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outdoor led lamp 100 led 3 modes, solar-powered lamp with motion sensor wireless logo

Nothing special, there are positives and negatives.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Dead and revived! Yes! Charged more than a month and earned. I have added a review 3 times. Below are the previous 2. “It doesn’t charge, it doesn’t shine. In general, it’s dead. Can it be repaired? Below is a review immediately after purchase. That's all! "I took it only today, it shines, it works. I liked the holes for fasteners, I put a lace - it's easy to re-hang. Since it's quite compact and has side panels, you can use it to illuminate your path at night on the street and indoors, while thSee full review

mastech ms6812 telephone tracker network logo

It is irreplaceable at additional works in the repaired room. Helps to find both electrical cables and the rest of the wiring. The first and second testers are powered by the crown. See full review

electric oven maunfeld mcmo.44.9s, silver logo

When I received the goods, I did not notice the marriage, and when I noticed, I contacted aliexpress, where they told me that the marriage would eliminate the Maunfeld service center. I turned there, waited until a replacement part arrived, then a “repair specialist” arrived, who tried to change the door for 2 hours, saying like crazy “it should fit, they are standard” in short, the new door turned out to be defective too. As a result, he scratched the oven, the facade of the kitchen, put the olSee full review

electric scooter midway i-one, up to 120 kg, gray logo

What can I say? I received the scooter by mail, everything is fine, the battery charge is almost full, I first tried it in the yard myself, I realized that there was not enough space in the yard, I had to go to the road. So I rolled all evening, although I ordered my son for his birthday)) it’s good that the holiday was only the next day, I liked the gift very much, now I’m thinking of buying myself one.See full review

hill's science plan dry food for adult cats to maintain vitality and immunity, with lamb, 1.5 kg logo

With its pros: many years my neutered cat on this stern. No digestive problems Got cons: not detected. Well, maybe a little pricey. Always wish it was cheaperSee full review

rack titanium gs gs-350s/450s, 3 shelves, material: metal, wxdxh: 100x35x205 cm, white ral 9016 logo

Unfortunately, I didn’t open the boxes at the pick-up point, since the boxes were well packed, there were no signs of opening, and I was in a hurry. When they began to hang up, it turned out that 2 brackets were missing in one box, and 4 in the other. with the store. First, they promised to send the missing items by phone, then they sent a message to the post office that their goods are packed by weight and there can be no shortage. my masters are honest people. A very unpleasant aftertaste. I wSee full review

convertible bed happy baby mommy love, longitudinal pendulum, solid wood, white logo

Has pros: Beautiful BIG! (the child easily sleeps across) Well thought out height adjustment levels The pendulum is good, you can lightly touch your mother with your foot, and the bed sways) Cons: The bed is expensive, I think the front parts could be more accurate in execution, there are bald spots on mine. Wide - it does not pass through the doorway, but the assemblies can withstand everything - after the move, the thread completely diverged ( Keep it in mindSee full review

play rito foldable trike black logo

Benefits: It's a great bike. You've successfully located the wanted item. The fact that it progressed was crucial. Transport options are easily accessible. See the downsides below: You can't lean on the handle to get your car onto the curb because of the blowback.See full review

realme buds t100 wireless headphones, black logo

Has pros: the quality of the plastic, the sound, the charge holds really long With its cons: or my fingers are crooked or the sensor on the headphones does not always work immediately when switching songs or volumeSee full review

yokohama ice guard ig55 205/60 r16 96t winter logo

Yoka 2022, size 16/205/60, front-wheel drive, passenger car. I compare with Hakkapelita 5 (was on the previous car), maybe a little incorrectly, since the previous car was lower class. Summarizing purely subjectively: For a comfortable, thoughtful and, perhaps, unhurried movement, it is quite worthy. IMHO - more comfortable than Hakki, again IMHO - more confidence in handling from Hakki!See full review

dry food for cats farmina n&d ancestral grain, with chicken, pomegranate, oats, spelled 1.5 kg logo

For our cat, food, I think, is ideal! Have been using for several months! The cat looks and feels great! Could advise. But for each animal, choose the food for him, based on his whims, and of course, focus on efficiency, safety and health for your pet! For you, the price should not matter for choosing food for your pet! For Us-feed-5+! In the store, they bought earlier, at 800-870 per kg ! And here, it turned out for 520! The food is the same, the shelf life is long!See full review

nokian tires hakka green 3 195/65 r15 95h summer logo

2 wheels were balanced normally (10g + -) 2 with a creak. At what at Tire Fitting they removed the tire, checked the disk (perfect) again and managed to balance it under dancing with a tambourine and 80g of lead. In addition to everything else, the cut happened ((( out of the blue. They put a patch and no longer +80 g of lead, but +60 was required for balancing Let's see how it goes on But still disappointedSee full review

hair dryer dyson airwrap complete long hs05, prussian blue/rich copper logo

Below are some advantages: Everything is complete and put in two boxes exactly as it should be. Several drawbacks A plug can, of course, be used with such a purchase if an adaptor is used.See full review

robot vacuum cleaner roborock s7 ru, black logo

Got pros: It does an excellent job of cleaning the floor whether it is dry or wet. Constructs a map within the phone, which updates itself in the event that certain items are moved. Having this drawback: Cannot see the stairs leading to another floor, despite the fact that the description claims that it is aware of their existence (presumably when it is already descending ).See full review

vacuum cleaner samsung vcc885hh3p/xev, burgundy logo

You should choose a lighter, albeit less powerful, without power management and with air ejected upwards. Pros: It is quite powerful (much more powerful than those whose advertising 700W is indicated), there is a turbo brush in the kit, there are slots for attaching the rod for storage in vertical and horizontal positions, there is even a convenient pedal for winding an eight-meter network cable. Cons below: A very heavy, battery-powered wireless remote control is built into the handle, there isSee full review

gaming chair thunderx3 tc5, upholstery: faux leather, color: arctic white logo

Nvidia Broadcast, a program that filters out background noise using the video camera's hardware and artificial intelligence, works great on my webcam, but for some reason it leaves this chair in place. I have sat in other chairs and they were erased, but this one remains untouched. Aside from the side panel inserts that look like carbon fiber but are actually just a drawing on plastic, the chair's construction couldn't be easier, and it's the ideal height for my desk and computer chair (see attaSee full review

triangle group tr259 235/60 r18 107w summer logo

A typical Hankook experienced hair loss during the third season. I opted for this 225/60/17 made in China. Rubber is significantly quieter and softer than ordinary. Already driven 5,000 kilometers (km), and no problems have surfaced. The purchase is one I advise strongly.See full review

stool group style dsw chair set, metal, 4 pcs., color: white logo

I placed an order for chairs to be used in the kitchen area of the office; however, given our current financial situation, I did not pay the full amount. I am getting the chills. These chairs are not appropriate for usage in the home and are not recommended.See full review

vacuum cleaner bosch bcs611p4a, blue logo

Great electrician! The corded vacuum cleaner was mothballed and removed far away. We rushed about between a robot vacuum cleaner and a wireless one for a long time, chose this one and did not regret it!See full review

bridgestone turanza t001 205/60 r16 92v summer logo

After the Hankook K115, it's just space, the reactions are quick, but not nervous. It seemed that the roads became smoother, the noise appears in the region of 110-120 km / h, but there is simply no inherent hum of the Hankook K115. In general, the KIA Ceed JD car didn’t become a Mercedes, but the difference is very, very obvious and the tires are not for nothing - they are a third of the car and half of the jeep. I didn’t think that you can change the properties of the car by changing only the See full review

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