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Review on Crypt Oink by José A Rodríguez

Crypt-Oink: A Blockchain Game Coming from the Ethereum Network Support

Crypt-Oink has a funny name for being a cryptocurrency game of the type of collectible one. It is a design from a leader Japanese company who decided to offer their first release in a blockchain game where earnings are certified. To play this game, users must follow a simple process that requires them to own characters that can be later traded as well as the crypto earned on it. Of course, for doing all this, players need to link any Ethereum wallet available since the game is supported by this network. There is no other way of playing it without connecting the wallet. Let's remember this is a type of blockchain game, and everything's is and needs to be registered. After that users need to buy a little of Crypto, which is the token to manage in the platform. Here is where difficulties start because it can be sometimes expensive or require an investment that users do not always can accept.

Out of that, this game offers certain sections that explain in more detail what are the objectives of the game, what it offers, and from what ways users can win. I focus on the first two since they are the most important for achieving a great advanced on it. In the platform, users can find an inner market where to buy all type of characters and Crypton. This action will be processed just with the Ethereum tokens, so it is recommendable to have always a good amount of funds.

There is an enjoyable section that reminds a little of common casino games when there are bets placed for a type of horse-racing, but here everything occurs with pigs, which are the characters. These races will be a way of earning even more Crypton that can be converted into Ether. This process is very interactive because here other users can play. It is a kind of multi-player game, but for that particular section.

Despite all the offer that has been made, there are users and new player that could think the game is not very innovative and practical to play. Because of its expensive methods for playing it is not an option that everyone can enjoy. I recommend the game just because is unique in some way, but I also refuse to play because of the complications that can be to deposit some Ether on it these days of high volatility. Anyway, users must take precautions and decide if it is really suitable for their playing needs.

Pros & cons

  • It is a type of blockchain game with possibilities for reaching fast earnings that can be later traded. Every single action is registered and cannot be altered.
  • The platform is supported by a great number of companies. It has a partnership to secure and open-source wallets that includes the leader, Trust wallet.
  • It provides simple guidance section that users can master in a few minutes. It also explains the functionalities of the different sections.
  • It comes from. Ethereum, and it requires all transactions to be executed on it.
  • Little Played due to its expensive functionality and limited processes based just in Ethereum.
  • There's not any possibility of playing the game without entering a deposit. It is just a game to invest.