern design. The wallet is easy to use, offers unique security measures, and customer-friendly prices. The wallet itself...See full review

perhaps the most advantageous and dependable wallets KeepKey Wallet

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one of the most convenient and reliable wallets KeepKey Wallet

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KeepKey Wallet is one of the best hardware wallets.

KeepKey is highlighted by clean lines and has looked for a readable display. Unlike Trazor or Ledger, less popular. This technology has also been produced to allow it to operate in an isolated environment. With its elegant appearance, bigger sizes...See full review