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Review on Dark Country by Berdimuhammedow Rustem

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safe game and fun game good game Dark Country

Hello everyone. Dark Country is an American gothic CCG based gaming world with NFT elements created, owned and controlled by gamers. The Collective Card Game (CCG), also known as the Trading Card Game (TCG), is a card game that, among other names, mixes the elements of a strategic ax with the features of a trading card. To join the Dark Country Closed Alpha Game Trial, you must obtain a game link and a Username / Password from the Sheriff's Office. You have to buy at least $ 100 to enter the sheriff's office. Once a game is over again, you need to set it down to start playing. Click the Ships button. Then you went to the ax builder. When your deck is ready - you can try to find an opponent. To start the game, return to the main menu and click Play. To reduce the time you wait, guys from the Sheriff's Office have to shrink to play. If your opponent is found, you will enter the playground. The Dark Country game looks like a classic game. Details can be found here - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collectible_card_game. Dark Country game assets can be divided into 4 different groups Cards and Amplifiers, Heroes, Other Assets. Dark Country is used to build rooms for playing cards. There are several types of cards available in the Dark Country game. Exit cards are the first collection of Dark Country. Exit cards have 100 unique card types that are different from each other. The first sale of demolition packages was completed on February 14, 2020. Outgoing packages were sold in 2015. Outbound packages are no longer sold, so they can be purchased in secondary markets such as simplemarket.io, collectables.io. Outbound packages are now open at https://darkcountry.io/unpacker. You can find all the information about the exit cards here - https://darkcountry.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012427857-Exodus-card-series. Traditional cards are the next generation of Dark Country products. Sales of this package began on February 15, 2020 and are 2 steps away. Phase 1 runs from February 15 to April 29. Guaranteed rare standard cards are for sale. Getting a DC mythical card in the first sale was the last chance. Phase 2 from April 30. The sale of common standard 5-card packages is randomly distributed with the following probabilities: General 65%, Rare 30%, Epic 4%, Legend 1% .The Standard Card series has 100 unique card types. Normal packages will open at the end of November 2020. Amplifiers are things that are used to increase your chances of getting a rare card that forms any card pack. There are 3 types of amplifiers: Enhancer - Increases the chance of falling by 1.4. Salutary Enhancer - Increases the chances of falling by 1.95. Enhancing the Amplifier - Increases the chance of falling 2.8 times. Each amplifier increases the chance of falling for active, rare cards and above. Amplifiers are sold here in 5 packages - https://darkcountry.io/shop. Heroes Explorers of Dark Countries! As you know, Dark Country is not just a CCG / TCG game. The classic card will include organic town-planning and Dark Country land in game modes. The characters can be used in the following game modes: Campaigns that need to explore one of the four Dark Country locations for rare sources and artifacts. Arena is a place where your character dies and meets others to gain experience. There are a total of 35 different types of characters, each with their own unique abilities. Each Hero has 3 main stats - Health, Energy, and Bag Space. These statistics can be reproduced once the objects and artifacts are equipped. Any Hero will have special places for these things.

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